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  1. Re: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis

    Can i ask about RAKYTSKIY' date=' Yaroslav : He's been playing well for his team etc and has been linked with top European clubs in the past (most recently with Barcelona), but can he reach 90 any time soon? He seems to be stuck at 89.

    Please let me know your views.[/quote']

    it is possible. he is the best CB in Ukraine. It will be interesting to watch him against England tomorrow. But worth keeping.

  2. Re: Riferimento: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis

    i'm italian' date=' so excuse my english.

    i'm also new of the game, so i don't know much about rating system

    here is my question: why is the player eto'o rated 94? i think that it's too much for him. i know that eto'o is a class player but i think that there are players that nowadays are better than him like Cavani that's rated less....

    could you answer me please?[/quote']

    39 games and 20 goals for Anzhi since he joined. 8 goals in Europe.

    Considering the league he is in and the fact his stats arent the best. He should in my opinion get an automatic -2. if the review doesnt come soon and say in the summer then SM will have to take 18 months of stats in consideration which could mean a -3 (Although very unlikely)

    If you get a chance to buy him and you have a small club then do so. Take advantage of the 94rtd as it wont be there for long

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