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  1. Re: Spain's Provisional 30 man Squad busquets cant be that useless as he is a regular for barca. mind you the dirty tactics he used in getting motta sent off in the CL semi's was out of order:(
  2. Re: Available Teams, No Job Offers! (GC Teams Only!) Shakthar in GC75 are free. They are in the 2nd division but all the top players are there:D
  3. Re: French Ratings help PLZ!! YEP, it does, thanks for this. ciani i still have. i sold gourcuff as i got thiago silva and ambrosini from milan. chamakh i still have but everyone seems to want him. how about planus, wendel, fernando? any thoughts?
  4. Re: Spain's Provisional 30 man Squad good thread mate. Onlt one I would contest is Busquets rating. My view is that he has been a rock for Barca this season. Surely if Keita is 92 then Busquets will go 91 possibly 92???
  5. Hi All, I have a few clubs in France and I am struggling to find any posts on the forum to help me with french clubs I have recently taken over Bordeaux and I am stuck on who to sell and who to keep Any help???
  6. Re: should any actual player be rated 99?? RONALDO should not be 98. He should be 97rtd as messi is far better this season. If I remember rightly ronaldo is struggling for 20 goals this season
  7. Re: Gold Championship 114 Transfer news and discussion BORDEAUX SALE All available for part EX and cash
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