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  1. http://forum.soccermanager.com/topic/158847-new-european-championship-come-join-hammer-and-be-the-best-of-the-best/ Hi Phil I would like to welcome you to my new setup witch will be run round the forum with idears welcomed to be taken on bored, have a look and see if you fancy joining, I wish you all the best and hope you take up a squad in this setup many thanks. Mr - Hammer
  2. If my City becomes free again (or someone has them on offer atm) can you please drop me a message?
  3. Not sure if anyone still reads this, but just rejected a ManUnited in GC 43 with Ronaldo and Messi
  4. Of course the older player has to drop...
  5. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread Really don't know how to feel right now. A part of me is really sad. Klopp has been an absolutely amazing coach for us and there's noone who could fit better. Another part of me is really grateful for what he's done with my club and where he's lead them to. And another part of me is actually looking forward the future, a bit of fresh blood on the bench might be exactly what we need to progress. And maybe, maybe Klopp will come back some time in the future. If he isn't our Ferguson, he could at least become our Mourinho The only coach that could realistically have signed by now is Tuchel. He's currently free, had the time for negotiations and apparently already rejected other clubs (Leipzig, Hamburg, Stuttgart). If they don't have a new coach under contract already (which I think is the more realistic option), then there a re a lot of possibilities, maybe they'll even wait to see which other coaches become free after the season, or they could try to buy out another club's coach.
  6. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) Not the best Barcelona, but still a decent one in GC 18 1x96 - Iniesta 1x95 - Schweinsteiger 2x94 - Pique, Buffon 1x93 - Boateng 1x92 - Nasri 3x91 - Drogba, Rossi, Llorente 63M in the bank Manchester City would be very interested in Boateng
  7. Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion From the top of my head, Weidenfeller, Subotic, Piszczek, Bender, Kuba, Mkhitaryan, Kagawa, Großkreutz are all potential droppers. The only 90+ players that are rather safe IMO are Reus, Hummels, Sahin, Aubameyang and Schmelzer.
  8. Re: Transfer request In the early days of concerns, when the rules where more strict and the chairman didn't automatically renew contracts when a player rose, I had 2 goalkeepers in one of my teams. The first left because of a lack of games, leaving me with only one keeper, Casillas (but more than 21 players overall), who was already on a level 3 or 4 wage concern. Tbh, I could have prevented it by simply offering a new contract, but I wanted to see what happened. Casillas reached Lv 5 and handed in a transfer request, but I never received an offer for him, nor could I get him off his concern now by offering a new contract. My chairman never brought in a second keeper though either, so I had a Lv 5 concerned Casillas in my team for ages. Now when he dropped his old wage became acceptable again and his concern level slowly decreased. So, to answer your question: You can be left with one goalkeeper from my experience, but no idea what happens when your overall squad size would drop below the minimum as well.
  9. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread According to kicker: Initially supposed to return after this weekend, his comeback has been postponed by another 2 weeks. So should definitely be fully fit by March.
  10. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread Regardless of what MSM thinks and believes' date=' there is NO buyout clause: http://aktie.bvb.de/eng/IR-News/Ad-Hoc-News/Borussia-Dortmund-GmbH-Co.-KGaA-Marco-Reus-extends-until-30th-June-2019
  11. Re: 2015 ACON - Prediction Thread Group Matches Group A Equatorial Guinea - Congo 0-1 Burkina Faso - Gabon 1-3 (ESB) Equatorial Guinea - Burkina Faso 1-1 Gabon - Congo 1-0 (FGS - Aubameyang) Gabon - Equatorial Guinea 2-1 Congo - Burkina Faso 1-0 Team 1 to Progress: Gabon Team 2 to Progress: Congo Group B Zambia - DR Congo 1-2 (FGS - Mbokani) Tunisia - Cape Verde 3-0 Zambia - Tunisia 1-3 Cape Verde - DR Congo 1-2 Cape Verde - Zambia 1-1 (ESB) DR Congo - Tunisia 0-0 Team 1 to Progress: Tunisia Team 2 to Progress: DR Congo Group C Ghana - Senegal 1-1 Algeria - South Africa 3-0 Ghana - Algeria 1-2 (FGS - Slimani) South Africa - Senegal 0-2 (ESB) South Africa - Ghana 1-3 Senegal - Algeria 1-1 Team 1 to Progress: Algeria Team 2 to Progress: Senegal Group D Ivory Coast - Guinea 0-0 Mali - Cameroon 1-2 Ivory Coast - Mali 2-0 Cameroon - Guinea 1-0 Cameroon - Ivory Coast 1-2 (FGS - Bony) Guinea - Mali 0-1 (ESB) Team 1 to Progress: Ivory Coast Team 2 to Progress: Cameroon
  12. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) Just rejected two teams: GC 31 - AC Milan 1x98 - Ronaldo 1x97 - Iniesta 4x95 - Schweinsteiger, Thiago Silva, Xabi Alonso, van Persie 2x93 - Pedro, Dani Alves 1x92 - Cech 6x91 - Gomez, Hulk, Gervinho, S. Bender, Sagna, Luis Felipe 4x90 - Herrare, Iturraspe, Alex, Criscito 48.5m in the bank GC 83 - Bayern München 1x95 - Yaya Toure 2x94 - Lewandowski, Reus 2x93 - Mascherano, Hazard 3x92 - Lavezzi, Subotic, Dante 11x91 - Gomez, Giroud, Balotelli, Valbuena, Valero, Ramires, Blaszczykowski, Verratti, Valencia, Luiz Gustavo, Handanovic 7x90 - Cerci, Osvaldo, Draxler, Welbeck, Suarez, Castro, Ayew 16.3m in the bank
  13. Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion Thought I could bump this with the German ratings obviously underway.
  14. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Any reliable applicants for Chelsea here? Currently got them on offer and would rather give them to someone who deserves them than just reject the offer randomly. Team includes Reus, Carrick, Subotic, Schürrle, Juanfran, Draxler, Dede, Großkreutz and many more
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