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  1. Re: Cannavaro Sry, accidentially clicked the 93 option, wanted to vote for drop to 94. Same reasons as above, as much as I hate to say it, he used to be the best defender in the world, very important both for club and national team. But since his injury, he's massively decreased in form, I wouldn't rule out a 93 by the end of the season, though I don't think so
  2. Re: Annoying counter offers!! Actually, your offer was just as bad as his... You're trying to buy one of the best right-backs in the world (at least on SM) for little above his value... no wonder you get countered with such an offer.
  3. Re: Kevin Kuranyi, or Jefferson Farfan - help (quick response if possible) Tbh, I wouldn't buy any of them. Kevin Kuranyi was playing even worse in the first half of the season than ever before (it might be arguable if he ever was a 92 before), at least he was scoring goals, but not this season. Plus, he doesn't play for the German national team any more, at least not as long as Löw stays manager. Jefferson Farfan was one of the most exciting Bundesliga transfers this season, but he didn't even come close to what everyone was expecting. He's playing regularly, but not good, loosing the ball quite often, missing easy goals / penalties, and an overall average performance. IMO, both could drop a point, They might still play regularly, but rather because of a lack of alterntives than because of good performances. I'd rather invest in younger Schalke players like Höwedes, Westermann or Neuer, other than the rest of Schalke, they've improved since last season and are more likely to raise (Höwedes and Westermann probably/sure in the next changes, Neuer might be one for the future). However, I don't know if you need anyone for your defense.
  4. Re: The forgotten Brazilians? From http://www.soccermanager.com/playerchanges.php : Maybe they just haven't been rated yet, even the research team deserves a more or less work-free weekend, don't they?
  5. Re: A more "realistic" player fitness system Yeah, I guess that my system could need a few more tweaks, too, especially the point about unmanaged which was brought up. Maybe unmanaged teams shouldn't start rotating their players not when they become NMF but a bit earlier, maybe around the 70% mark. And maybe for every day rested they gain back more fitness, maybe 6-8% the first day, steadily increasing by like 2 or 3 % more, depending on age of course. Maybe it should also be affected by the number of teams/turns a bit, too, what do you think? And actually, I started this topic here before sending a ticket because I just had the general idea of a non-linear fitness system, but it certainly needs a few more improvements of course, and because I wanted to hear people's views on the topic.
  6. Re: cheap RB? I'd go neither for Breno nor for Lell. Just because they're both at Germany's most successful club, doesn't make them big talents or even good players. Lell is overrated, and Breno might be talented, but he basically gets no play time. You could invest into Andreas Beck of Hoffenheim, he used to play for Stuttgart before, but he's now a regular player for the current leader of the Bundesliga while only being 21. He's currently rated 85, 87 would be realistic in the next changes (he's certainly a better RB than players like Owomoyela and other higher rated players), and maybe a 88/89 could be possible at the end of the season when Hoffenheim reaches an international spot. He's also regularly playing for the Germany youth teams with good performances. Other long-term investments would be Rafael of ManU of course, or Gassama and Kambolov, they're all <80 now though.
  7. Hey guys, I've become a Gold Member some while ago, and now competing in the really tough GC's, it's really hard to put up a 100% fit starting eleven in every game, especially with the recent addition of International Management. Many managers are avoiding this problem by building up extremely huge squads (which is a real problem IMO with all the unmanaged teams having only the minimum 18 players). So, some people suggested to adress maximum squad sizes, some wanted to extend the seasons, but I haven't seen anyone thinking about improving the player fitness system. In real life, it's normal for a top player to play twice a week (Champions League / UEFA Cup during the week and regular league on the weekends) for a couple of weeks, maybe even months. From what I can see, on SM the player fitness decreases linear, playing the full 90 minutes takes away about 20-30% of the player's fitness, and the gain back about 8% per day, which sometimes even causes the players not to be back at 100% between 2 league games. What I'd suggest would be a progressive player fitness system, playing one single game only decreases the fitness by about 12% or something like that, but the more games in a row the player is on the pitch, it affects the fitness even more (let's say, 16% after 2 games, 20% after 3 games in a row and so on), even if the fitness is back to 100%. Being rested for a game or 2 (depending on how many games were played before) sets the decrease back to 15% or 20% respectively. That way, especially at the end of the season, when the season finale is coming close and you're still participating in national/international cup competetions, you don't need to completely rotate your whole squad. Opinions, criticism, further suggestions or standing ovations are welcome.
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