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  1. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Believe it or not, but my latest ticket regarding the mysterious transfer of Fernando Torres has finally been looked into, and they reversed the deal. Thanks to SM, and sorry again to the Rotherham manager, but I hope you enjoyed your 91 rtd striker for the time being
  2. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread Just do the same I did' date=' send a ticket explaining your case. After a while, you'll get an answer saying this: And nothing happened, but I'm unable to respond as they closed it after answering... Great support, but I didn't have the nerves to act further. Yet another auto-generated message or a text completely unrelated to my problem is something I definitely can't be arsed with atm.
  3. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread Might have to do something with the fact that Robben's operating range is a lot closer to the opponent's penalty area, while Xavi as a CM naturally can be found anywhere between the 2 boxes. A totally useless stat if you ask me looking the players' positions and roles.
  4. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread)
  5. Re: FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013 - Predictions Thread 3rd place Uruguay - Italy 1-0 (FGS - Abel Hernandez) Final Brazil - Spain 0-1 (ESB)
  6. Re: FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013 - Predictions Thread Semi Finals Spain - Italy 1-0 (FGS - Fabregas) Uruguay - Brazil 0-0 (ESB) 90 minutes play
  7. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread And now this offer is coming in... just for the record: I'm not going to accept that. If this deal goes through as well then I can be sure that either there's a bug or the other manager found out my password/hacked my account in another way...
  8. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread As I said, I had a similar transfer before in another Game World, and I'm aware that others had the same problem, but from what I can tell, it has always been a cash deal between a managed and an unmanaged side, never heard it happened in a p/e deal between two managed sides.
  9. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread I've also sent in a bug ticket, I was just wondering if anyone else had the same problem before. Really weird indeed. Also sorry to the other manager if I got your hopes up, but I can assure you, I never intended to accept, nor did I actually accept. Not sure if reporting would be a good idea, in the end, the other manager or me could end up being blocked from further deals or even kicked out(although I haven't seen that in a long while...), and I wouldn't want that to happen.
  10. Re: English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread What the heck happened there, I never accepted that? Why on earth would I, it's an awful deal, a rotation player from Atletico + a player who made the squad twice last season and is striker no 4 at CSKA? Sounds totally logical to sell Torres, who finally seems back on track after years, for whom I got way better offers in the past and who is my best striker, for these two awful players that don't even make my cup team... I saw the bid, laughed at it and chose to ignore it to avoid getting more of those ridiculous offers from the other manager, but I never clicked the Accept button, I didn't even open the player/bid pop-up at all. First one of my other clubs randomly makes a bid (or rather, doesn't even make a bid) for a player who's at that club IRL and at unmanaged in the Game World when all of a sudden the "Blabla have accepted your offer for the player XY" message pops up, and now that?
  11. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013 Yeah' date=' a keeper stuck in the 2. Bundesliga is definitely better than a CL keeper... Here's an advice: Don't act like a Bundesliga expert if you know nothing.
  12. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) Free again...
  13. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) Just rejected West Ham in GC 19, a really good young team in one of the best GCs. 3x90 - Curtois, Damiao, Luis Filipe 6x89 - Downing, Alex Teixeira, Hangeland, Tasci, Ander Herrera, Siem de Jong 11x88 - Bacca, Steven Fletcher, Jordan Ayew, Xhaka, Henderson, Victor Moses, Beckham, Garmash, Gentner, Constant, Pieters + a huge youth squad.
  14. Re: FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013 - Predictions Thread Group Matches Group A Brazil - Japan 1-2 Mexico - Italy 0-1 Italy - Japan 1-1 (ESB) Italy - Brazil 0-2 Japan - Mexico 2-0 (FGS - Kagawa) Team 1 to progress: Japan Team 2 to progress: Brazil Group B Spain - Uruguay 1-0 (ESB) Tahiti - Nigeria 0-2 Nigeria - Uruguay 1-2 (FGS - Cavani) Nigeria - Spain 0-2 Uruguay - Tahiti 6-0 Team 1 to progress: Spain Team 2 to progress: Uruguay Tournament winner: Spain Top Goalscorer: Cavani
  15. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread He's been immense mainly in the second half of the season' date=' especially in the CL. His start in Germany has been stuttering, hence the place on the bench As I said, CL performances are also included, and that gave Lewandowski the edge over Kießling. Looking at his price tag' date=' and the hopes that were put in him, then yes, I think disappearing from some games (and it has been more than "just" some games in my opinion) makes him a flop. I agree that it's been harsh to put Kirch in the Flop squad, but I've put him there as some kind of an example of Dortmund's recent 'bench' transfers, which also include Schieber. When in the past Dortmund managed to bring in some really decent players for small money and to help improving the depth and even the first team (Kagawa, Piszczek, and then guys like Santana or Toni da Silva to a certain extent), but Kirch wasn't even trusted when it was basically impossible to bring on Piszczek. Yeah, Kiyotake totally slipped my mind, could certainly replace Hunt with him. Huszti has been really decent as well, but in the end, I thought de Bruyne and Traore were a bit ahead of him in his position.
  16. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2012/2013 Schmelzer average compared to most of his team-mates? Probably yes. Schmelzer average compared to most other players in his position in the Bundesliga and similar leagues? Probably not.
  17. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread It's time again for the annual Bundesliga Elevens. Top XI: ---------------------------- Weidenfeller ---------------------------- Lahm ------------- Boateng -------------- Dante -------------- Alaba ------------------ Schweinsteiger ----- Gündogan ------------------- Müller ------------------------- Reus ------------------------- Ribery ---------------------------- Lewandowski --------------------------- Bench: Neuer, Piszczek, Subotic, Martinez, Robben, Götze, Kießling Not really many surprises there I guess, basically a mixed XI of the CL finalists + Kießling. Was a close one between Kuba and Götze for the last bench spot in the end, decided for the latter as else I'd probably be accused of bitterness. Flop XI: ------------------------------- Wiese ------------------------------- G. Sakai ----------- Felipe ---------------- Lukimya ------------ Fuchs ------------------- Xhaka ------------- Luiz Gustavo ----------------- Elia----------------------- van der Vaart --------------------- Sararer ----------------------------- Derdiyok ------------------------------- Bench: Unnerstall, Kirch, Santana, Jiracek, Okazaki, Perisic, Joselu My favorite team, full of overpriced anti-footballers and overhyped useless tools. Wiese is a must in this team, from German No 3/4 down to keeper who isn't even good enough for the reserve team of an almost relegated team in record time, haven't seen that before. Really expected Sakai to break through this season, but couldn't even get past a Rüdiger who hasn't been all that special either. Felipe arrived with high hopes from Anderlecht, where he also impressed me in the 3 or 4 games I've seen, but considering he's been Hannover's third most expensive transfer of all times, he's been too disappointing and his injuries haven't helped either. Lukimya arrived as the 2. Bundesliga's best defender, but what he's shown at Bremen has been horrible most of the time. Fuchs lost his place to Kolasinac towards the end of the season, IMO he's always been Schalke's main weakness in their defense, but his offensive qualities made up for that a bit. Take these away and all you have left is a terrible defender. Had trouble finding any DMs that really disappointed, in the end went for Xhaka as he really hasn't shown much for his price tag, but I'd still be lenient with him looking at his age. Luiz Gustavo also hasn't really shown why he was once cost as much as Reus. Van der Vaart was supposed to lead Hamburg back to glory, but couldn't even lead them to Europe, pretty big flop if you ask me. Elia flopped once again, even though it's more of a flop of the Bremen officials for even thinking he could not be a flop... And Sararer, the Turkish international - still have no idea how he managed to get into that team, didn't remember them as THIS bad - has been very, very disappointing this season. No idea how he's going to do at Stuttgart, but I doubt he'll have it easy to get past Harnik and Traore. The flop striker was just as easy to find as the flop goalkeeper, as they're both coming from the same club. Derdiyok, once even considered better than Kießling by many, has found himself more often on the bench then on the pitch recently after some horrendous performances, and the latter, well, he's the Bundesliga top scorer. Surprise XI: ------------------------------- Trapp ------------------------------- Carvajal ---------- van Buyten --------- Ginter ------------- Kolasinac ---------------------- Rode ----------- Makiadi ---------------------- Schmid ------------------------ Meier --------------------- de Bruyne ------------------------------ M. Kruse ------------------------------ Bench: Manninger, Diagne, Jung, Schwegler, Hunt, Traore, Parker Again, doubt there's much to say here, mostly Frankfurt and Freiburg players, who both surprised and made it to Europe. Carvajal has played well enough to be bought back by Real Madrid, says it all I assume. Really didn't expect van Buyten to still be that good, and Kolasinac definitely earned himself a place in this team. De Bruyne and Hunt have been more or less Bremen's only ray of hope in their harmless offense, but Hunt again went back to his "normal" towards the end of the season after a really string start.
  18. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread Possibility 1: The "career plan" Possibility 2: Idiotic agents Possibility 3: Mor€ Mon€y
  19. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Whoever is going to win the SMFA Cup now, you can thank me for eliminating teb's Spartak
  20. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread Unlike the (former) officials at Bayern, who would never evade taxes, bring in "duty-free" Rolex watches from Qatar, have children born outside their marriages or negotiate some apparently fair TV deals for the league to cash in under-the-counter. They are all 100% honest guys there...
  21. Re: Available GC Teams (This is NOT a Discussion Thread) Just rejected Spurs in GC20 1x93 - Bale 1x92 - Cech 1x90 - Defoe 8x88 £44.2M in the bank
  22. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread What can I say... I would say that I am absolutely proud of my team, but pride is something I only feel for my own achievements actually and I'm lacking a fitting English word there, but you should get the idea. It has been an absolutely phenomenal season, peaking in a phenomenal game with two teams on more or less the same level, with periods of small advantages for either side. A real firework from Dortmund in the first 20,25 minutes, one goal there and a lead would have given us the chance to lay back a little and focus on fast counter attacks, as it would have been and obviously has been impossible to go that kind of speed the whole game. I'm not further commenting my view on the Ribery scene there again, the Dortmund players and officials I have heard so far have not blamed the loss on the scene, so neither will I. Just that much: As good as a footballer he is, definitely one of the most gifted players, but his bad temper paired with his lack of sportsmanship is an absolute disgrace. And I think if he accidentally swallowed a fly, the amount of brain cells in his head would instantly be doubled up. Anyways, after that Bayern gained a bit more control, but we managed to never let them fully dominate, something that even teams like Barca and Juve failed at. After Bayern's first goal (set up by the guy who shouldn't be on the pitch any more btw) another key scene, the penalty caused by Dante. I thought the first yellow against him was relatively harsh but still one you can give, but that foul again was definitely worthy of a second yellow. Kudos to Bayern for not giving up after that, the amount of energy they managed to release in the 20 minutes after that deserves my respect. Again, it's another question if they still could have fought back with then 2 men less on the pitch, but thanks to the ref they could. No idea if he didn't see those scenes properly or just didn't have the guts to be consequent enough, but definitely worst man on the field today. Absolutely stunning last ditch sliding tackle by Subotic in that time btw, and a disgraceful action from Lewandowski as well. As much as I appreciate his skills and his professionalism, with actions like these he much better suits the other team... but according to most reports that's happening quite soon anyway. The 1-2 then broke our neck (hate to repeat myself, but again set up by now one of the guys who shouldn't be on the pitch any more), been a bit lucky as well but Bayern enforced it in some way. Overall, Bayern kinda deserved to win, but we didn't deserve to lose either. There are a few guys at Bayern that I totally grant this title, mainly Heynckes, and also some players like Schweinsteiger and even Robben who've waited a long time for a major trophy, but on the other hand there are these disgraceful excuses of human beings such as Ribery and Hoeneß who hopefully soon face the consequences of their behaviour.
  23. Re: UEFA Champions League Discussion thread Should be 9 against 11 by now... Other than that, pleased with the game so far
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