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  1. If Mason Greenwood doesn't get at least the same rating as Martinelli in the upcoming review, I don't....
  2. Well, I kinda hope that Fejsa is no longer on that level, and Luis just needs a bit of time since I've watched him play and really like his style of play. I'll listen to you and wait and see, thanks 😁
  3. Hey, Costa, can you tell me why is Florentino Luis out of Benfica's first 11? He seemed to be doing well pre-injury πŸ€”
  4. Well, I'm mainly after value 😁 it has come down between Nkunku, Foden and Fede Valverde
  5. Someone with potential to hit 90 in the summer and costs ~10M today? Maddison excluded πŸ˜…
  6. Is Alphonso Davies a must, or will he lose his spot come the end of injury plague in Bayern?
  7. Well, since I got some, here is France as well 😁 Edit: *France Supercup vs PSG for Camavinga here
  8. I've taken some time to do a recap of the games/minutes for the EPL players as a way of contributing, and hopefully I'll do the rest in the next couple of days. For the table: *EL qualifications included Edit: Source: transfermarkt
  9. To sell or not to sell Sami Chukwueze? @Soccahappy's spreadsheet has me thinking to let go of him, what do you think? And any suggestions for a good replacement re welcome 😁
  10. Is that anonymous, meaning that reported manager doesn't know it's me who reported him?
  11. Calvin Stengs + Ferran Torres for Odegaard? Is it worth it?
  12. They did it in may, so I suppose january/february, that "annual" revision
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