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  1. Well, I forgot to mention that almost every other 90+ RB is available, since it's a relatively young and low budget GW. Let me rephrase my question: who is better player/prospect for 44 M than TAA(position irrelevant)? It's his impact that is making me think about selling him, since he is my joint best rated player and production isn't there 😢
  2. Do I straight swap my TAA for Sterling now that they are the same value?
  3. Who to pick out of: Gnabry Havertz Rashford Sane? And also for CB: Upamecano Lenglet J. Gimenez Skriniar? Thanks in advance 😁
  4. After all, he'll be 99 rated by winter 😅
  5. To swap Fede Valverde(mine) for F. De Jong or not to?
  6. Oh, yeah, I've seen some roumors, but haven't looked into it. Well, looks like he is here to stay 😁
  7. First of all thanks for more in-depth scouting report of the Zvezda's young duo. As for the question I have a more specific one, I picked up Santiago Ramos(Barcelona) and Moussa Sissako(PSG) when they got added and I'd like to know if they are keepers or not
  8. I'd like to bring attention to two youngsters from Serbia, Zeljko Gavric and Andrija Radulovic. I'm sure Gavric was mentioned before, but Radulovic broke out after corona break and is wanted by Bologna. So maybe Kierans91 or thorgan could do a more in depth scouting report. Cheers
  9. It makes more sense to go with Spain anyway and then Italy and England. I'm just hoping they dont mess up with missing some players rating increases
  10. It's a young GW with small budget clubs, so plenty of 90+ players available 😅 Wish I had those kind of negotiating powers as well in my others GWs 😂
  11. I can and want to swap my Tammy Abraham for Bruno Fernandes, why yes/no?
  12. Jonathan David or Dani Olmo, one has to go, who do you prefer? I'm thinking of keeping Olmo, change my mind 😁
  13. Thanks for the info, offer bumped by 1.4M. 🤑 I've also noticed that when I "complete" my team during preseason, my results are better than when I keep adding players afterwards. How many changes to the first team can be made before performance starts to drop? Is it really a factor at all?
  14. External. As Kierans says, I'll just keep trying and hope for the best
  15. What are the reasons a player/club would reject my offer? I made an offer for TAA and have Werner who is rated the same as him, so it can't be rating of my squad, can it? Maybe I just have to be persistant? 😅
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