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  1. Re: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis Will Alex Witsel rise to 91?
  2. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions How has Rodrigues Lucas done since his bad injury? Worthy of a rise?
  3. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (III) Will Alaba stay as a CM as first position though or does he play more on the left? Is he likely to get any games for Bayern next season when he returns from loan?
  4. Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (III) Hi, I'm looking for a young CM or DM that is going to keep getting better and i'm torn between buying Joel Matip or David Alaba. What do you guys think? Looks like both are in with a shout of a +1 rise this time but which is the better player/has more potential?
  5. Re: French Ligue 1 and 2 Hi, Is there a thread giving up to date rating predictions for Ligue 1?
  6. Re: EPL ratings by Cleg_Yorkshire Leighton Baines 89-90/91 does anyone think? Has been really good this season, got a few goals, assist and played for England!
  7. Re: Brazil Série A Rating Predictions No rise for Vander???
  8. Re: "Ronaldo's Saviour?" .:| Bruno Cesar - AM - 21/74 - Corinthians |:. Office? I was hoping it might be 87....
  9. Re: "Ronaldo's Saviour?" .:| Bruno Cesar - AM - 21/74 - Corinthians |:. Office - would really appreciate a response to the Q above
  10. Re: "Ronaldo's Saviour?" .:| Bruno Cesar - AM - 21/74 - Corinthians |:. Office - what rating do you think he would rise to if the Brazilian ratings changes came tomorrow?
  11. Re: Brasileiro Review AND Class of risers - 2010/11 (Some already on DB) Insider, Good to have you back - hope the absense hasn't been down to anything bad! I have Bruno Cesar AND Ganso on my team. I think I remember reading somewhere that you advised to sell Ganso - Fistly, would you still advise this? and if so, do you think Bruno Cesar could reach 86/87 next ratings? If the answer is yes then I wont bother replacing Ganso, Cesar will just advance into that role. Thanks in advance Azza.
  12. Re: Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 MaoaM, Do you not think Martin Kelly of Liverpool will get more than a +3 to 80? He's played 9 times this season now and is looking quite a useful player!
  13. Does anyone know? Last post was almost a month ago - has he self-exiled himself again? Come back Mark!!!
  14. Re: Good young full back(s)? Gassama looks to have only played 3 times. De Vrij and Anita look good shouts though - will Anita's first position stay as LB?
  15. Hi everyone, Some advice please - would be much appreciated. I've got a few million spare and only have 2 LBs and 2 RBs, so i'm looking for a good young LB and a good young RB (2 seperate players) who are going to rise in the future - someone the same sort of age/rating as Contento/Santon/Rafael (these 3 are taken) Any suggestions please? Ideally they'd be 82-87 rated. I have about 12m to spend. Thanks in advance - Azza.
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