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  1. Both rated 92 and neither rose in the recent changes. Who do you think is better to have? Anelka is obviously older..... Your views please, I have to let one go!!!
  2. Re: Full look at Brazil: Part 1 Do you expect Douglas Costa to rise? And is it right that Uniyed are showing an interest in him do you know? Is he THAT good?
  3. Re: Full look at Brazil: Part 1 How far are we off part 2 Insider? Looking forward to it!
  4. Re: Cristiano Ronaldo is a what? I think it's a quality picture, I mean was it foresight for a visit to the championship? I reckon they'll get a few fans there though! Oh, the Ronaldo pic is funny too!
  5. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season Hey Insider, What do you think Everton Silva and Guto will rise to in these ratings? Brilliant Thread by the way!
  6. Mysterious bank balance rise Has anyone else had a mysterious cash rise in the last week? My bank balance went from 1.1m to 6.8m with no reason. No winnings or other income, it just rose! Not that i'm complaining!
  7. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season Thanks - that's what I did originally but for some reason he plays for Palmeiras in my game! Hence why I couldnt find him in the first place!
  8. Re: Guide to the 2009 Brazilian season Is the currently-linked-with-Liverpool Kleber not on the DB?
  9. Re: CalcioItalia's Italian Ratings Edit: removed
  10. I have the following players and am wondering what they might rise to in the Brazilian changes??? Name Current Everton Silva 74 Giuliano 75 Bernardo 76 Douglas Costa 78 Montero 77 PS - I know Montero plays in Equador but that is for anyone else to answer. All opinions welcome and would be thankful!!!
  11. I need to buy a DM and these 2 are available. Which one should I buy? Toure is cheaper but only a 92 vs Toulalan 93. Is Toulalan likely to rise if he moves to a bigger club?
  12. Does anybody think either of these two Barca players will get a rise? Surely Valdes should be a 92 playing every game for a team in the champions league final?? Has Henry done enough to get back to a 96?? Debate!
  13. Re: Top Ten buys from Brasileiro
  14. Re: Top Ten buys from Brasileiro Insider, great thread! I have the following players - any idea if/what they may rise to in the coming changes? Name Current Castillo 75 Giuliano 75 Ciro 77 Boquita 76 Bernardo 76 Everton Silva 74 Neymar 76
  15. Re: Giuseppe Bellusci 72- Future 90? (must buy) If the bid is already accepted it will DEFINATELY go through. I do this all the time during transfer bans! Its a kind of fall back - if he goes up, you get hom for 70k, if he doesnt, you can cancel the bid - easy! Trust me mate - if the bid is accepted it WILL go through for 70k. I've got a 70k bid in myself
  16. Who do you think would be the better signing? They are both about the same price. Pepe 93, Albiol 92. Will either of them rise/fall these ratings? Thanks!!
  17. Re: Papa Diawara BABA [+7ish] It WILL go through. I do this all the time. It only doesn't go through if the bid hasn't already been accepted. Which in this case it has
  18. Re: Turkish Database - Ask me anything IOA, In your opinion, should Faty Papy have risen from a 75? He plays internationals and gets the odd game for Trabsonspor doesn't he? Thanks!
  19. Re: Faty Papy - 18 Year Old Star - The Next Michael Essien Why didn't he get a rise in the ratings from a 75???
  20. Re: Turkish Süper Lig - Ratings Shouldn't Faty Papy of got a rise? He's an international right and playing for Trabzonspor?.....
  21. Re: Biggest Upcoming Risers (Eng, Spain and Italy Edition) I still can't believe Anelka didn't get a rise. Top scorer in the best league in the world, consistantly scores goals, plays for NT..... Dumbfounded....
  22. Re: Biggest Upcoming Risers (Eng, Spain and Italy Edition) ??? And that's not to mention Anelka???
  23. Re: Biggest Upcoming Risers (Eng, Spain and Italy Edition) Are the English ratings complete? I was expecting a rise for Stoch of Chelski and Fabio of United (even if only a small one) :confused:
  24. Re: Biggest Upcoming Risers (Eng, Spain and Italy Edition) Thanks radebe, what do you think of Raul Albiol in the Spanish ratings? Can he get 93 or will he stay at 92?
  25. Re: Italian rating predictions I did, but unless i'm mistaken, that post was back in October before he rose to 92 in the November ratings, and now i'm asking if he can make 93 this time round? Apologies if i've missed something...
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