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  1. Marcio Rafinha abate Nigel De Jong Vidal (arturo) Bent reus adler menez Boeteng (K.P) arteta westermann ander herrera adam © otamendi Kana-biyik What do we think about these players potential rating changes, should i sell?
  2. Hi there are some players below that have been part of my squad for a while , and i was wondering what peoples opinions are on them. what rating will they be likely to receive next time their leagues are reviewed, and if they are worth keeping past their rating changes, if at all. thanks in advance Kraft T Curci G Coleman S Abate I Ruiz V Evans J Javi Garcia Bruno Cesar El Hamdaoui G Hoarau D Salamao D Cotento H Westermann Mario Fernandes AURTENETXE, Jon Muniesa M Ciaran Clark Daniel Ayala Tom Cleverley Loic Damour Jordan Henderson L Fer A Herrera Coutinho Marco Reus James Rodriguez Jeremy Pied Dale Jennings Henrique Walter D Villalva Lacazette A D Pacheco Funes Mori
  3. hi, i was wondering if you had any thought on which players i should keep and which i can sell, by the way, i will warn you my squad is massive. thanks. - RAFAEL, Cabral - NETO, Murara CESAR, Júlio RUDD, Declan ADLER, René CAPDEVILA, Joan - SILVA, Gabriel BAKER, Nathan CRUISE, Thomas CONTENTO, Diego RIISE, John Arne FERNANDES, Mário RAFINHA, Marcio PLASTUN, Ihor DEDE, Vital THOMPSON, Josh ROCHELA, David CAULKER, Steven AYALA, Daniel MUNIESA, Marc WILSON, Danny EVANS, Jonny BOCCHETTI, Salvatore BODMER, Mathieu BOATENG, Jérôme CASTRO, Gonzalo ALBRIGHTON, Marc EVANS, Corry TINGA, Araújo JAVI GARCIA, Fernández DIARRA, Alou DE JONG, Nigel SEMENENKO, Artem MALYAROV, Nikita FLETCHER, Darren BOSTOCK, John JAMES, Matt GRANERO, Esteban VERRATTI, Marco HENDERSON, Jordan CHEYROU, Benoît ZE EDUARDO, Almeida FLORES, Erick ASSULIN, Gai CESAR, Bruno GALINDO, Samuel COUTINHO, Philippe HERRERA, Ander RIQUELME, Juan Román PARK, Ji-Sung SESSEGNON, Stéphane BARRERA, Pablo BASTOS, Michel BEBE, Correia GIOVANI, dos Santos SUAREZ, Luis PACHECO, Dani WALTER, Henrique VILLALVA, Daniel JARA, Franco LENS, Jeremain BRIAND, Jimmy PANDEV, Goran ANELKA, Nicolás HOARAU, Guillaume DEMIR, Muhammet VAN DER WIEL, Gregory CAHILL, Gary BADSTUBER, Holger OTAMENDI, Nicolás ALDERWEIRELD, Toby TOLOI, Rafael BLIND, Daley COENTRAO, Fábio TRASCH, Christian FER, Leroy CMCM AISSATI, Ismaël DE JONG, Siem RODRIGUEZ, James
  4. Hi, some of you saw the thread i made on GK with the same theme, just wondering who you all think will be the next players to hit 90 from 80 rated?
  5. Who will be the next 80 rated keeper to hit 90 do you think? do you think andujar or ochoa in paticulat are worth a go anymore?
  6. Hi, derdiyok looks a half decent prospect, (from an outside view, i will admit i dont watch bundesliga) i was wonderin if he was worth buying as a future riser? any thoughts?
  7. Re: whos ratings will go up deffintly
  8. Re: Mario MANDZUKIC / Lucas Barrios / Cicrican Marica HOARAU! got be Hoarau.
  9. Re: Forwards Hoarau!!!! Buy hoarau!!!
  10. Re: Ratings You R Unhappy With ! no new points when you first started, and you were unhappy with the rival thread based on the same thing as this one.
  11. Re: Ratings You R Unhappy With ! trying to push your thread back to the front dale?? lol
  12. Re: Players You Think Should Be Higher by what measure? he played in a side that conceded 50 goals last year and another side that got relegated, robert green of west ham who is 89 rated played in a side who conceded 5 less goals so why should given get a rise? i think he fine where he is. I also don't see how macheda could rise, he hasn't had enough playing time, why should he get a rise. Also i don't think taylors that good, is he was someone would have bought him buy now, simple as. but i do agree with ireland, quality player, the heart of the man city team, reminds me of scholes in his prime, except he can tackle.
  13. Re: 90+ overrated and underrated players hoarau is under rated, should be 90 rated at least.
  14. Re: Esteban Cambiasso or Wesley Sneijder? well i do watch him play, and he is way over rated..... eeejit but saying that i don't know whether sneijder is an option at the moment, he will be sold by real this summer if they can, if they cant sell him he will spend months on the bench. i really rate him, but i would wait and see where he goes.
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