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  1. Thanks man. Funnily enough every single one of those players has been bought. Managed to get my hands on nuno mendes earlier on which is good but need a few others to consider now if you have any others ? Ideally under £1m. I have silva brenner in this team i take it probably worth selling now that he's made the move to MLS?
  2. Hi all how's things? Recently joined a gameworld which is focused on youth but has minimal budget allocation. Currently looking for some young players less than 82 rated that will increase beyond that in the next 3-6 months. Obviously the cheaper the better but ideally looking at future first team players for later on in the season/next season who will be 82 rated + Thanks.
  3. Hi guys who would you say is a better option for long term growth. Castagne or Hateboer ? Thanks
  4. Thanks Kieran I'll give these a go. Appreciate your input
  5. Just joined a GW and I'm in div 5 season 1. Need some advice on young players to buy that are less than £1m. I've only got £3m to play with and hoping to get as close to a starting 11 out of that and buying players who I can keep for the future who will upgrade. Thanks
  6. Whats the likelihood of Ayoze Perez getting an upgrade ? I've been offered him for £10m but seen he got an upgrade in January already. Also Hateboer for £12m + Naci Unuvar ?
  7. Goncalo Guedes and Renan Lodi (90x2) Or Achraf Hakimi (91) Purely on rating potential in the future not bothered about right now.
  8. Ocampos never got a rise in the end then or is that still to come ?
  9. Allan saint maxim or Jonny otto. Purely based on potential. I know ASM will be have to move to get 90+ but is he good enough to be able to get a move to a bigger club ?
  10. What's the rule on retiring players ? Is it true that you get their value returned back to you in £ ? If so is it just the value of the player when they retire or is it 1x 2x 3x etc? Thanks
  11. Hi all. I'm looking for some advice on transfers as I am in a very competitive game world (ID:21251) struggling to get promoted to div 1. What players here are worth keeping and who is worth selling ? I also have 100+ youth players as well which I could do with advice on as I lose money every week on wages. Cant bring myself to offload anyone incase I sell a future star. Thanks
  12. Is he likely to rise soon or stay at 89 ? Probably needs to move away from newcastle before he goes up in ratings then? I wasnt sure on him but I'll take your word for it.
  13. Should I swap my Allan Saint Maxim for Leander Dendoncker ? Any other 89s that might rise to 90 that I could swap him for as well ? Thanks
  14. Hi everyone hope you are all safe and well. On the subject of rating increases i was wondering if there are any GKs likely to get an increase to 90 ? Currently i have Alphonse Areola but not sure hes cutting the mustard. Any help appreciated. Cheers
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