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  1. I have Neymar. I put in a 40mil bid for Kompany, the manager negotiated for a straight swap, Neymar for Kompany. Should I take it? I know Neymar is a promising youth, but Kompany has proved himself and may even rise to 93 these reviews. I need help
  2. VERTONGHEN, Jan Def/DM Ajax 24 90 - £12.7M Unknown CASTRO, Gonzalo Def/DM Bayer Leverkusen 24 90 - £12.7M Unknown These are the two best defenders left in my GW so which should i buy? Who has most potential to hit 91 or who is wanted by top EU teams? Ive only heard of Castro but so i dont know about Vert's potential, any help please?
  3. I have Villa and the arsenal manager offered me RVP(Van persie) and Nasri for him, i still have ibrahimovic to replace villa so should i do it?
  4. Re: URGENT need of Forward 88-90 Rated. Bit late maybe but buy Gotze, 88 rated currently but hopefully 90 in the next changes.
  5. Re: Poll: Essien Drop Or Stay? Tbh he should drop, Lampards 94 and Essien's no where near as good as Lampard after his injury.
  6. Just wondering if he will rise or if not can you name me a few real madrid players 92 or under that will rise except di maria thanks... r3p
  7. Ive got an offer of either Benzema+Di Maria for Villa or Ozil+Di Maria for Villa, and i know Di Maria will rise so i was wondering Benzema or Ozil who will rise next/ will any of them fall?
  8. Re: The Ultimate SM Championship (New thread) You lucky **** lol
  9. Re: The Ultimate SM Championship (New thread)
  10. Re: The Ultimate SM Championship (New thread) Monaco... pfft lol, Bari will clearly win
  11. Re: The Ultimate SM Championship (New thread) Racky isnt on the now i dont think, so he cant accept anyone.
  12. Re: The Ultimate SM Championship (New thread) Afron when does the season start? Ive applied for Bari(waiting for acception) and i can see i have a friendly against you on the 5th (if you're rennes)
  13. Re: The USM - The Italian Job - Two Spaces Free Have you been accepted into the league yet mate??
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