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  1. Re: 88+ rated goal keepers bound to rise sergio asenjo and maybe joe hart
  2. I was watching the Charlton vs Leyton Orient match on monday and i had a thought. There were many players that were showing their talents such as Jonjo Shelvey, Scott Wagstaff and Tamika Mkandawire. I then realised that what they do as lower league professionals is the best of their kind. I know some of you reading this thread will completely diagree with this, and i understand that but let me just justify my case in which i will tell you why the lower league football is the best in the world. Number One, the leagues are a lot closer than the higher leagues. This is shown with the League One divison. PLease look at this table: Pld Points 10 Brentford 26 33 11 Walsall 23 31 12 Yeovil 26 31 13 Southend 26 30 14 Hartlepool 27 30 15 Leyton Orient 26 30 16 Southampton 25 29 17 Carlisle 24 29 18 Exeter 27 29 19 Gillingham 26 27 20 Brighton 25 27 21 Oldham 25 26 Look at how closely contested the league is. 7 points seperate 12 places in the league. It is absolutely guaranteed that there will be a match between 2 of those teams. This makes a great league because it makes the league more interesting. No one wants to see a league where the places in the league are never up for grabs. That just gets boring. Number Two, the lower league teams are NEVER gloryhunters. You have players who change clubs in the same league just because they have a better chance of winning a cup/league title. Lower league players move higher, yes but they never jump up straight to the top division to clubs like Man Utd. They want to build up their career from the bottom and advance their knowledge and general understanding of the lower league football before they believe it is time to advance. Number Three, Everyone has to admit that there is a small section in your heart for your local team. This may not be big like me but something so small like checking their score, looking where they are in the table or even buying an occassional match ticket. So, as a fellow lower league football supporter, i am asking for a favour. PLease can you consider your true supporter status. Are you a true Prem supporter or are you a true pedigree lower league fan. Thank you
  3. Re: Australian Open 2010 brilliant play from murray. i thnk nadal faked it cos he was 3 games from losing in straight sets and didnt want to be embarrassed
  4. Re: flamini next rating change he has been out fo favor at milan since leonardo took over. man city have been linked with a loan deal but i dont think that will go through in time. I think he will go DOWN by 1
  5. Re: chairman money i think it is because, you may have a sufficient amount of money that the chairman finds is good enough. he doesnt give much anyway so dont get ur hopes up
  6. Re: The Leyton Orient Challenge Good luck for the futurre
  7. Re: Match reports and statistics it would help a great amount because it can be confusing. It can also be unrealistic. My last match was Arsenal 1-2 Liverpool. I was losing after 82nd minute, 83rd minute I drew level and 88th minute i lost. Also, i had 19 shots and only 3 on target. I think it is time for an ultra realistic system
  8. Re: Deal for Ronaldo id do it as well. im a bit concerned for aguero but since u have messi and torres, it will be an ace line up. and schweinsteiger, no comment
  9. Re: whos overrated? henry defo. he use to be a 96 but i think now he should be a 91
  10. Re: 18 mil striker i agree with lisandro. he is a quality striker and he is rated 93
  11. Re: Injustice!!!!!! if you didnt do anything, thats quite unfair. sorry mate:(
  12. Re: Potential big risers??? try some young lower league players like lee barnard, jimmy smith and david mooney
  13. I admit, this is an old clip. I havent been on this forum in ages but i thought this will be my first thread back so i thought i might do a youtube clip.
  14. Re: Irritating Manager its not your fault so dont feel disheartened
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