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  1. Re: 88+ rated goal keepers bound to rise sergio asenjo and maybe joe hart
  2. I was watching the Charlton vs Leyton Orient match on monday and i had a thought. There were many players that were showing their talents such as Jonjo Shelvey, Scott Wagstaff and Tamika Mkandawire. I then realised that what they do as lower league professionals is the best of their kind. I know some of you reading this thread will completely diagree with this, and i understand that but let me just justify my case in which i will tell you why the lower league football is the best in the world. Number One, the leagues are a lot closer than the higher leagues. This is shown with the League One
  3. Re: Australian Open 2010 brilliant play from murray. i thnk nadal faked it cos he was 3 games from losing in straight sets and didnt want to be embarrassed
  4. Re: flamini next rating change he has been out fo favor at milan since leonardo took over. man city have been linked with a loan deal but i dont think that will go through in time. I think he will go DOWN by 1
  5. Re: chairman money i think it is because, you may have a sufficient amount of money that the chairman finds is good enough. he doesnt give much anyway so dont get ur hopes up
  6. Re: The Leyton Orient Challenge Good luck for the futurre
  7. Re: Match reports and statistics it would help a great amount because it can be confusing. It can also be unrealistic. My last match was Arsenal 1-2 Liverpool. I was losing after 82nd minute, 83rd minute I drew level and 88th minute i lost. Also, i had 19 shots and only 3 on target. I think it is time for an ultra realistic system
  8. Re: Deal for Ronaldo id do it as well. im a bit concerned for aguero but since u have messi and torres, it will be an ace line up. and schweinsteiger, no comment
  9. Re: whos overrated? henry defo. he use to be a 96 but i think now he should be a 91
  10. Re: 18 mil striker i agree with lisandro. he is a quality striker and he is rated 93
  11. Re: Injustice!!!!!! if you didnt do anything, thats quite unfair. sorry mate:(
  12. Re: Potential big risers??? try some young lower league players like lee barnard, jimmy smith and david mooney
  13. I admit, this is an old clip. I havent been on this forum in ages but i thought this will be my first thread back so i thought i might do a youtube clip.
  14. Re: Irritating Manager its not your fault so dont feel disheartened
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