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  1. Re: Unmanaged Club I just had a similar problem and there doesn't seem to be any way to complain about it or get it sorted out. It's really annoying that cheating isn't investigated more thoroughly...
  2. Re: Remy or Sow Marseille have had a bad start in Ligue and are 10 points behind LOSC after 11 games, but are doing better in their CL group (2nd on 6 points) than LOSC (4th on 2). Both play for their NTs but I don't think they are guaranteed starting places...Both get good write-ups in the French papers. Purely on league position it would be Sow (and the fact he gets more goals normally) but it's close as Remy is younger by a souple of years I think. Difficult one.
  3. Re: Is this against the code of conduct?
  4. Re: Mats Hummels Subotic is not having a great season thus far. His form has largely been shaky. Hummels, on the other hand, has been increasingly impressive and was arguably man-of-the-match this weekend.
  5. Re: Reporting Cheat problem Thank you. I have now reported that side of things. Schalke still appeared as being Managed on 19th but the bid was accepted on 23rd on the same day as it was made. despite being interested in the player for a long time, I was not even asked. Perhaps that could stop people cheating like this, AI clubs would offer shortlisted players to all interested clubs before accepting a bid. Players would then gain no transfer market benefit from cheating and taking over a 2nd club. Also in real life, an agent would defo contact as many interested parties as possible to rais
  6. Someone in my league took control of Schalke 04 for one day to buy a 3rd goalkeeper, then left the club. I had been trying to buy Manuel Neuer from them for a while and had bought a real life Schalke keeper to sell to them so I could bid for Neuer. I could not report this suspicious activity to Soccer Manager. I tried bidding for Neuer but was told that no bids could be accepted for 7 days or until a new manager came. Turning on the computer today a bid for Neuer has already been accepted less than 7 days since the manager left (3 days) and I cannot complain or bid for him. This is seriously a
  7. Re: Riferimento: French Ligue 1 & 2 (Risers Edition) I think his chances of moving to 90 in the next ratings changes have diminished with his failure to get a transfer to PSG in the Transfer Window. Of course, St. Etienne may prove me wrong and finish top 2...
  8. Re: does anyone know anything about this list of players???
  9. Re: 13m to spend on an upcoming DM Jucilei is very good but doubt he will get past 88 until he leaves Corinthians. Vidal looks very classy and is Chile NT member. 1)Khedira 2) M'Vila 3) Vidal 4) Jucilei
  10. Re: French Ligue 1 & 2 (Risers Edition)
  11. Re: Young dm to rise soon needed!! Juciliei (Corinthians) 88 > 89 Mamaev (CSKA) 88 > 89 Both are starters for club, and have been called up to NTs last year for 1 match...
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