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  1. Re: List of risers He man nice predictions i did a few times the holland thread last rating updates. Personally : Keep an eye on Jonathan Reis (80)had some trouble with drugs and alcohol lately but the kid is back in town in 4 eredivisie matches 7 goals , think it really is one for the future. Now rated 80. Luc Casnos(75) will not get a 82 rating. 1 goal in 11 eredivisie matches with feyenoord 15th in the table. Think Nacer Chadli(77) has a chance of getting more than 81/82 plays almost everything for twente nog so many goals but great play. Think he has ability of a 83/84.
  2. Re: DutchEredivisieRatings Thanks for your reaction!. Think it's maybe a bit to early, i will continue this thread a few moments later. I will update then the teams i've done and will add/replace the players. I will one of these days post a reply with players rated in the 70's that will rise. There are yet some players that definitely will rise.
  3. Re: DutchEredivisieRatings Last year the ratings where at the end of march and at the end of october so think this year will be the same.
  4. Re: DutchEredivisieRatings NO man not july/august? Before the summer?
  5. Re: Respuesta: DutchEredivisieRatings Well The dutch ratings are far away. He starts almost every match. Utrecht is doing very well this season. Nijholt is for sure a riser i can guarantee a +6 but i think he will go up by +8/+7. When his situation changes i will report that in this thread
  6. Re: DutchEredivisieRatings HERACLES ALMELO -------------------------------------------------------------------- GK-Martin Pieckenhagen-------38-83--------/+1/ GK-Jorg van Nieuwenhuijzen---31-75--------/+-0/ -------------------------------------------------------------------- LB-Mark Looms----------------28-83--------/+1/ LB/LM-Gaby Jallo--------------21-74--------/+1/+2/ RB/RM-Resit Schuurman-------31-82--------/-1/ RB/RM-Tim Breukers-----------22-82--------/+3/+2/ RB-Denis Magnafic------------20-73---------/+-0/ CB/LB-Antoine van der Linden-33-85---------/+-0/ CB-Birger Maertens--
  7. Re: DutchEredivisieRatings FC UTRECHT ------------------------------------------------------------------ GK-Michel Vorm----------------/26-87/--------/+-0/ GK-Wesley de Ruiter-----------/24-82/--------/+-0/ GK-Khalid Sinouh--------------/34-82/--------/+-0/ ----------------------------------------------------------------- LB/LM-Nana Asare------------/23-85/---------/+-0/+1/ LB-Mihai Nesu----------------/26-85/---------/+-0/ LB/LM-Jacob Lensky----------/21-80/--------/+3/+4 RB-Tim Cornelisse------------/31-86/---------/+-0/-1/ RB-Mark van der Maarel-------/20-75/-------/+4/+5/ RB-Ge
  8. Re: DutchEredivisieRatings Yes, but that is not the only point. what about 2 starts in the dutch cup and 3 starts in the europa league. That compared with his rating of 80 Think he deserves a small rise
  9. Re: DutchEredivisieRatings GK-Rob van Dijk------------41-86---------+1------Played a lot and did it well think our 41years old man get's a rise. GK-Erwin Mulder-----------20-78---------/+-0/----Appeared in one eredivisie match, the man will stay. GK-Ramon Darley----------20-75---------/+3/+2/---This man wil soon be the first keeper. Had some troubles with injuries this season.A small rise. LB/DM-Van Bronckhorst----34-90---------/+-0/----Teamcaptain does his work. Leads the defence. A stay for him at this point. LB-Tim de Cler------------31-87---------/-1/-----2nd choice lb after van bron
  10. Re: +10 Although it is far Nick Viergever wil go up by +7/+8 and Gianluca Nijholt as well. A Definite +6 for Viergever and a definite +7 for Nijholt. Think a nice rise!
  11. Re: DutchEredivisieRatings FC TWENTE ----------------------------------------------------------------------- GK-Sander Boschker---------39-87-------/+1/-------The guy really deserves his 88 at this point. GK-Nikolaj Mihaylov----------21-80------/+1---------Had a few cupmatches for twente. The guy has good prospects if Boschker stops. GK-Cees Paauwe------------32-77-----/+-0/--------Doesn't play at all a stay or a little drop ------------------------------------------------------------------------ LB/LM-Nicky Kuiper----------20-84-----/+-0/-------Does enough for his rating and maybe a +1
  12. Re: 95+ in years to come. Pedro relatively soon Kakuta 4years? Eriksen ajax' toptalent made his debute and is gonna be awesome. but95 is super. hard to tell. To be added on DB. 95 is very high. Think you can better ask for 90+ers soon if your search area is 70-85.
  13. Re: DutchEredivisieRatings PSV EINDHOVEN ------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------- GK-Andreas Isaksson------28-88--------/+1/----Last season he was shuttering in the goal but this season he really is a solid rock. He grabs points through individual skill, think he deserves the +1. GK-Bas Roorda------------36-83-------/+-0/----Not playing 3rd choice this season a stay or a little drop. GK-Cassio Ramos----------22-80------/+-0/Last season loaned out to Sparta Rotterdam. Did there ok. But he has a
  14. Re: ActualizaƧoes do campeonato brasileiro Briljant men. I'm surprised there are no reactions yet. I think you helped a lot of moneyspinners searchers. What do you think wil become the really great players?
  15. Re: DutchEredivisieRatings Starting with my favourite team AJAX AMSTERDAM GK---Maarten Stekelenburg----------27-90------/+-0/ Doing very well at the squad always number 1 GK in starting 11 in contrast with last year under Marco van Basten. I think deserves a 91 but SM will not do that in my opinion. GK---Kenneth Vermeer--------------24-85-------/+-0/ Promising keeper behind Maarten Stekelenburg. If Stekelenburg leaves ajax has his replacement already with Vermeer. Actually to good to be a stand in. Today Started against Az Alkmaar (1-0) Keeped the clean sheet. Gk---Jeroen Verhoeven--------
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