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  1. Goals. Hardware. Team. Consistency. It's a compelling argument for a rise and one I agree with. By most criteria he is deserving. But my heart has been broken by this game many times before ...
  2. Agree! I am excited to see what the future brings for Daka. Has anyone heard of any serious interest from bigger clubs? Get him while he's cheap.
  3. Far more upside with Valverde, especially over the long term. Somwething to consider is Demiral blew his knee before permanently getting in the starting XI and is a question mark moving forward
  4. Looking back 14 years ... Favorite thing by far are posts and threads that showcase new talent, the 75`s that grow season by season into 95`s. Worst thing is the frequency by which very weak unmanaged opponent`s keepers win Man of the Match and lose me the game! Too many transfers to recall ... It`s been great fun, gentlemen!
  5. To Sir Rahul I posted a congratulatory message about reaching 1000 pages, but it got hidden by the censors ... go figure Well done, thanks for all your effort, advice and insight over the years ... Congrats. The Mad Hatter
  6. To Sir Rahul Congratulations (in advance) on your incredible achievement of 1000 pages on the SM forums. I was there at the beginning, (3 different accounts ago) and it has been a joy to see this topic flourish and grow over the years due to your hard work and resilience. You are truly are a great asset to Soccer Manager. I thank you for your commitment to exemplary work and hope you’ll continue in the same spirit of enthusiasm and helpfulness in years to come. The game would not be the same without you and this ongoing this topic Congratulations! Sincerely, The Mad Hatter
  7. It is possible. Look at my post on Page 972 for an overview of what players need to maintain and improve morale. Good luck!
  8. I think this may be case when Tierney's good press lately influences the SM results more than the statistical records and other player comparisons. I would not be surprised to see him get a +1. (Having said that, tho, I sold him off earlier in the season ... )
  9. Take the money and run. Militao did not fulfill the high expectations placed on him at Real Madrid ,,, and I am not convinced he ever will.
  10. This year Brazil is definitely not as interesting as other years. Not nearly as much young new talent as in the past
  11. If you want youth and have the long-term in mind, trade for Arthur. Is he a "good option" for the future? He's only 23 years young, (has injury issues), but should thrive at the Old Lady. Has a better long-term outlook than Kante/Loftus-Cheek who (although quality) are on the downside of the hill imo
  12. Eduardo Quaresma has a $40 million release clause. (You can have him in the game for for $1 !) Has great future potential. Tapsoba, on the other hand, is already performing very well. Got a +5 in January and is destined for +3 (according to a local fortune-teller who I trust completely) Two different players at different stages. But yes, get 'em both while they are cheap
  13. Henrikh Mkhitaryan was bland at Arsenal and dropped to 89, but seems to have regained life while on loan at Roma. Six goals and four assists in 20 appearances. A wee chance of a +1 due to his resurgence? (I'm borderline on this one.)
  14. Bring on the axe' ! As I've mentioned before, I do not have a sense of what Brazil might yield this year. Good on you, thanks for having a go! Maybe you will find the next Neymar? Ronaldinho? Kaka? Xavi? ... or even a David Luiz 😣?
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