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  1. Ah, got it. Good advice. I would hate to spring for a $30+ player and have him ineligible for the position I want him in. Thanks again, I will give this some more thought
  2. Sadly, that's not how the game engine works (although it would be far more interesting if it did!) Arrows and formation will determine attacking capability of a given position - like a fullback. As far as SM is concerned, a left back is a left back is a left back ... The other positions they may be eligible for have no bearing once the tactics and line-up are set and the engine revs up. I'll give Lucas a closer look. Thanks for that! Cheers
  3. You are right, but I use players as SM has them listed by position, not as in real life. In this case, all three can play left back in the game engine, and that is where I would like to play one of them.
  4. Looking for the best young left back with long-term potential from these three: Lucas Hernandez, Bayern Alessio Romagnoli, Milan Aymeric Laporte, Man city Thanks, gentlemen!
  5. Excellent work, thank you Costa! I will get to work on this list right away. Cheers
  6. Given the ratings of the players you are mentioning, I am sorry to say "no". It is mathematically impossible to keep all seven happy over the long term. With diligence and good luck perhaps you can make it work with five.
  7. This is from January, so I am wondering if there has been some revisions since then ... I enjoy this thread immensely and appreciate the hard work! cheers
  8. There is a forum rumor that Japan is due up next, after the Spain reviews are done. Do you see any talent in Japan, Costa ?
  9. Players rated 94 or higher expect to play in approximately 80% of the number of Turns. A player evaluates their season at regular intervals. This usually occurs around Turns 12, 24 and 36. You can calculate games played in the 12-turn section and determine the probability of his concerns increasing. Hope that helps!
  10. I bought a ticket on the hype train for $10 m with only 12 hours to spare. Woke up this morning to find he's now worth $16. Part of predicting player rises here on SM is including the hype in the calculations. Whether players "deserve" a reputation or not, it's a reality given how the masses influence the numbers in this game. BTW Sir Rahul does a brilliant job with his predictions, and I hugely appreciate his efforts !
  11. Why is it that when I now look to select a team from a given game world, the actual value of the players in the squad is far lower that the Total Value listed in the World page? Am I wrong or did the Total Value $$ used to be equal to the top 11 or 18 players? For example, I am looking at a SSC Bari team in an Italian World with stated Total Value of $19.9 million, but in fact the players add up to only $4.8 ... (Cash is 25.3)
  12. I am so grateful for the predictions that you provide, Sir Rahul, I do not worry when the outcomes of few players do not go the way we want. If more people appreciated the fact that rating players as an art, not a science, they would be more content with the oddities that this game throws our way (as in real life). Keep up the good work, and know that your ongoing efforts are greatly valued by many of us here in the forums. Cheers The Madhatter. (Buying and selling based on forum predictions since 2008!)
  13. I was hoping he might get a +1, but in the end not really surprised. He showed a glimmer of improvement this season, but clearly not enough.
  14. I agreed Cam. Giroud is a hugely under-rated player. I am hoping he stays, but betting he will drop given how the system works
  15. Alright, Sir Rahul. I have tremendous respect for you and your stats, and I have learned that the best thing is to defer to your wisdom ... I will sign him!
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