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  1. I stand corrected! I just loaded the new data pack, and there he is: rated 70 and $120k. A bargain.
  2. I saw that today. he's not yet in the SM database. I wonder what SM will place him for rating and value? 78 and $30m ?
  3. No question: Havertz by far is the superior player. Then Aouar. Lo Celso
  4. Brilliant thread, my friend. I just arrived on it, and I am really enjoying it. Well done and I'm looking forward to continued updates
  5. I highly recommend Costa's Xfiles thread for his list of Brazilian risers. Although his lists do not provide a specific predicted rise, (ie +4 or +5) the players he lists will pay dividends. I recently bought 4 Koreans for $700k and made $3.3m. Cheers
  6. Another day, and set of Korean risers. Still no Greeks or Croatians. I am not complaining. I spend $700k on four Koreans and made $3.3m ! Thank you for the great work, Costa
  7. Still on Korea? And no reviews yet of croatia, greece This is starting to get frustrating
  8. Rahul, once again, truly sorry to see you go. You made a difference to the game as a whole and will be missed. Buying and selling has always been a cornerstone of why I continued to play the game for 10+ years, and I would sorely miss this aspect of it. I would be keen to learn to accurately scout and predict, but have never really seen anywhere on the threads "How to" ... If I start with some predictions, perhaps other forumers will start up, too. It might catch on, or it might die a slow death as it has done in years past. Any guidance, advice, tips on how to carry on with forum predictions (given your available time before you sign off) would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, the Madhatter
  9. All the best to you, Rahul, and a HUGE thank you for all the time and effort you put into making the game more interesting and engaging for the rest of us. You will be missed. Cheers!
  10. I have 12 Croatians ... Let's hope they do as well as the Japanese. Great work, Costa. I appreciate the effort, and your lists helps with my game knowledge as well. Cheers and carry on!
  11. Ah, got it. Good advice. I would hate to spring for a $30+ player and have him ineligible for the position I want him in. Thanks again, I will give this some more thought
  12. Sadly, that's not how the game engine works (although it would be far more interesting if it did!) Arrows and formation will determine attacking capability of a given position - like a fullback. As far as SM is concerned, a left back is a left back is a left back ... The other positions they may be eligible for have no bearing once the tactics and line-up are set and the engine revs up. I'll give Lucas a closer look. Thanks for that! Cheers
  13. You are right, but I use players as SM has them listed by position, not as in real life. In this case, all three can play left back in the game engine, and that is where I would like to play one of them.
  14. Looking for the best young left back with long-term potential from these three: Lucas Hernandez, Bayern Alessio Romagnoli, Milan Aymeric Laporte, Man city Thanks, gentlemen!
  15. Excellent work, thank you Costa! I will get to work on this list right away. Cheers
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