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  1. Centre Back Decision ... NDIDI or ZAKARIA ? Thanks in advance!
  2. $4.4 invested (it's all I can afford at the moment). Besides, I need to save up for when you do your Brazil predictions ! 😁
  3. Well done AnthonyKegher17 !!! What an amazing tournament. If the World Cup can provide half as much entertainment I will be happy. It was a harsh ending, as shoot-outs always are, and decisions will be micro-analyzed in the days ahead - but what drama!
  4. Kane out-distanced Sterling?!?! 😲 That is the stat that really shocked me. (I will use it in the future as a bar bet !) Really interesting stuff, Socca !
  5. Now the final... Italy 1-0 England I'm going to predict the old-school Italy will finally emerge. They will score early and 'park the bus' ...
  6. These are impressive, Gyan. You have uncovered some real gems. I thank you, and my SM bank account thanks you!
  7. Now semi-finals... Italy 2-0 Spain England 2-0 Denmark
  8. At 3-0 was my prediction ... I was excited for England, but at 3-0 I was saying "No more! Sit back! Waste time!" and then along comes Henderson who has NEVER scored for England .... Hah! It was a fun match and sets up some real excitement in a few days Good luck to all in the next round
  9. No need for apologies! The time and effort you put in is greatly appreciated ... but never taken for granted! Thanks so much for what you are able to accomplish
  10. I feel completely spoiled by the quality of the games and the excitement provided in each. The best tournament I can recall
  11. What is next on your list of world predictions Gyan> (No pressure, mind you!)
  12. GAMES.... QUARTER FINAL Switzerland 0 - 3 Spain Belgium 0 - 2 Italy Czech Republic 1 - 2 Denmark Ukraine 0 - 3 England
  13. Most exciting back-to-back games I can recall ! What a great day, indeed
  14. Agreed. His ability to influence a game at such a young age is remarkable
  15. Please rank these three young LBs. All are rated 87 and due for a +1 in the upcoming EPL review James Justin, Leicester Matt Targett, Villa Ben Godfrey, Everton Thanks in advance, gentlemen
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