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  1. (I do know how they work. Watching this is making my day. 🤣 But I digress ... ) What are people's thoughts on Joskvo Gvardiol, 82-rated defender at Leipzig ? Is he destined for bigger things ?
  2. Thank you Thorgan. That is my sense as well. Is it the general consensus that SM has stopped doing full-league reviews ?
  3. Does anyone have a sense of how much of MLS has been reviewed so far? Is there enough to say "REJOICE! SM IS FINALLY REVIEWING MLS!" yet? Or is it still a matter of "Meh, a little here, a little there ...No one really knows" ? Signed, Anxious in Canada
  4. I’ve been sorting through the L'Equipe “2021 Top 50 U20" from a few weeks back and coming up with a few names I would appreciate with ranking against each other: Mohamed Ihattaren Curtis Jones Thiago Almada Yunus Musah Noni Madueke Charles De Ketelaere Illya Zabarnyi Did anyone else pick apart this list? I found some gems in the lower level of ranking I would certainly have placed higher ... Rayan Cherki 50th out of 50
  5. I just quit YET ANOTHER game world due to obvious cheating. (A "new" SM account appears, takes over Juve, sells Ronaldo for next to nothing, and then just as quickly disappears once the dodgy business has been done ... ) 🤬
  6. Thanks Milanista. My worry is/was he might not return to the Gunners, but regardless, his performance at Nice is not going unnoticed. A one-point rise here and there ... and who knows ...
  7. Arsenal's William Saliba on loan at Nice? Sell and re-invest in someone else, or keep out on loan and watch his success at Nice continue? Thanks in advance
  8. Lucas Hernandez or Presnel Kimpembe ? Who is more likely to hold/rise over the next few years?
  9. Bennacur = Bentancur (I can't believe I put three typos in one name) Looks like Llorente is the clear favorite. Thanks everyone
  10. You may be on to something there ... mix a few letters and create a new, better, player 😉
  11. Please rate these lads: Bennacur, Locatelli, Llorente Thanks in advance
  12. He was one of the great SM buys. I can't count how many teams I used him in over the years. End of an era!
  13. Thanks you Keiran. Sadly, only Calabria is available to me (since I inhabit a semi-competitive game world.) I'm in no hurry to make the switch and will watch closely over the next month or two. I'm grateful for all the input. Many thanks to you and to the others.
  14. Thank you gents! James looks like the man - a year from now. Bellerin is rated 90 and currently in my starting XI, which was why I was looking at a 89/90 rated player I could slot in right away to replace him, but perhaps has the potential to go beyond 90.
  15. Not available sadly, but thanks for the suggestion
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