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  1. There is an extensive Help Section available by clicking the wee question mark at top right corner of your SM page ...
  2. From what I've seen and heard, White is a talented, promising player. "The Ox" has plateaued. The deal might hinge on the quality of the youngster, but if it was me, I'd swap old for new.
  3. Starting a player counts as a "full game" in terms of concerns, even if you sub them off at 45/60/75 minutes. Subbing them on at any time (45/60/75) minutes counts as a half game.
  4. Got a +4 just a few weeks back, so I suspect it will be a while longer til his next bump.
  5. Every game that a player could lose fitness in, counts as a game they expect to play in.
  6. Thanks for putting this all in only place. Great info to have.
  7. Thanks for soldiering on and providing us the goods despite the illness. Here's to a speedy recovery, Socca !
  8. The game already takes this into account to some degree. We already know a 95 player in a yellow position will not play at the level of his 95 rating and even worse in a red position. The Arcane Guide to SM Mysteries and Unknowable Knowledge states: "Naturally a player will perform better in his preferred position (green) and his performance will suffer if he is played out of his natural position (orange). The more a player is played away from his natural position (red), the more his performance will suffer."
  9. I agree completely. My comments were made recognizing a need to establish criteria.
  10. Welcome back! There are subtleties you will have to get used to, and some of the same old headaches remain, but the forum is thriving as you can see, which makes the game all the more worthwhile.
  11. I support Rahul 100 percent in this. And don't forget, it's really all just about A GAME that has numerous mechanical limitations in what it can deliver. Re-assigning positions is totally reasonable in my view, (even though my own squad has lost some flexibility). Such changes will always be somewhat subjective, since there is no objective criteria being applied. People would enjoy the game more if they stopped trying to wrestle every little mechanical advantage out of it (ie Ramos at RB was/is absurd). Accept it. Smile. Enjoy the GAME. 😁
  12. Good question. He has paired "reasonably" well with Messi, scored for France, and yet he clearly has dropped in form and there are rumours of Barca wanting to sell him. As for when a player gets a rating change, no one knows anymore. So ... Maybe? Probably? lol
  13. 1. I disagree. Morale is ONE indication of where a player is heading in terms of developing concerns Depending on the nature of the concern (finances, playing time, etc), you can watch the player's morale and predict when the inevitable concerns will arise. 2. As to how much morale affects the Game/Match Engine, we will never know. 3. I have always made the assumption that higher morale equates to better performance. Again, there is no way of testing this (and I have tried), and so it will remain Another Eternal Mythical Mystery.
  14. Players with concerns will suffer a decrease in morale as concerns are just an extension of morale. The more concerns a player has or levels that develop, then the further their morale will decrease. Player Concerns is a form of morale that is centered around concerns a player can develop. If these concerns are not addressed the player will eventually demand a transfer and leave your club. There are 4 areas of concern which a player could develop: 1) being loaned out 2) a wage dispute 3) lack of opportunity at the club and 4) a lack of games. The bottom
  15. Your ongoing contributions are appreciated. Looking forward to what comes next!
  16. Kieran, I rely on YOU to remember their names for me ...
  17. What is the likelihood of Fabinho at Liverpool getting a +1 at end of season, bringing him to 94 ?
  18. An interesting list. I had to group them: Valverde and Pedri Bellingham and McKennie and Gravenberch Guiemaraes and Haidara Ask me again tomorrow. My opinion might change! Lots of quality with this lot.
  19. I was researching this list and found out this interesting tidbit about McKennie: D,DM(C),M,AM(RLC)
  20. Yes, you're correct ... " they will develop a concern that they will never have a chance to play for the club. This applies more to players that are at an age where they should be at their peak of the careers (25-30) and would like to be playing as opposed to younger or older players." ... So sayeth SM.
  21. It depends on your bank account. I bought him for my GW because I think highly of him as a talent.
  22. A very good point, which is why although I may have an opinion, I often remain quiet since it really depends on money, position, squad, playing time, Game World etc. (And there are some stellar folks here whose opinion is worth far more than mine!)
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