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  1. Season 34, Turn 26 Manager McG Brings Rotherham A Win Rotherham's new manager has certainly been busy since joining the Millers. In their match against Stoke, certainly a tense affair, the Millers walked away with all 3 points after a Soriano goal close to the end of the first half. Though the Millers were slightly overmatched in possession and shots, their tenacity and some great goaltending by Etheridge got them through. Now sitting in 14th in the league, Rotherham are a spot behind where they sat when McG took them over. With that in mind, though, they've actually made up 2 points on the final playoff spot, sitting 10 back, and sit at the same distance from automatic promotion (18 back). Their next match is against the 18th place Blackpool who have managed just 1 point from their past 6 games. They then have an important match against Bournemouth, the team currently occupying that final playoff spot. Surely, the players will be up for both of these games as they try to prove their season is far from over. In financial news, the club has seen an incredible turn around. After coming in, the club was over 1 million in debt and their wage bill had ballooned to over 900k per game. With the meager ticket sales, Rotherham was sinking farther into debt, losing over 1 million per week. After slashing the number of players in half, with 2 more major exits rumored to be on the way, the Rotherham wage budget per game has been lowered to under 500k per game. The projected target is supposedly around 300k. The hope is that excess players can be offloaded while leaving the most talented and youngest players at the club with long contracts. Success for the club will of course generate more ticket sales, better television deals, and allow the wage bill to increase at a financially responsible pace. Finally, the transfers out have given the Millers the space to cut these wages without a wholesale rebuild. After starting in debt, the Millers supposedly are nearing 20 million in profit. Some of that will of course be set aside to counteract any major crunches, but it has been speculated that much of that money will be available to bring in young players on reasonable contracts and loaned players that have contracts paid for by their parent clubs.
  2. Season 34, Turn 24 Match Report Rotherham Yet to Find Their Footing Manager McG was not joking around when he said there would be changes. Rotherham played their first match under his tutelage, and while they lost the game 2-0, there were 6 player changes from the match before. When asked about his first game in charge: "I said it would take time, and I stand behind that statement. I'm looking for us to move up the table this year, but we had a tough match against a good team. That being mentioned, I was happy with the improvements i saw from a few players, and I think everyone is on notice that you earn your place in this team. No one is walking onto that pitch with out showing me they deserve to." In news off the pitch, there has been a lot of noise made about players becoming available. It seems that McG wants the team to get younger and tighten their financial belts. Whether that is coming from up top is unknown, but it seems he has taken to getting those goals done quickly. 17 players were given their walking papers in just the first day, cutting the weekly wage bill by over 100k. Three contracts have also been signed, inking some top players to 5 year deals, guaranteeing some security in the lineup. Finally, there are rumors that five top players are on their way out for transfer fees that would wipe out the Millers debt and lower the wage bill to be at least close to coming into balance with their income. These major deals seem to indicate that the owners see McG sticking around for multiple seasons. Whether that will happen can only be left up to speculation, but the moves being made at the moment will affect this club for years into the future.
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