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  1. Re: The Trenches Championship looks like this season could be the last . its got very stale but at least we leave as champions after giving Forfar a mauling . since day 1 in this setup my team has been miles ahead of every1 in terms or players . we can never be matched or even nearly matched so I have no purpose in the gameworld but will still hold on another week or 2 to get another title. ps let me know if there is any good setups out there needing a good manager cheers:D
  2. Re: The Trenches Championship I will be sticking around for another season
  3. Re: The Trenches Championship DI MARIA SIGNS FOR ARBROATH He's not good enough for the first team yet , and we needed other positions more , but when he is available it would have been a crime not to get him snapped up. our reserves look quite good now. Cuenca---Tiote---Kovacic---Chamberlain -------------Di Maria------------ ---- ----Neymar----A.Sanchez/Tello
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... di maria for javi martinez and llorente. ?? i have di maria
  5. Re: The Trenches Championship take neymar if u want hes a wing/fwd. i dont need him for cups i just want knocked out so i dont need 2 change my team lol
  6. Re: The Trenches Championship we have signed a few good players for awsum trade ins. charlie adam , I.Cuenca , Oxlade-Chamberlain. we have a decent reserve team now with the above 3 plus Neymar and A.Sanchez. i have Moledo and Bernard whom i can get 10 million trade in for but i cba buying for no reason i have knocked back rannochia ,amorbietta etc and decided just to wait until i see some1 i like.
  7. Re: The Trenches Championship havent managed to get on alot recently due to laptop packing it in and its too annoying to use fone. the wages and no income are tough but just sold nagatomo to balance the books. Debt means nothing at the mighty tho as we have so many assets.we might bring in a few new faces over the next few days. I cant wait to sell John Terry lol he puts a downer on a great team.
  8. Re: The Trenches Championship Arbroath dished out another mauling with ronaldo on 17 goals now. he will claim his player of the year and golden boot once again.he's ridiculously good. After a very poor start and taking some flak we have hit form and climbed to 2nd on GD. we can go top on sunday. the final positions are so unpredictable i think i could win it or even finish 5th lol. i have good teams to play tho . the bets have to be on stanley who will surely backhand 2 poor unmanaged teams but aslong as we win our 2 with same GD it doesnt matter. but they have it so much easier, and have done well with injury problems so far. Sanchez is still waiting for his debut we have been luck with no injuries to strikers or wingers the 4 positions he can play. Messi-Ronaldo-D.Silva and Ozil will always keep him out. thats why Neymar is at East Stirling. ( let me know if u want to renew tht bid Fury) He will never be sold so i might aswell loan him out.
  9. Re: The Trenches Championship maybe neymar will cheer up your lot on loan
  10. Re: The Trenches Championship SANCHEZ
  11. Re: The Trenches Championship ARBROATH ON SIGNING SPREE We have secured 4 notable players plus a few youngsters ie Kovacic. We have lost our starting GK and CM ,, krul and Ganso and have replaced them with Lindegaard and Cheik Tiote. not great but still decent , the best out there at that value apart from old wasters lol. having sold Lombaerts 2 get out of debt and enable these transfers we have signed John Terry to replace him and improve the team although I hate the guy but will get a good sell on cash or trade if need be. And Most notably we have re-signed a former player in Alexis Sanchez who i worried about getting back wen i used him to get Ozil but thankfully it was worked out great. I even spent 6 million over his value incase Berwick or sum1 bidded. but I wasnt caring he's a great wee player.I have a great little spot for him on the bench right next to Neymar who btw is a pain i keep rejecting trades for schweinsteiger , de rossi , etc to keep him here new starting team , average rating of 94 ----------------Lindegaard-------------- ---------Terry-----Pique----Pepe --------- Ozil--------Tiote-----Fabregas------D.Silva---- ------------------Rooney------------------ -------Messi---------------Ronaldo -------
  12. Re: The Trenches Championship lol thats him got top scorer in the bag already , he's always my main man . Messi does nothing for me for some weird reason , I've swapped him positions with Rooney for a change lets see how he does as a striker. results have been veery poor and unrealistic so far this season lets hope that mauling is a turning point. I was better with the horrible defence. got a few good risers from Brazil for future trades and gonna bring in a better gk and cb for krul and Lombaerts wen ther bans r up 2moro .would love more wingers and attackers but its pointless having more subbies,Neymar will do. i cannot improve any further unless i sign Xavi and Iniesta,which i doubt but mite try for Iniesta
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