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  1. Re: Busquests at 91? Surely a joke Sooooo since we are all living in a fantasy land here I shall throw up a hypothetical too. I see alot of comments saying, Mascherano is 94 and Busquets is keeping him out of the team, hence he shoud rise drastically. Lets say I agree with this view point for a minute: The CMs in the EPL team of the year this year consisted of Cesc and Fletcher. This would mean that Fletcher kept out Chelsea goal scoring CM Frank Lampard, also Liverpools captain and CM Stevie G, therefore Fletch must rise to 95 because he's obviously better than those two as there not in
  2. Re: The Birthday/Anniversary/Congratulations Thread excuse me if I mistype anything I seem to have a broken finger and its all taped up lol, you see it was my 22nd on sunday there and I've woke up with an out of shape blue finger and no recollection of how it happened, All I an say is it mustav been an awsome night haha!
  3. Re: Busquests at 91? Surely a joke Ahh Tom I wished I hadnt repped you earlier for the Tino Costa help because your last few posts deserve rep lol, you are absolutely correct about Busquets its all people jumping on the bandwagon "OMG did you see the new Barcelona DM, he must be amazing he is playing for Barca" thats how I felt alot of people who supposedly watch football have reacted to him. I'm not saying he is the worst player in the world but he is overrated because he plays with one of the best teams in the world. Saying this I might be being biased guys as Busquets absolutely disgusts
  4. Re: Lionel Messi Pride can be an unpredictable thing, how many people do you hear saying, yes he is the best player in the world but could he cut it in the prem, where every team can atleast defend as they are strong and not all like busquets, who is an embarresment to football lol, that guy spends more time on the deck faking injury than he does on his feet. So you never know little Lionel might want to test his skills against the big boys, I cant imagine he will leave any time soon or even anytime in the future, but for all we know he could break his leg tomorro and never be the same again
  5. Re: The Official Valencia C.F. Thread Hey guys, was wondering what the general concensus was on Tino Costa?? I've seen him play one game in la liga and was very impressed but thats all I have seen lol. Does he have the potential to rise?? Obviously its very early in the season and predicting a rise might be a tad ambitious but thought I wud ask Also what are everyones thoughts on Mehmet Topal?? is he a CB or DM?? does he have a chance of rising lol?? I have me chance to buy either but I'm not sure if either are starters or if Valencia have any injuries or anything, could anyone shed any l
  6. Re: A few cheap risers !!!!!! Yo bob av got a few cheap risers for you to add to your list, and if I wasnt leaving for work I would have a few more; There are two Vitesse youngsters who have both started the last 2 games, I dont know if they are too continue starting or if there are injuries at Vitesse but they are; Van Ginkel: He has started the 2 opening games and scored in the season opener. he is only 17! Davy Propper: He has also started both games and scored in the opening game! Propper is 18 They are both young and rated 75 and I imagine they will both recieve decent rises guys.
  7. Re: Anyone with a high rated team and a small stadium, please read...
  8. Re: building teams for grandsons neville, who had an illustrious career at old trafford and through injury and, well, age has kept him out the team. gago who is still at one of the top clubs in the world lol. and I know I would trade everything I have to have the career that saviola has had thus far!
  9. Re: Ultimate youngster list !!! agreed lol
  10. Re: 10k Risers (Goalkeepers only) dude he will definately rise, I would bet my right testicle on that! he has 3000 minutes last season an earned a move, I'm guessing he played well during the 3000 mins as he was being linked with liverpool near the end of the season and recieved croatia U-21 call-up. he may not be doing that well in Poland I would not know this, but the 3000 mins will alone get him at least 81, Husmani got an 82 with like 2300 minutes soo antolovic should see a rise
  11. Re: The Epitome Of Managerial Skills!!!! Match Report/Transfer News Thread And only 10 millionn lol! Messi himself cost nearly 5 times the amount of money I started with haha!
  12. Re: Best future world class full backs? oh ye my bad guys I did mean van der Wiel, got mixed up for a sec lol!
  13. Re: Essien or Xabi Alonso I already have alonso I was going to trade him for Essien, but I might just risk it and keep alonso as he has just won the world cup!!! I now wish I didnt sell Sergio Ramos to buy big Dougie Maicon, although having a 96 big Dougie is still good
  14. Re: The Epitome Of Managerial Skills!!!! Match Report/Transfer News Thread
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