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  1. So when is Scotland? Odsonne Edouard hasn't been reviewed in 15 months.
  2. No.. He made his debut in the CL away to PSG last season and played 90 mins against Cardiff. 4 apps in total last season.
  3. Why didn't Mason Greenwood get a rise in the PL review? Should get a belated one.
  4. Ah, misclick on transfermarkt. He played CB 5 times last season, 19 in total in his career. That's still enough for him to keep it, just look at some other players that have kept their positions for 2-3 season despite not playing that position at all. Like Jerome Boateng for example, hasn't played RB for at least the past 2 seasons and still has it. Same for Sergio Ramos, Varane (3 apps at RB his whole career), Chiellini (has played left in a back 3 but not LB). Alaba still has CB despite not playing there past 2 seasons at least. Sure there are more examples. Koulibaly had his RB removed which is fair but what about the other players?
  5. He played CB 19 times last season so no risk of losing it anytime soon. Pep would probably use him there at times if he was in charge. Maybe Xavi will in the future
  6. I think you should read what i wrote one more time. I never said he should get 91. I still maintain he's a 90 rated striker regardless of how he ended the season. Milan are only out of the Europa League after an agreement between Milan and UEFA re FFP reasons.
  7. Can't see Cancelo rising. Piatek only has 4 goals in 12 since they bumped him +1 in early March. From that perspective he doesn't even deserve a rise or a +1 at most. Looking at the season on a whole and how he's developed he clearly deserves a +2 to 90 and i think he should get that. He's clearly a 90 rated player already maybe 91. Look at some of the 91 rated strikers: Rashford, Belotti and Morata for example. I think he'll get 90 and then 91 in the winter even if he only does "ok".
  8. How exactly is it madness? He was the best goalkeeper in the Premier League and the Champions League.
  9. Starting for a Ligue 1 winning side (Bernat) doesn't get you a rise but finishing 7th in the PL will (Maguire).
  10. Why exactly didn't Bernat rise? Starter for PSG that won the title. 5th most minutes in the team (3000+ mins). Makes no sense.
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