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  1. To any SM Wiki reviewers reading on here. You missed reviewing Tommaso Pobega and Halil Dervisoglu. Thanks.
  2. Alexis Mac Allister with only +2 to 85. That is a joke.
  3. Ronaldinho should have won it the year Cannavaro got it.
  4. What are they smoking over there at soccerwiki headquarters? Sensi has played less than Gagliardini so far but he gets a +2 and Gagliardini -1. Granted, he's done well but cmon.. Makes no sense. De Ligt has played a lot but he's overall been poor, never deserved +1. Ronaldo drops when he's scored plenty. How isn't Strakosha 90? The incompetence is unreal.
  5. For me right now the order would be: 1. Valverde 2. Foden 3. Aleña Valverde is already playing a lot for Real. Foden very talented of course but who knows what will happen to him, barely playing. With Aleña there are rumors he's going to Betis (dunno if loan or permanent, probably loan).
  6. They aren't done with Sassuolo. Boga's +2 came in the summer. He should get another rise tomorrow. Sensi is at Inter and might get 89 despite injury, cause hype. Frattesi rose and he's out on loan just like Scamacca so the latter should get a rise as well (Scamacca the italian Zlatan check him out hehe). Just a few things, haven't looked especially closely. I'm sure they aren't done with some of those bottom/mid table sides as well.
  7. Yes, it looks better than France review. Not exactly hard, though. That review was some major bull****. I'm just a tiny bit disappointed with Ghiglione's rise. He has the same amount of assists this season as Robertson (5). For fullbacks only Trent has more with 6 in the top 5 leagues (Grimaldo also has 6 in the portuguese league). If you look at the ratings of Genoa's soccerwiki first team they are 85-88. Should he have had 85? probably. 84? definitely. 83 that he got? Harsh. Genoa are in the relegation zone so i get that that might be why, it's just a little harsh.
  8. Yeah, imagine a newly promoted side struggling a little. Still sitting in 3rd.
  9. I hope someone else is doing the next review. The person/people in charge of Ligue 1 review are clueless. Shameless.
  10. Angers would have been around 3rd-5th when they did the review and they give Pereira Lage +1. What a joke.
  11. They didn't even add any new players from Ligue 1 today. Heck, they've barely added any at all so far. Ridiculous.
  12. See. I told y'all yesterday. You know, we wait for 6 months to over 15 months (latest Scotland review for example) following our players progress closely and get excited when we expect them to rise big. You would think that they would be on the generous side with the rises, heck, even the fair side after having us wait so long. Nah, they serve up a halfarsed review on the harsh side with their ratings. We're all used to it but being used to it doesn't make it right. Shame on you, soccerwiki and sm.
  13. Sounds almost as bad as Badiashile's rise. Whoever is in charge of the Ligue 1 review needs to get sacked.
  14. Boubacar Kamara, Marseille, correct? If he doesn't get a rise i will eat a hotdog with mustard on it and that's just wrong. Ketchup all the way, baby. Mate, they haven't even reviewed Reims yet.
  15. They are nowhere near done with Ligue 1, relax. My guess is they made the changes 2 or so games ago and are rolling them out now according to this current league table that has obviously changed. Had they waited those 2 matches i'm sure the changes would have looked slightly different. Why the *censured lol* didn't they just review the second divisions before the top 5 like usual? I know, its because they are *censured lole* incompetent and were behind schedule, cause lazy, so just casually skipped it because it wasn't deemed important enough. Hey, soccerwiki: How about you stop adding pointless players from pointless leagues that noone will ever buy and focus on the leagues we are buying players from? Also, there is no need taking 2 weeks to roll out changes from one league so that you skip leagues we have waited over a *bleeeeeeeeep* year for to be reviewed. Thanks.
  16. They haven't done Reims, Angers, Montpellier and i'm sure there are more teams. I'm sure they will do them but looking at how they're skipping all over the place.. When exactly did they review Ligue 1? Feels like they made all the changes a couple of matches ago when the league table looked differently.
  17. Well, we're currently at Ligue 1 and looks like it's Serie A next. Then you have PL, Bundesliga and La Liga in no particular order. They inexplicably skipped the second divisions of the top 5 (except England) so hopefully they will be after top 5. Then you have Argentina, Holland and Portugal in no particular order. Just a prediction judging by how they've done it before. It will be some time. Ramsey for sure.
  18. What is that Badiashile review btw? Should've been at least +3 for bleeps sake.
  19. Looks like it. I have 22 players from those second divisions 😪
  20. Of course they are going to skip the second divisions of the top 5 (except Championship which is later). Should have been reviewed before top 5. Hope they do it like with China and review both top and second division at the same time.
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