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  1. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread

    If they can't see it there blind or simply don't care take your guess.

    And yes it does seem the idea is to buy from unmanaged and external' date='if your the kinda manager who likes a deal then your probably going to be disappointed especially at the start of new gc's.[/quote']

    Another two deals reversed, lol

    Seriously only a couple deals left now and I will have my original squad.

    I am now also £22m in debt within a week, lol

  2. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread

    I'm afraid the SMFA system is a load of......

    I haven't joined a new gc in ages but this issue with deals being reversed and then being banned from future deals was becoming a problem back then and from what I've seen it still goes on.Basically a lot of deals in the 1st week or so tend to be reversed regardless of whether there legal or not and there's never an explanation.

    I took Juve in gc311 yesterday and have arranged 3 deals and I'd bet they all get reversed within a week.

    Surely they can see this is a problem then!!!

    It is ridiculous banning honest managers from deals and then do nothing about the cheats.

    So the idea of the game now is to buy from unmanaged and external and forget about deals with other managers?

  3. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread

    I wish SM would sort out GC 308.

    Countless deals reversed in the first week.

    This is the response I had after sending a ticket.

    We have looked at Gold Game World 308 and discovered actions regarding SM credits and other actions that broke the terms and conditions by Managers and have taken action which includes reversing a high number of transfers.

    However, this does not mean that the SMFA have accused you of cheating,

    This matter is now concluded and any other tickets regarding this matter will not be answered.

    So why were the cheats not REMOVED!!!!

    Also they reverse my deals:

    Musa plus 4m for Montolivio

    Fernandes for Kevin PB

    Leno for £26m

    Bojan plus £4m for Abate

    Florenzi plus £4m for De Jong

    Pazzini sold for £24m

    I am now blocked from doing deals with Bayer Leverkusen, CSKA and Arsenal (I never even had a deal with Arsenal).

    I am not a cheat and as far as I am aware neither are the managers I have dealt with.

    There were over 20 deals reversed in two days!!!!

    SM say they looked into it but have done nothing.

    What are the terms and conditions for buying players?????

    Chairman sets a value and we work around that, yes?

    We are ALLOWED three deals a season, so why is it suspicious when we make three deals?

    A week of transfers turned around in two days, and now I can't even deal with some managers.

    I have also been told by other managers that we can't even be in the same set-up???

    Am I missing something or is the SMFA a load of .............

    Any help will be greatly appreciated, please can someone get SM to look properly into GC 308.

  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    carvajal and jorgensen for me
    I'd take Carvajal alone over Jantschke' date=' So left side for me.[/quote']
    same for me.

    carvajal will be a Real Madrid's player next season.

    and jorgensen is a young talent too.

    die left side. :)
    Carvajal is better then Jantschke alone ' date=' Jorgensen is a bonus[/quote']

    Thank you all for your advice, all repped :)

  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    CRAZY BIDS: This is a deal between me and Barca Manager. :confused:

    Messi + Kirchkoff + Gundogan + Zieler + Busquets+ Moura + Fuchs


    Ronaldo + Goretzka + Hummels + Kovacic + Unnerstall + Eriksen+ Jordi Alba

    please help me ASAP' date=' and explian[/quote']

    Simple decision always go with Messi ;)

  6. Re: SM Credits used in Transfers of Players?!?

    Report the manager mate. It's very wrong to do such deals.

    I have seen this happening across the game worlds, how do you report a manager nowadays. It has been a long time since I had.

    I stopped reporting people because nothing was ever done in the past has it changed now???

  7. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000

    Hi all,

    I am trying to get back into the swing of things here.

    It is very nice to see the GW still going strong and I would like to thank you all for making this a great set up to be in.

    One more thing, this season Bayern will win the division :P:p:p

  8. Hi,

    I have not been on the Forum for a long time and have been coasting by my few teams this last year.

    I am slowly getting back into the swing of things and have noticed a lot of changes.

    One in particular is the SM Credits.

    I have seen and been offered credits in exchange for players and although it feels very wrong to do this what is the EXACT RULING on this matter???

    I am not interested in the credits as I have plenty to get me by I am just curious to know what is the protocol in such cases, do you report people or is it fast becoming part of the game.

    Let me know what you guys think and also if your honest enough let me know if you have accepted credits in the past for players.

    Thanks in advance :)

  9. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000

    Easy win against overhyped germans' date=' Matri scored 2, and Vucinic 1.[/quote']

    Ermmm... Easy win??? :P:p:p

    Juventus 3 - 2 Bayern


    52% 48%

    Total Shots

    5 18

    Shots On Target

    3 6


    8 7

    Yellow Cards

    1 1

    Red Cards

    0 0

    Even had my 4-5-1 defensive against your 3-5-2, usually that would win, really not sure what happened tonight???

    Then again I did not win in ANY of my 6 games tonight, lol. Always seems that way on SM, all or nothing :)

  10. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000

    Division 1 Previews

    Turn 9

    Napoli - Lyon

    7th against 9th. Napoli are on a 3 rum losing streak while their opponents Lyon have won their last two games. Away win is on the cards.

    Key Man: Gomis

    Predicted Score: 2 - 4

    Roma - Valencia

    5th against 2nd. Roma have only lost 1 game this season but they have not won in 3 games. Valencia sitting in 2nd won last time out following 2 previous defeats.

    Key Man: Young

    Predicted Score: 2 - 2

    Sporting CP - Paris Saint-Germain

    11th against 4th. Sporting are slowly slipping down the table winning 1 and losing 3 of their last 4 games. PSG in 4th place have not lost in their last 3 games.

    Key Man: Nene

    Predicted Score: 1 - 3

    Lille OSC - Athletic Club

    12th against 1st. Lille have only picked up 6 points in their first 8 games, 4 of those points from the last 3 games. Athletic Club sit proudly in 1st place with 4 wins in their last 4 games.

    Key Man: Muniain

    Predicted Score: 0 - 3

    Schalke - Lazio

    6th against 14th. Schalke are going well with only 1 lose in their last 6 games whilst their opponents Lazio hace only managed to get 2 points from their 8 games. Home Win

    Key Man: Doumbia

    Predicted Score: 3 - 1

    Atlético Madrid - Monchengladbach

    10th against 13th. Atletico Madrid have only 1 point from their last 3 games. BMG have managed 6 points in their last 3 games and will be looking to add another 3 today.

    Key Man: Aimar

    Predicted Score: 1 - 2

    FC Porto - Galatasaray SK

    8th against 3rd. Porto have won their last 2 games as they look to progress up the table. Galatasaray lost their first game of the season last time out and also conceded their first goal of the campaign. Will the away team start to leak goals now?

    Key Man: A. Sandro

    Predicted Score: 3 - 1

    Division 2 Previews

    Turn 9

    Chelsea - Arsenal

    6th Against 14th. Chelsea have lost their last two league games but they are up against a team yet to win a single game. Arsenal sit rock bottom of the league and will again be disappointed with the result.

    Key Man: Sneijder

    Predicted Score: 4 - 1

    Milan - Barcelona

    7th against 3rd. Milan have won 4 and lost 4 so far scoring 19 and conceding 19. Barcelona are on a 5 game unbeaten run winning 4 of them. A close game but the away team have the momentum.

    Key Man: Messi

    Predicted Score: 2 - 3

    Manchester City - Internazionale

    1st against 4th. Man City are flying in the league and after 8 games are 5 points clear and unbeaten. Inter are doing well but lost their last game and will be hoping to cause an upset at the top of the table.

    Key Man: Tevez

    Predicted Score: 3 - 2

    Real Madrid - Ajax

    5th against 12th. Real Madrid have lost 2 of their last 5 games but will be hopeful in beaten Ajax at their own ground. Ajax are slowly dwindling down the table with only 1 win and 1 draw in their last 6 games.

    Key Man: Ronaldo

    Predicted Score: 2 - 1

    Juventus - B. MUNICH

    8th against 2nd. Juventus are on a 5 game unbeaten run with 3 wins and 2 draws. Bayern have won 5 of their last 6 games and will be hoping to get the 3 points and put pressure on Man City at the top of the table.

    Key Man: Robben

    Predicted Score: 1 - 3

    Tottenham Hotspur - Liverpool

    9th against 11th. Tottenham ended their 3 game losing streak with a fine win last time out. Liverpool just can't seem to get it right at the moment with only 1 point from their last 5 games.

    Key Man: Ba

    Predicted Score: 3 - 0

    Dortmund - Manchester United

    13th against 10th. Dortmund have only managed 5 points from their last 8 games and have still not been able to find a win. Man Utd have started to get their act together and have won their last 2 games.

    Key Man: Rooney

    Predicted Score: 1 - 3


  11. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000

    Must be the best forward line in this gameworld at the moment

    AGÜERO' date=' Sergio (Goals: 5, Assists: 5)

    TEVEZ, Carlos (Goals: 6, Assists: 4)

    SILVA, David (Goals: 4, Assists: 3)

    Tough game against Inter on Sunday, we will have to be at our best though, as I feel this could be a point dropper for us[/quote']

    I hope so, lol

    You are doing a great job there :)

    I hope Bayern can catch up on some points this sunday :)

  12. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000


    Bayern 2 - 0 Real Madrid


    Robben Celebrates The Opening Goal.

    Bayern secured a great 2 - 0 victory over Real Madrid in Germany. The home team took the lead after 23 minutes when a fantastic cross from Mario Gomez was headed in by Robben. 1 - 0. Bayern started to control the game with the early lead and just eleven minutes later Ribery popped up with an amazing overhead kick to make it 2 - 0 before half-time.


    MOM Ribery Celebrating Bayern's Second Goal.

    The second half Real Madrid came out fighting but the Bayern midfield were able to contain and eliminate any attacks from the likes of Ronaldo, Kaka and Ozil. Bayern controlled 60% of the game and were able to play the game they wanted to play. The away team became more and more frustrated as the minutes ticked away but Bayern were strong enough to hold onto their 2 - 0 lead and win the game.


    Bayern Fans Celebrate Great Win.

    Camila said these words after the game:

    What a great performance from the lads, a fantastic result and two great looking goals from Robben and Ribery. I knew this would be a very tough game and I am so proud of how the players reacted to the big game.

    We now move up to 2nd in the table and I could not be more pleased, our next target is to grab top spot off Man City but they are playing very well and will certainly be a challenge.

    Next up we face Juventus in Italy and I believe we will be able to get the three points as long as we played how we did tonight.


  13. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000

    Division 1 and 2 Previews are now done post 1383

    Enjoy and good luck for the games.

    I know some managers can't field their strongest 11 after the cup games, and some of the Key men might not play.

    (if you play them they might be your key men;))

  14. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000

    Division 1 Previews

    Turn 8

    Galatasaray SK - Lyon

    1st against 11th. Galatasaray remain unbeaten after 7 games and even more amazing they are yet to concede in the league! Lyon on the otherhand are finding the league very tough and find themselves one place above relegation.

    Key Man: Agbonlahor

    Predicted Score: 2 - 0

    Valencia - Napoli

    3rd against 6th. Valencia have lost their last two games and will need to put those behind them if they want to regain top spot. Napoli have also lost their last two games but a win could see them in the top 3.

    Key Man: Hernandez

    Predicted Score: 1 - 1

    Paris Saint-Germain - Roma

    4th against 5th. PSG have won their last two games and will be looking to continue in this fashion and break into the top 3. Roma lost their first game of the season last time out and will be looking to make amends.

    Key Man: Totti

    Predicted Score: 2 - 2

    Athletic Club - Sporting CP

    2nd against 9th. The home team have not lost in their last six games and are flying high in second place. Sporting have had a very mixed season with 2 wins, 2 defeats and 3 draws. A hard game to call but the home team will just do enough to get all three points.

    Key Man: Muniain

    Predicted Score: 2 - 1

    Lazio - Lille OSC

    14th against 13th. Lazio find themselves rock bottom of the league, fortunately they are home against a team who have only won one game in seven. This should be the game where Lazio get their first three points.

    Key Man: Howard

    Predicted Score: 2 - 1

    Monchengladbach - Schalke

    12th against 8th. BMG have won their last two games after losing their first five and will be hoping to keep up the momentum. Schalke are having a very mixed start and find themselves languishing in mid-table.

    Key Man: Arango

    Predicted Score: 2 - 1

    FC Porto - Atlético Madrid

    10th against 7th. Porto have won two of their last three games as they look to get some form together to push up the table. Atletico Madrid started the season well but seem to be losing pace off the teams around them and will need to be at their best to take anything away from Porto.

    Key Man: Diego

    Predicted Score: 2 - 3


    Division 2 Previews

    Turn 8

    Manchester United - Arsenal

    12th against 14th. Man Utd won their first game of the season last time out with an emphatic 4 - 0 away win over Tottenham. Arsenal moved to bottom place after their latest defeat and are still yet to register a win this season.

    Key Man: Lampard

    Predicted Score: 3 - 1

    Barcelona - Chelsea

    6th against 4th. Barcelona are starting to find their form and are unbeaten in their last four games winning three of them. Chelsea lost their last game 4 - 2 at home to Inter and will again struggle even further away to the Spanish giants.

    Key Man: Messi

    Predicted Score: 3 - 1

    Internazionale - Milan

    2nd against 8th. The great Milan derby. Inter are firing on all cylinders and have only lost one game all season. Milan find themselves in mid-table having lost four of their last six games.

    Key Man: Cambiasso

    Predicted Score: 4 - 2

    Ajax - Manchester City

    10th against 1st. Ajax are proving a very hard team to beat and will need to be at their very best as they take on high flying Man City. The away team are the last unbeaten team in Division 2 and will be looking to keep hold of that record a little while longer.

    Key Man: Tevez

    Predicted Score: 1 - 2

    B. MUNICH - Real Madrid

    5th against 3rd. Bayern lost their last game out to first place City and will be looking to put things right as they take on Spanish giants Real Madrid and get their promotion push back on track. The away team have not lost in four games and will be hoping to take at least a point away from Germany.

    Key Man: Gomez

    Predicted Score: 2 - 1

    Liverpool - Juventus

    11th against 7th. Liverpool have lost their last four games and are really struggling to get anything from their games. Juventus however are unbeaten in four and have won three of them. An away victory today will see Juventus get into the play-off places.

    Key Man: Matri

    Predicted Score: 0 - 2

    Dortmund - Tottenham Hotspur

    13th against 9th. Dortmund are just hovering over last position as their season is yet to kick off. Along with Arsenal, Dortmund are yet to win a game in Division two. Tottenham were taught a lesson last time out as Man Utd hammered them at White Hart Lane 4 - 0. Tottenham have now lost their last three games and will be happy with a point in Germany.

    Key Man: Kagawa

    Predicted Score: 2 - 2


  15. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000


    The secret to my first win? Play the B-team ;)

    Ah' date=' now if only this was in the league...............[/size']

    Well done and congratulations on your first win :)

    My 'B' team only comes in at a average rating of 84 so was not expecting much to be honest.

  16. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread

    Thanks to Mike for the sale of Downing :)

    Unfortunately Everton slipped to a 2-1 defeat Saturday evening and we remain 6 points from safety with just 3 to play. Not looking good.

    Shame to see that Coentrao and Alexis Sanchez were sold from these....in 2 deals that I don't like the look of myself but who am I to judge :)

    It is a shame those deals went through.

    Many of us reported it but as the Benfica manager is a cheat of course he got away with it.

    Good luck and welcome back :)

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