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  1. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread I see a 40 rated manger has sold his best player for cash straight after taken control of the club. The deal was Alexis Sanchez for £40m, lol How do we report the deal? This WC 10000 is really dying on its feet now with so many clubs unmanaged and managers having multiple accounts and ruining teams just to leave them. I really wanted to stick it out after managing Inter for 207 games but is there really any point now it is just turning into a 'normal' WC. A real shame
  2. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 Hopefully he will score you a winning goal ;)
  3. Re: ★The High Rollers League - An EC★ Very nice away result especially as my team average rating is 83 compared to there 86 Ter Stegen had a great game
  4. Re: ★The High Rollers League - An EC★ Managed to sign 4 out of 17 in the end, lol Very happy with the 4 though I have ended up with both Leno and Ter Stegen!!!! Could not pull out of 1 without the risk of losing the other 1 so here we are Have to go back out again on the Transfer Market and start again.
  5. Re: ★The High Rollers League - An EC★ They also have a bid in for Neuer, lol Really what will they do with Ter Stegen??? C'mon Liverpool help out the smaller teams
  6. Re: A Tribute To WC 10000- Leader boards Great idea, like it very much
  7. Re: ★The High Rollers League - An EC★ Brighton might have signed a few decent players (hopefully) I have 17 bids in, hope to get around 3 or 4 of them I am really hoping Liverpool pull out of their bid for Ter Stegen. Surely they can see I need him a lot more, lol
  8. tecalee

    The Quiz thread.

    Re: The Quiz thread. Kuyt last year did I think
  9. Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * Good old Mcleish, Score a goal then hide. He's done it again, surely this has gone beyond a joke, this is just cruel.... Get him out now..............:mad:
  10. Re: ★The High Rollers League - An EC★ Can you recall your loaned out players?
  11. Re: ★The High Rollers League - An EC★ Lol, I do mind He would defiantly be a first team player for Brighton There is a lot of competition on every player I bid for, it does not look good transfer wise. I'd be very happy if I get anyone!!!
  12. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 Loving your signature
  13. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 You mean you will draw 0 - 0 or 1 - 1, lol
  14. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 Nice report Elohim And keep on drawing Sorry Narin, I could give you a predicted win in your next game but I do not want to jinx your run You have had some great results
  15. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 Ahhh, that helps It would of helped to put that in his post here, lol Is Nani worth it? ermmmmmm may put a little bid in later
  16. Re: ★The High Rollers League - An EC★ Brighton and Hove Albion appoint Camila as Manager Camila De al Meida Brum takes control of Brighton and Hove Albion. This season your Chairman expects you to gain promotion. Brighton and Hove Albion were founded in 1901 and play their home games at AMEX Stadium in Brighton and Hove. The club is also known as The Seagulls. They have a rivalry with Crystal Palace. The whole team needs to be changed and we will be looking to Europe and South America for young talents to aid in our search for promotion.
  17. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 Barcelona 1 - 3 Bayern Bayern have managed to get their first win of the season with a magnificent 3 - 1 away win against Barcelona. The away team played Barcelona off the pitch with 61% possession something that Barcelona are more used to. The home team could not get hold of the ball for long periods off the game and with some clinical finishing from Bayern the German team were able to walk away with a very valuable three points. The goals for Bayern came from Muller, Schweinsteiger and Gomez whilst Puyol managed to grab a consolation goal for the Spanish giants. Muller opens the scoring for Bayern Camila had this to say after the game: Gomez, Schweinsteiger, Gustavo, Muller and Kroos celebrating Bayern's third goal. .
  18. Re: **New English Championship - 5 divisions - forumers only** Ah the great Lionel Heskey, good shout It seems I will be getting Brighton and Hove Albion. Not a bad team, not a great team, but at least I will have around 31 players to deal with
  19. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 I hope you all like the predictions and that I haven't offended too many managers, lol Good luck to all today
  20. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 Division 2 Previews Turn 3 Internazionale - Ajax Inter suffered a home defeat in their last game to Liverpool and will be looking today to bounce back and get a result against Ajax. The away team are on grerat form after their first two games with a draw against Man Utd ad a win against Bayern. This is again a very tough game for Ajax and they may just grab another win. Key Man: Krul Predicted Score: 1 - 2 Barcelona - B. MUNICH Both team are falling below expectations and they will both be hoping for quick turnarounds. Barcelona have two 1 - 1 draws behind them and are struggling to find the winning goal, whereas Bayern are rooted to the bottom of the table with two losses. The away team need to start getting some points on the board. This will be another draw for Barcelona and their first point for Bayern. Key Man: Neuer Predicted Score: 1 - 1 Arsenal - Liverpool An all English tie sees Arsenal take on Liverpool, with the home team taking two points from their first two games and Liverpool grabbing a deserved win away to Inter in their last game this has the making of a great thrilling game. Expect plenty of goals with the away team winning once again. Key Man: Gerrard Predicted Score: 2 - 3 Chelsea - Dortmund Chelsea have won one and lost one whilst Dortmund have drawn their last two games. Chelsea will be looking to take full advantage of playing at home and will look to put a few goals in the net just as they did to Juventus in their last game. Dortmund will be hoping to get a result here today and possibly get their first win of the season under their belt. A very tough game but home advantage will play its part. Key Man: Pato Predicted Score: 2 - 1 Milan - Tottenham Milan have been very much in the goals in their last two games scoring 6 and conceding 7, they have managed 1 win but also suffered defeat in their last game. Tottenham are in 2nd place in the league after 1 win and 1 draw. This will be a tough game for the away team and they will be plenty of goals. Key Man: Thiago Silva Predicted Score: 3 - 2 Manchester City - Juventus Man City have been on top form and after two straight wins find themselves already two points clear in the league. Juventus on the other-hand find themselves with two losses languising just one place off the bottom. Man City will once again be in the goals and should record an easy home victory. Key Man: Aguero Predicted Score: 3 - 1 Real Madrid - Manchester United Real Madrid had a fine game last time out with a 4 - 2 away victory against Milan and will be looking to continue in this fashion against Man Utd. The away team have not had the best of starts after only picking up 1 point from two games. This really is a game that could go either way. Key Man: Ronaldo Predicted Score: 3 - 3 .
  21. Re: A Tribute to WC 10000 Division 1 Previews Turn 3 Paris Saint-Germain - Athletic Club PSg are in great form with two wins out of two and will be looking to add a third today as they face a tough Athletic Club side. The away team have managed one win and one draw and will face an uphill battle as they look to try and get some kind of result in Paris. Key Man: Nene Predicted Score: 2 - 0 Valencia - Lazio High flying Valencia who hold a 100% record so far face a Lazio team who have two losses from their opening two games. There can only be one result today as the home team will look to pour more misery onto the Lazio manager and fans. Key Man: Hernandez Predicted Score: 3 - 0 Lyon - Monchengladbach Both teams find themselves in the relegation zone, with the home team managing to pick up a point whilst BMG are rooted to the bottom with no points. There will not be many goals today and both teams will cancel each other out. This has a draw written all over it. Key Man: Lloris Predicted Score: 0 - 0 Napoli - FC Porto Napoli beat a strong Schalke team in their last game and will be full of confidence as they take on Porto. The away team had a terrible game last time out after losing 3 - 1 away to Valencia. Porto will again struggle today with the home running away with the victory. Key Man: Cavani Predicted Score: 2 - 0 Roma - Atlético Madrid Both teams remain unbeaten with Roma managing two draws and Atletico Madrid winning both their games. Roma will need all their experience today to try to get something from this game as the away team have scored 5 and conceded 0 goals after their first two games. A very tough game to call but the away team will just get ahead. Key Man: Turan Predicted Score: 1 - 2 Sporting CP - Schalke After two games Sporting have 2 points with two goalless games, the away team have only managed 1 draw and lost their last game away to Napoli. With the home team not be able to score and also having a very tight defence could they be heading for their third 0 - 0 in a row? Key Man: Patricio Predicted Score: 0 - 0 Lille OSC - Galatasaray SK Lille are another team that have managed to get 2 points whilst not scoring and not conceding. Galatasaray however can score and have 5 goals from their first 2 games and they also have not conceded. Galatasaray will find the net today and the home team will struggle in the final third. Away win. Key Man: Ramirez Predicted Score: 0 - 1 .
  22. Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers * Well well well We manage to hold onto the point As expected though we did nothing in the second half and were very very lucky to get a point. Mcleish just has to go, it would be disastrous if he was to remain in charge for another game!!!
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