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  1. Re: Andres Iniesta: 96 at last? hes a great player he deserves the 96
  2. Re: Iker Casillas up to 97?? Julio cesar is doing great has helped inter soo much, so do cech he has saved chelsea from many crapy games just like JC with inter
  3. Re: Iker Casillas up to 97?? Buffon is a great keeper, but Casillas has proved himself as the best in the world, buffon as 2nd and Cech 3rd
  4. The best keeper in the world should be the best keeper in the game
  5. Re: Zlatan to 97???? guys im making a new thread about Casillas. I want to hear ur opinions
  6. Re: Zlatan to 97???? what i say a player with his abilities of shooting, passing, he is capable of make impressive goal just like gerrard and messi
  7. for me Zlatan deserves 97 he is one of the best players of the world right now
  8. Re: Pato ..... i think he deserves 92, he is a very good young player
  9. Re: Frank Lampard i think lampard and gerrard are the the best couple of midfielders in england, lamprad could be 96/97 gerrard deserve his 97
  10. Lampard sould be increased to 96 or 97 his one of the top players of the barclays premier league
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