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  1. I play him on the right of a 433. Just need someone who’ll be a regular goalscorer but I understand that he’s one of the best players in europe atm pending what happens at Arsenal next season. In 15 apps he’s got 2 goals and 4 assists. Even el sharaawy has 8 goals and 2 assists in the same apps.
  2. I’ve got Nicolas Pepe and he doesn’t seem to fitting well into my team (not scoring enough) and thinking of a straight swap for Gnabry or Werner. Any thoughts on that? All players are similar aged and same rating, but who has the best chance to get a rise sooner?
  3. That’s what I thought too, also they’re not that far age-wise and doesn’t seem likely that Mahrez will break the 91 barrier so it seems like a good deal. Because I’m the Man City manager, and don’t need any more attacking players what’s your thought of maybe asking for Militao + maybe someone like Brahim Diaz?
  4. Anyone think a straight swap of Mahrez for Bale is a good one? I know Bale is highly rated and will probably only go down from here, but just wondering if Mahrez has reached his peak yet?
  5. He played 433A which was a surprise as he had been playing 4231 all along so I set up my team to beat the 4231 formation. I’m also playing a team tonight that hasn’t lost all season (15 games) and the predicted pattern is that he’ll play 442B so I’ll set up the exact same way (451B) with all the instructions and hope for the best. Hope it helps you overcome these stronger opponents that tend to win
  6. Recently played a superior team (Ronaldo, Mbappe, Kane, Eriksen, Ramos, Chiellini, Sule,) that was playing 4-3-3 even though he had been playing 4-2-3-1 all season and I played 4-5-1 B with a much weaker team than his (average 89/90). Instructions were Defensive, hard tackling style, fast tempo and pressing all over. Also use the counter-attack, tight marking and use target man instructions. In the end I won 1-0, before that he hadn’t lost in 11 games and won he 9 in a row! Hope it helps!
  7. Glad Piatek got +2 as I was hoping for. He’s carried Milan and Poland through some tough times lately
  8. Does anyone think that Cancelo could get a rise? Great breakthrough season at Juve and possible transfer to Man City? Also will Piatek get a rise tomorrow? If so, would a +2 be too optimistic? Thanks!
  9. Will Piatek get a rise since AC Milan was reviewed today?
  10. Not sure if this is the correct place to ask but it has the most traffic so here goes. If a player is on loan to a club and that club signs him permanently what happens to the player on SM? Is he a free agent at the end of the season or just automatically becomes a squad player at the club? Thanks
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