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  1. Re: Creme "your shout" as if the shame of gettin gubbed 2-0 by the tims wasnt bad enuff Piefans yella subs hav just handed me my 4th strait defeat and im starin into the abyss,the white hankies were in full effect but theres still time to turn it around,div2 doesnt bear thinkin bout wiv all the losers mis managin in there:cool:
  2. Re: CRL Blackjack Cheers goon for the match reports,much appreciated Tis still a great wee setup if everyone sticks by the rules,if anyone ever plays over 21 against ya pm them and warn them and write it in the newspaper and we'll all shame them Had to sell wellington as well ffs,22 golden oldie over and out,best of luck
  3. Re: The One We're back:cool:
  4. Re: SM Predict - Season 4 - Week 11 Saturday 8th November: Arsenal 1-2 Manchester United Curzon Ashton 0-2 Exeter City (ESB) Celtic 3-1 Motherwell Hamburg 2-1 Borussia Dortmund Sunday 9th November: Fulham 1-1 Newcastle Havant and Waterlooville 0-1 Brentford Inter 2-1 Udinese Racing Santander 2-0 Sporting Gijon __________________
  5. Re: SM Predict - Season 4 - Week 11 Workin late Tom,sumone else can do it for me please
  6. Re: XxArsenalxX xSigsx xRequestx xThreadx so is wenger
  7. Re: XxArsenalxX xSigsx xRequestx xThreadx Mate cud ya make me a 4-2 up and ya screwed it up please?
  8. Re: Arsenal Gossip The message you have entered is too short. Please lengthen your message to at least 10 characters.
  9. Re: SM Predict - Season 4 - Week 10 Saturday 1st November Tottenham 2-1 Liverpool(bentley from the halfway line wiv the winner) Ajax Cape Town 0 - 2 Supersport United (ESB) Middlesbrough 1-1 West Ham Dinamo Bucuresti 1 - 1 Steaua Bucuresti Sunday 2nd November Inter Zapresic 0 - 2Dinamo Zagreb Udinese 2 - 1 Genoa Recreativo Huelva 0 -0 Getafe Derby County 2 - 1 Nottingham Forest
  10. cally

    Favourite Comedian

    Re: Favourite Comedian Gordon Strachan
  11. Re: FIFA rules on playing for 2 countries? If your born in Norn Iron you can choose to play for the Republic thru sumthin called dual nationality even tho Northern Ireland is part of the UK but if your born in the Republic ya cant play for Norn Iron because your Irish:confused: A oneway loophole which is readily exploited by the Republic,most recently by Darron Gibsons decision to declare himself Irish even tho he was born in Londonderry in Northern Ireland
  12. Re: SM Predict - Season 4 - Week 9 Saturday 25th October Everton 0-2 Manchester United Bayern Munich 3-1 VFL Wolfsburg FC Porto 3-0 Leixoes Celtic 2-1 Hibernian Sunday 26th October Chelsea 1-0 Liverpool Villarreal 1-0 Atletico Madrid Lazio 2-1 Napoli (ESB) Marseille 1-1 PSG I just noticed i didnt get any points on the league table between week 4 and week 5 even tho i posted all my scores,i cudnt hav got them all wrong surely
  13. Re: Battle of the tribes setup Have neva heard of either of them,especially the latest goon wonderkid to roll of the unsuccessful production line that is Arsenal reserves,all hype and no substance,sound like the tottenham first team but at least theyve won a trophy in the last few years:rolleyes: Ur gonna hav to do better than this georgie to wrestle my crown away or u just happy to stay up:cool:
  14. Re: Battle of the tribes setup oops ive dun it again:D Linfield back to back kings of the tribes after a good 4-1 win over the drogs managed by their prodigal son Wolfie As always ill not be restin on my laurels and will be lookin to strengthen an already strong squad this summer as we go for a unpreedented 3 in a row
  15. Re: CRL Blackjack Milan hav sacked 5 managers now due to fieldin ineligible players but the rest of us are doin well to keepi to the rules,the current milan boss played a full strength team again last turn so hes one more chance then he'll be out Nacho Novo took over the mess at Ibrox so hopefully he'll sort them out and that will just leave villareal as the only unmanaged team Gaby Agbonlahors short career at the lane came to an end this week wen he turned 22 so id like to wish him all the best wherever hes gonna end up
  16. Re: Creme "your shout" My oh my the top flights gonna be a sensation next year wiv Shels cummin up as champions and Boots heavyweight mancs along wiv Paul gettin his first promotion and the Munt restorin the reds to their former selves Well dun to all the new boys on achievin their holy grail but yas will soon find out its even harder stayin up as many hav found b4 yas Congrats to Lee and Kylan on maintainin their elite status as we say laters to tommy g and georgeous who both suffered the dreaded drop Inter won their first title for a few seasons to prove theyre a real force while Chelsea and Barca will be hopin the famine is over and they can once again bring home the title Keep her lit lads
  17. Re: Sm Conference Like Allan sez us norn iron folk will go anywhere if theres a drink innit and this isnt a dig at joe spike but seriously wateva suits the majority we can fly into any airport,we're not fussy wat part of the country we drink in,if the majoritys from london we'll organise sumthin for london,likewise elsewhere,dudes like Kevche wud drink from a ***** blanket and id lick the drops from wat he missed,if yas wanna visit Jinky in the Kent countryside or George in the english riviera or my personal fav Sam Wainwright in the beauty that is Brum then we'll go wiv da flow Did nobody ever tell yas that norn irish people are the most laidback species on da planet? We'll drink anythin thats wet
  18. 18 + ONLY For Legal Reasons Brought this up a few times in chat and deffo feel this is the time to stick it on the forum and if one of the powers cud sticky it i reckon it wud be a go-er Its bout time we put faces to names and organised a wee get together Knocked it back at the time cos most of the lads were 15-16 but 2 years on i reckon we cud handle it easily enuff and sure even if just one person turns up along wiv myself we're guaranteed great crack Twas thinkin sumtime this summer wen the footy season ends and we'll organise sumwer central to everybody so obvs its gonna be in england Dudes like Myself,kevche,joe spike,Shels,Dai,Allan can get flights to any major english airport no sweat(apologies to any ive missed irish or otherwise) so i guess it **** down to whos up for it and then we'll work out a wee location central enuff to everybody whose gonna attend Us dudes across the pond will no doubt be stayin overnite so even if the rest of yas can pop in even at sum point durin the day im sure we'll all have great crack Ive met a few peeps ive met thru SM here in real life and sum i already knew b4 SM but id luv the chance to meet others,especially ones yav only ever talked to online an wud luv the chance to meet up in real life(can think of about 5 or 6 straight away and im sure yas are all the same) Big weekend in a hotel gettin to know each other wud be so sweet and its gonna happen even if we only get a few names ill invite others past and present just for the crack:cool:
  19. Battle for 14 year-old 'new Ronaldinho' Published Date: 09 October 2008 Chelsea are favourites to beat Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester Unitrf to the signing of Barcelona wonderkid Gerard Deulofeu, 14, who has been dubbed the new Ronaldinho, according to reports. The Sun newspaper claims that The Catalans are powerless to stop him leaving and he could go for nothing before he turns 16.
  20. Re: Battle of the tribes setup Aye its the real deal,he just had a bit of internet trouble and he lost all his clubs but hes back tho he wont be on as much as he used to be,giv him any team he wants
  21. Re: SM Predict - Season 4 - Week 8 Napoli 1-1 Juve Lyon 2-0 Lille Arsenal 3-1 Everton Derby 2-1 Plymouth Atletico 1-1 Real Madrid Roma 1-1 Inter Hull 1-0 West Ham Hamburg 2-1 Schalke
  22. Re: SM Predict - Season 4 - Week 7 Wigan 2-1 Middlesbrough Blackburn 1-3 Man Utd (ESB) Barcelona 2-1 Atletico Madrid Barnet 2-1 Accrington Stanley Sunday 5th October: Man City 1-2 Liverpool Everton 2-0 Newcastle Real Madrid 2-0 Espanyol St Mirren 0-3 Rangers:cool:
  23. Re: Old Firm Banter Thread The national anthem for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is GTSQ and its a travesty and a sad reflection of our times that our Celtic cousins in Scotland and Wales bring shame on themselves by choosing to boo it with their small minded parochial attitudes Its all well and good bein proud of bein English/Scottish/Welsh/Northern Irish but until the day that any of these 4 achieve independence then the status quo remains and we are all British subjects livin under a British monarchy/British Government no matter how fanciful/romantic it is to describe yourself as English not British,Scottish/Welsh not British Every year thousands of young men and women enlist in the British army to fight for their country and even though they are staunchly proud to be English/Scottish/Welsh/Northern Irish they stand united under the union flag and fight for the right to keep the UK free from terrorism and all our civil liberties that so many of us take for granted Each time i hear the Scottish and Welsh national teams fans booin our national anthem i think of the thousands of Scottish and Welsh soldiers who have lost their lives serving her majestys forces and i hang my head in shame LEST WE FORGET
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