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  1. Re: CRL Blackjack Matt Jewiss and Hugo Rubio didnt set their teams for the new season so ive asked SM to remove them from the setup.
  2. Re: No Playoffs/League tables wrong Recieved feedback from support and unfortunately theres nothin they can do If you go into setup history the final league table for last season is wrong as we all know Barca finished above Roma and Roma were relegated but this table shows Roma above Barca and Barca relegated. The Roma manager,bein the good sport he is,accepted he'd finished in the relegation zone and paid out accordinly but unfortunately the Barca manager will begin life in Div2 due to circumstances beyond his control. The reason they gave me for the Playoffs not takin place was because i have 2 setups of 10 wiv 4 up and 4 down and playoffs cannot be incorporated into this setup so with the Creme setup bein exactly the same and due to begin playoffs in 4 turns id expect the same shambles to happen again
  3. Blackjacks the game and 21s the aim. Transferlist all players over 21 Never play any player over 21 Only buy players 21 and under ya dont hav to accept any offer from unavailable to manage but ya must never play them if your waitin for a better offer Every player should be put in your youth squad,anybody in the main squad must be TRL and sold Bug in the game at the min allows players to remain in the youth squad after they turn 22,we'll ignore this rule and sell them the day they turn 22 KEEP HER LIT:cool:
  4. Re: The One Zenit 4-2 Alkmaar:rolleyes: Zenit kept their faint survival hopes alive wiv a crucial win and they go into tonights clash of the titans knowin nothin but a win will be suffice to escape the drop. Mallorca are havin a similar season to ourselves so 3 points are achievable to avoid the trapdoor:cool:
  5. Re: No Playoffs/League tables wrong Aye course i had playoffs turned on,thats not the problem,the league table showed the playoff line below 3rd and again below 7th,it just went pear shape on the last day when the playoffs didnt take place and the new league tables for the comin season hav 3 or 4 teams in the wrong divisions,Sam warren has the same problem in his setup.
  6. Re: Battle of the tribes setup Linfield 3-1 St Johnstone Dunno wats better,beatin Tom 3-1 or Goin top of the Tribes as we enter the squeaky bum bit Shels thrives on,Still all to play for and the 4 of us know we need to clock them W's up if we want the crown,keep her lit troops:cool:
  7. Re: Creme "your shout" Inter 2-2 Barca After the embarrassment of gettin gubbed 4-1 on ur own turf by the Goons Barca got a lil credibility back wiv a decent 2-2 draw at the Sans Giro but the result sends them back into the relegation zone a their topsy turvy season continues. Manus tankin of Valencia keeps 6 clubs within 2 wins of each other wiv the final 2 relegation spots bein anybodys as the 2 black and white armys look to be as good as down already;) Div2 and fightin talk there from Tommy G and the Yids as their superb season continues and they go top again. Still tite as anythin wiv Madrid Villa and Lyon within 3 points so this baby will go right to the wire Usual flotsam and jetsom floatin bout the playoff places and below:cool:
  8. Fired off a letter to support on Friday and theyre still dealing with it:( First season with the new playoffs in MP elite an the season has ended in farce.MP elite is for my personal friends and there is a lot of money involved as we have financial rewards for results and final league places. Last day of the season Barca beat Roma 1-0 to leapfrog them and stay up and send Roma down but when the league tables for the new season came up a few days later Barca were in div2 and Roma were in Div1. Also as no playoffs took place the team that finished 4th automatically went up even tho the league table clearly showed the playoff spots after the final day. I know this happened to a few other setup owners too but with the new season due to kickoff sunday night i fear time is runnin out to rectify the situation:(
  9. Re: Unfortunate turn of events Welcome back mate,unfortunate circumstances that has led to your return but their loss is our gain,look forward to playin ya sumwer along the line:)
  10. Re: "What nationality are you?" thread Dress it up whatever way ya want mate but ur British and ya kno ya are' date='ya mite liv in a wee quaint principality dreamin of independence but until ya achieve that dream u will always be a British citizen,regardless of what part of the British Isles ya inhabit RULE BRITANNIA:cool: [/b']
  11. Re: Promotion Play-Offs *bump* My MP elite setup finished on thursday and playoffs were supposed to start friday wiv the final tonight but as yet no luck,any ideas whats gonna happen?
  12. Whats the crack settin the wages for new contracts? Either my chairmans a mug or Raul Tamudo's agent has sum dodgy pix of him cos Tamudo was on 46k a week wen i bought him as a 92,hes since dropped to a 91 but when i gave him a new contract his wages shot up to 59k a week:eek: Is this due to Inflation,a natural rise due to me wantin to keep him and he cud get similar terms elsewhere if i deem him surplass to requirements or hav the players finally got themselves into the PFA:cool:
  13. Re: Creme "your shout" Congrats Tom,thats ye in the top10 of current managers but Jinkys Real Madrid are still 10th in the alltime rankings so yav still a wee bit to go yet Possible league and cup double or ya just be happy wiv promotion,lookin forward to the return of the creme classico:cool:
  14. Re: Creme "your shout" Think yal find she lost Crack troops havent been here for a while and find Kev replaced by Paulser and Jinky in the hot seat at Ibrox all fun in the creme merry go round. on the football front Chelsea continue to set the pace while Cardshark continues to buck the trend by somehow keepin his head above the trapdoor. Div2 is where all the crack is wiv the piehead sandwiched by the 2 toms and only Lyon capable of stoppin a chatroom 123. Playoffs will be fun wiv the usual deadwood bein granted a last throw of the dice to save their pathetic seasons keep her lit lads
  15. Re: My 2nd setup Big C's pmin me givin me abuse but im wiv kev on this one............we're waitin on bestpay for the teams Col just giv me anybody mate,make the setup and put a team in who fits the criteria then ill take over wiv da magic wand,cant believe all this ill hav spurs ill hav lpool chat,ffs read the rules people:rolleyes:
  16. Re: Battle of the tribes setup Congrats to TNS on their magnificent cup win,no mean feat in this set up as speakin from personal experience i get ko'd in the 1st or 2nd round every year,so well dun Steve Linfield 4-1 gurntoran and theres no better feelin on sm than gubbin the gurns especially if ya go top cos of it and even sweeter after last weeks defeat against the Derry Crespo and Michael Svec set us on our way b4 Daryll murphy climbed off the bench to answer me droppin him after the Derry defeat in the best possible way wiv the 4th goal and a wee 9/10 which cud maybe put him back in the startin 11 for next weeks trip to drogheda,man management or wat
  17. Re: Creme "your shout" Barca 3-4 Roma:confused: Dont kno wats gone on ffs but im in a relegation fight,like it or not. 3 defeats on the bounce aint good and im missin Shrek bigtime Only Kens doin worse than me and his Toon got gubbed 5-0 home to Inter while young George kept in touch with a 3-2 loss against Favourites Chelsea Allan and Henke fought out a crackin 4-4 draw to both creep a point away from the graveyard. Div2 and Gaz beat the wife at Ibrox while Shels gained a point in Madrid off Tom. Lee beat Kev 3-1 to go back into the all important 3rd spot while Tom G got his first win in 3 against Naths lowly Bayern.plank lost 5-0.
  18. Re: Battle of the tribes setup Exeter 2-6 Linfield King George and his English Roundheads were put to the sword in this massacre in a battlefield near Exeter. Shels inability to beat Sheenz has cost him again as her Rock bottom Rebel Army triumphed 3-1 to see Linfield go 2 points clear at the top
  19. Re: Creme "your shout" Night of the long knives in Creme as all the top guns bit the dust. Henrik struggled to beat Barcas 3rd string 3-2 while Leaders Chelsea bit the bullet against Kennys Toon Army. Kev got tanked 4-1 while Allan crashed 2-1 home to Juve. Tom knocked Sheenz out while Spurs continued their fine form wiv a 5 goal stroll against the plankton Rangers recorded a famous victory at OT while PSG exited stage left
  20. Re: Battle of the tribes setup Linfield 3-2 Livi Linfield reached the halfway stage of the season in fine style wiv a win over da reignin title holders in a one sided match at Windsor where the Blues romped to a 3 goal lead before OAP Giggsy gave the scoreline a more respectable look. LWDWLW aint title winnin form and there needs to be a brave few Ws in a row now as the 2nd half kicks off if we're to thwart George and Shels takin the crown:cool:
  21. Re: $$££ Millionaires Row Looks like we got ourselves a title race,pity ur not in it Kev but happy campin down there:cool:
  22. Re: The One VILLAREAL 4-0 ZSP ill not be showin my face for while
  23. Re: Kevs North/South Invitational Linfield 5-3 UCD The Blues took advantage of Bohs slip-up against the Gurns to close the gap to 4 points wiv this 5 goal romp over Toms students. Scorin for fun but still havent got it rite at the back yet but itll *** wiv the next bout of transfer cash
  24. Re: Creme "your shout" Valencia 2-1 Barca:( The buildup to this Spanish Derby was overshadowed by the transfer frenzy which took place the day before and the controversy it caused. I wanted to buy David Silva for my lefthand side and despatched my director of football to Larne,hometown of the Valencia gaffer,to get the deal done.what exactly happened over the next 24 hours is still unclear but sumhow ive ended up partin wiv 10mill quid Lucio and Pandev for David VILLA instead of David SILVA. So now ive had to replace a 94cb wiv a 93 (times are hard:rolleyes: )hav a new 94 F who only makes the bench and im 10mill worse off as i continue my search for a left footer,this David Villa geezer better be a gud un or the white hankies will be out at the BJK camp. Another defeat for Barca in a crackin match at the Mestalla,2 first half goals from Riqelme and Klose gave Allan the points despite a 2nd half Shrek strike.1 win from 5 has Barca in the graveyard with only Ken gettin it rougher at STJ,big upturn in fortune is required and a long winnin run needs to be started pronto if we're to challenge for the title this year. Super Ally 9 ripped up the form book to Thump Andy 4-1 at the San Siro to drag his Goons outa the basement for the first time this season while Rafa continued his winnin ways wiv a win over Tommy. George won the basement battle wiv a crucial 1-0 win over Kennys rock bottom Toon while Justy beat Jonny 2-1 to complete the nite of shocks Only 5 games gone but Chelsea are lookin solid title favourites even at this early stage.Bottom 4 will be Newcastle,PSG,Arsenal and either Roma or Juve. DIV2 and Tom wins the used-to-be-big clubs spanish derby wiv a 2-1 win at the Magical to take his Madrid into the automatic promotion spot at Montys expense while Tom cud only draw against a solid lookin Rangers side to remain 3rd. Kev got the job done against the Plank wiv a 4-2 win at the San Siro which wud explain how Super Ally scored 4 against Inter wiv 4 teams on the pitch at the same time to keep his Playoff/Promotion charge goin while Leaders Lyon blitzed Sheenz 6-3 at Anfield to put a dent in hers. Shels and Nath rolled a trouser leg up,stood on one leg and shook hands and agreed a point each before the game as per norm and lo and behold it finished levels u devils. Cup this week and wiv that many players out on loan its a bit of a patchwork reserve side im sendin to the Binladen even tho id luv to send the full team to spank him ill keep to my rotation policy:cool:
  25. Re: Creme "your shout" Barca 2-3 Inter ffs Big Andy finally beats me after an 8 game losin streak and hes a happy man i can tell yas Allan got da Boot at the theatre of screams as Jonny thumped 5 past him while Georgeous had a better night with another point tho he maybe shud hav had 3 home to Tommys Juve. Rafa took a fiver off Justy with a tankin at the Bridge while the Chatroomers clash of the night saw Henrik win his first game of a miserable season wiv a smash and grab act at STJ thanx to Diego Militos 79th Kensational strike. Div2s the place to be this season if ur a chatroomer they occupy the bottom 9 places after Pekku franked the form with a 5-1 maulin of Toms 100 per cent record,hopefully its just a blip from the Yids. Head of the chasin pack is Monty Piefan after his Yella Submarine torpedoed wat was left of Naths Naval with a 4-2 win in Munchen Tom beat fellow playoff rival Kev 2-1 to jump into the all important 4th spot,guaranteein ye home advantage rite the way to the final while sandwiched in between the pair of them is Sheenz after a 2-1 win in Milan against the Plank Rangers won the Old Firm showdown in a titantic match at the Brox which Celtic wer incredibly leadin 3-0 after just 36mins until Mad Turk Gokhan Inler launched himself waist high at Barry Ferguson and shudda got bout 3 reds for it never mind one. Tempers continued to fray and it took the HT interval to calm things down but the fuse was lit in the 58th min wen the smallest man on the pitch got on the end of a Farfan cross to spark expectations and just 10 mins later the deficit was reduced further when the big centre half strode forward and crashed in an unstoppable drive reminiscent of big Bert Kontermans hampden park scorcher. Dunno wat it is wiv these 10 min intervals but the Gers wer regular as clockwork because again 10 mins later Krissy Boyd let fly from 30 yards to send a screamer into the Copeland road end to make it all square Rangers fans cudnt get onto their fones quick enuff gettin a price for Rangers in-runnin and William Hill took a tankin as sure enuff 10 mins later and wiv just 2 mins remainin pandemonium swept round Ibrox and the party began as the Legend that is Barry Ferguson followed up Charlie Adams long range fizzer to gleefully mop up Borucs howler to poke home from 2 yards,superb stuff:cool:
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