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  1. Re: Battle of the tribes setup Raith 2-0 Linfield The Blues hit a blank for the first time in the League this season as they went down to a 2-0 defeat against a very stubborn and hard to break down Raith Rovers and they were celebratin on the streets of Kirkaldy after this famous win which sees them leapfrog the Blues into 3rd.
  2. Re: Kevche1963 -league for forumers- Typical North London,Spurs win the league cup then the goons hav to go and ruin it by winnin the double ffs,poor effort Shels,get used to lookin at white hankies every home game mate Chelsea 0-5 Spurs While the North of the city celebrates silverware over in the west,long after Roman pulled out his petrodollars and Chelsea were made to contest on a level playin field theyve gone back to where they belong,managerless,rudderless,potless and the Yid Army nailed the lid on their relegation coffin in a 5-0 goal romp. Reminds me of the 1980s
  3. Re: What if?--Offical thread 18th Jun Club Cally Annett takes control of Werder Bremen. The chairman and fans expect a long and successful era under your guidance!
  4. Re: Kevs North/South Invitational LINFIELD 4-1 CHICKENVILLE:cool: Linfield u21s treated the Windsor park faithful to a superb display against the North Belfast Reds as they cruised to an easy victory. Bojans early strike was cancelled out within 2 mins by OAP Julio Cruz but that was the last Chickenville threatened the Linfield goal as the Blues midfield got a grip of the game and sum terrific passin and clever runnin created a host of opportunities which the scoreline doesnt quite reflect. Goals from lhan,Sarpong and Ionov either side of the break put the game to bed and another 3 points on the board.
  5. Re: Battle of the tribes setup Linfield 5-1 Cork:cool: Stroll in the park for the boys in Blue as the rebel army were put to the sword in front of over 20k fans at Windsor. Cork truly are shockin and last seasons title challengers are a shadow of them former selves as Linfield ran them ragged for long periods and cud easily have doubled or trebled the scoreline but were sympathetic enuff to the only Female boss in the division by easin up at just the five. Elsewhere this week,drama as Liam O'Connor turns up at Clyde and immediatly causes controversy wiv remarks bout welsh under 82 players which ill let him elaborate on and we bid farewell to Tom Pham,who with just 2 wins all season has got the bullet from an angry St Johnstone chairman furious at his teams position at the foot of the table.
  6. Re: Creme "your shout" Arsenal 2-2 Barca Arsenal survived a batterin to earn their first point in the top flight but they had their keeper Gomes to thank for keepin the score down as Barcas free flowin football had the Goons on the backfoot for most of the match and while the champs will be slightly dissapointed at only gettin a draw,Henke will be ecstatic with his point. Elsewhere and Chelsea remain the only unbeaten team after 3 games followin a hard fought draw with Allans Valencia at the Mestalla,the point enuff to keep the pensioners top while Inter had a great 4-2 win over the mancs to go 2nd. Tommys juve get a narrow 1-0 win over an unlucky Toon side while George left it late to share the spoils in Rome thanks to an 85th min equaliser from left winger Alessandro Rosina to giv PSG their first point of the season tho they remain bottom. Div2 and who wud hav adam and eved Tommy G guidin Tottenham to 3 straight wins after the shambles of last year.Sheenz,Kev and now Jack have all had 4 put past them as Tommys free scorin attack reap dividends against the divisions weaker defences and the Spurs fans are bouncin at the prospect of promotion to the promised land. As Greenys star continues to rise,Jack is doin his usual trick of winnin the first game of the season then takin nearly half a season for his next point,inconsistency which needs to be addressed if the giants of Milan are ever to return to the top. Celtic fans are happy(and i dont get to state that often)after Shels finally kickstarted his season wiv a 4-2 thumpin of title favourites Lyon,Luis Fabiano grabbin a couple in front of the Parkhead faithful and Shels will be lookin to kick on from here. Lee made it 2 wins on the bounce,just shadin a 5 goal thriller wiv Gazlads Gers at the Magical to move into 2nd spot while Kev wasted no time roarin into a 2-0 lead at Anfield after just 8 mins and despite Sheenz best efforts,the men from the south of France held on for a 3-2 win. Tom S opened his account as well with a 4-1 thumpin of Naths Bayern at the Bernabeu,Raul scorin a double and takin home the match champagne. Nath may get the German phrase book out cos theyve a tricky cup tie at an expectant WHL this week while the pick of the other preliminary round ties is the clash between Tom S and Lee in the all spanish affair in Madrid.
  7. Re: Battle of the tribes setup SAINTS 2-1 LINFIELD:rolleyes: Tom ripped up the formbook as he inspired his rock bottom strugglers to a famous win over the mighty Linfield.With 2 wins under their belt now maybe theyve a wee bit of lite at the end of the tunnel' date='as for us losin against the wee clubs is the reason we dont win titles and its not good enuff. [/b']
  8. Re: Kevche1963 -league for forumers- INTER 1-3 SPURS:cool: I collected my 5th trophy in 6 seasons at the lane,not bad for a wee club;) with a 3-1 win over Inter in the Shield final. Better league form recently has lit my spark again after a season or 2 in the doldrums and ill be buildin again in the summer lookin to get back among the title hopefuls again soon:cool:
  9. Re: "Glory XII Hunter's" CHELSEA 1-2 INTER:cool: Hernan Crespo climbed off the bench to score an absolute stunnin overhead kick in the 87th minute to dramatically snatch the title in West London. The Bridge was packed to capacity with the home fans knowin a draw wud be suffice but the 2k who travelled from Milan made the most noise tryin to spur their team on knowin only a win would do. First half was predictably cagey and the sides went in goalless at the break wiv both goalies relatively untroubled however the 2nd half would turn out to be the most momentous of the season. The fuse was lit in the 62nd min when Klass Jan Huntelaar scored his umpteenth amazin goal of the season and the party began in earnest. Inter were like rabbits in the headlights as Kev urged the blue boys forward in search of the killer 2nd and but for Julio Soares Cesar he wud hav got his wish but in the 80th mi things took a dramatic twist. 10 mins to go and Zlatans takin out from behind durin aneat passin play but the ref waved playon even tho sum of the chelsea players stopped for the foul. The ball broke for Dejan Stankovic and he took one touch to knock it out of his feet before drivin a superb effort past Petr Cech to throw sum doubt amongst the Chelsea players. Inter went for broke and threw on 3 forwards and with just 3mins to go a superb cross from Stankovic was superbly met wiv a terrific overhead kick by Crespo which thundered by a frozen Cech to take the 3 points and of course the title back to the San Siro. Great season in a very well run setup and goin unbeaten in my last 6 games was the key to finally catchin my wee mate who ive been chasin from day one
  10. Re: Battle of the tribes setup Linfield 2-2 Airdrie Honours even and a draw was the right result as both teams left the pitch to a standin ovation after a crackin match. The draw keeps us tickin over nicely still unbeaten with a free one this week away to Relegation favourites St Johnstone:cool:
  11. Re: "Glory XII Hunter's" OH FFS Me v Kev in the last game for the title:cool: Chelsea hit the front early and have been at the top most of the season but we've rallied and hung in there and now with our better goal difference we travel to the Bridge not in hope but in expectation that we will be Champions *** 930PM Thursday nite:cool:
  12. Re: Creme "your shout" TOON ARMY 0-2 BARCA 2 goals from midfield maestro's Iniesta and Mascerano saw da Creme open their defence with a fine win at ST james despite a gallant effort by Kennys men they hit a brick wall in this new look Barca defence bolstered by the additions of Cech and Cannavarro and clean sheets are hard to come by in the Creme as witnessed by the goal bonanza elsewhere. George was welcomed back to the top flight by Allans top6 Valencia who duly hit 6 to make it a fine openin win and giv George keeper paranoia after just one game. Card Sharks another newcomer tryin to find his feet but Jonny Boot proved whos the guvnor wiv a 5-2 pappin of his sorry **** at the Theatre of Screams DIV2 and Jack D just luvs his openin days fixture after openin last year wiv a 5-0 drubbin he started this season in similar style wiv a 3-0 spankin of Shels hungover Celts. Kev got off the mark wiv 3 points against Naths Bayern while Lee took a poundin at Lyon Tommy G plundered all 3 points at Sheenz Anfield to spark mass hysteria down the Lane as Tom predicts promotion while Tom Sinar and Gazlad had to share the spoils in a 2-2 draw.
  13. No matter how much ya try to avoid it ya see it in overview before ya even check ur result in champs league. If theres no message yav lost
  14. Re: Battle of the tribes setup No mention of Linfield:rolleyes: UCD 2-5 LINFIELD:cool: Cheers Nath for doin this weeks teamtalk for me' date='i pinned it up in the dressin room [/b']
  15. Re: Whatabout yee 's !!! Bout ye Nick,welcum to SM:)
  16. Re: Zenit St Petersburg Ratings Cant recall ever gettin so many risers in one ratin change b4,i got 10 in total for my team in Cols The One,all deserved in my opinion because they play football the way its meant to be played and Arshavin is a world class player at the top of his game.
  17. Re: Creme "your shout" Only a miracle can stop Shels bringin div1 football to Paradise next season so come on Sheenz,lets hav a miracle and truth betold a Liverpool away win wud be in the miracle category. Cally broke away from his title celebrations to issue the followin statement" Never mind Barca,lets all at Celtic" INTER 2-3 BARCA Barca are Da Creme Da Creme again after this fine win in Italy coupled with Piehead openin his account wiv a win over Manu meant we didnt hav to rely on GD this season. Hats off to all the players its been another superb campaign and altho theres been a few changes to personnel the players cummin in hav proved more than adequate replacements. Cremes all bout consistency and 3 defeats all season has made us worthy champions,luv it. Last day drama aplenty as Kevche pulled off the result of the nite with a 4-2 win at Lyon to condemn Lyon a quick return to div2 and allow King Ken the chance to stay up with his win over his wee mate Tom ensurin himself godlike status on Tyneside. The Toons win pulled the plug on Villareals safety hopes despite Lee givin us a sign of things to come with a terrific 1-0 win against title challengers Manu. Div2 and that incredible match at Celtic Park where despite creatin a host of chance the Celts powder puff attack cudnt find a way past Pepe Le Pew in the Liverpool nets and 2 late goals had the Tims streamin for the exit long before the final whistle but not b4 Cremetv got plenty of footage of them gurnin Celtics collapse allowed Henkes Goons to nick 4th place on GD after an easy win against a PSG team who looked seriously hungover after the week long celebrations in gay Paree to mark Sunday nites promotion,Justy and Tommy make up the numbers So who hav we got next year then,Allan and Ken stayed up along wiv the big4 but we sadly bid farewell to Lee,Kev and wee Tom and we wish them well next year whilst welcomin George and Henke to the top flight who will both hav to hammer their chairmans credit cards if they hav any desire to stay up. Div2 full of the usual suspects and id expect Marseille.Villareal,Lyon and Real Madrid to be serious promotion challengers along wiv Shels Sheenz and Nath. Rangers Spurs and Milan have serious rebuildin work ahead and mite still find this new season a bit too much but i hope im wrong and id luv to see Rangers and Spurs in the top flight once again. Another season ends and its been klass,no its been better than klass,its been just CHAMPION;)
  18. Re: Creme "your shout" Its the last week of another season in Da Creme but its the same top4 yet again wiv just 3 points seperatin them as Barca go into the last match top of the pile on GD but facin a tricky trip to 4th placed Inter. 2nd place Manu will be hopin to better Barcas result but Jimmers Villareal go into the game on agreat run of form themselves wiv an outside chance of stayin up so its by no means an easy game for da Mancs Sadly we hav to say farewell to Toms Real and Kevs Marseille millionaires who just found that 6th spot too elusive this season again but we wish them a speedy recovery and hope to see them back soon. Joinin them out the exit door will be 2 from Jimmer,Kenny,Allan and Pekku wiv Allans Valencians and Pekkus Lyon currently in the safety zone but its bein there at 10pm on thursday nite that really matters. Div1 looked done and dusted at the halfway point wiv Henkes Goons blazin a trail but no surprise wiv Arsenal they blew up when the goin got tough and they find themselves out of the promotion places ahead of the last game away to Georges title chasin PSG. Only a miracle can stop Shels bringin div1 football to Paradise next season so come on Sheenz,lets hav a miracle and truth betold a Liverpool away win wud be in the miracle category. Despite a heroic effort by Tomg the Plank of the year award has only one rightful home this season and its a first trip to the San Siro where the splendid Jack D has had a magnificent campaign collectin just one win and a brutal 6 points so well done Jack,keep her lit mate:cool:
  19. Re: Battle of the tribes setup Great shout Col,thats what i shudda dun wiv Gio Dos Santos,ill keep that in mind for the next ones to rise Five stars on da big money at windsor for next season are as follows CRESPO MATERAZZI MAKELE GALLAS COUPET PABLO AMO transferlisted so shud be within the rules by tomorrow nite
  20. Re: UEFA CUP FINAL- Rangers v Zenit St Petersburg Just party all nite mate,thats what im doin,none of us hav nowhere to stay on weds nite:D
  21. Re: Creme "your shout" Welcum Ken,Gazlad and Jimmer to Da Creme,best of luck lads,hope yas can hack it:cool: El Cremico finished all square as relegation threatened Tom got a useful point for the first time in 6.Brutal slipup by Barca who were lookin to put the nail in Reals Div1 coffin as well as maintain their own title challenge. The draw allowed Chelsea to open up a 3 point gap after their narrow 2-1 win at St James as Ken crashes to his 2nd strait loss. Inter 1-4 Villareal was the result of the nite as Jimmer thumped Andys big guns in style at the SS sendin shockwaves around the lower echolons of div1. Kevs woeful season continued as he slipped 4-3 at home to Allans Valencia who fins themselves back in the top4 again. Div2 and Henriks wobblin like a house made of cards as he loses again,this time a 2-0 loss at the Bin Laden to Sheenz Scousers The race for promotion promises to be one of the best yet as no less than 7 teams are all in with a shout with only Rangers,Spurs and the woeful Jack Dimmick doomed to another season in the basement. George is goin backwards too wiv 3 strait defeats,the latest bein a 3-2 defeat home to Naths Bayern. 5 games to go and the next 2 or 3 games will make or break everyones season,3 wins is wat yas want to really book ur place in da top flight but yas cant all get them so good luck tryin
  22. Re: Kevs North/South Invitational Congrats to the Doc and all at Dire City,Colin mugged me in the one i really didnt wanna lose as we met over 3 or 4 setups last nite. This last day drama is becomin very common now in a few setups and i dont think my ticker can handle the pressure much longer. Congrats to Doc for such an amazin run and forcin it to the last game and roll on next season where ill be unleasin a couple of teenagers by the names of Piatti and Bojan on yas,anyone heard of them?
  23. Re: UEFA CUP 07/08 Just a quick post b4 i go to the airport to congratulate Rangers on gettin to the final and what a magnificent achievement it is in this amazin first full season for Walter and Ally. Tonight is no doubt the biggest game of my life because bein born just a month after our previous Euro triumph way back in 1972:rolleyes: and despite seein such wonderful moments like 9-in-a-row,countless trebles,world class players i always think the glory of winnin a European trophy surpasses all of these achievements. Hundreds of clubs have fell by the wayside and now only Zenit stand in the way of this Rangers team doin what all the great Rangers sides of the last 36 years hav failed to do. This is their time.This is their chance to become legends.
  24. Re: SM Predict - Season 3 - Final Week Get them dun early this week:rolleyes: Saturday 17th May 2008 Dundee United 0 v 3 Celtic Cardiff City 0 v 1 Portsmouth Hamburg 3 v 1 Karlsruche Auxerre 1 v 3 Lyon (ESB) Sunday 18th May 2008 Parma 1 v 2 Internazionale Catania 0 v 2 Roma Ajax 1 v 0 FC Twente Racing Santander 2 v 1 Osasuna
  25. Re: Battle of the tribes setup First off congrats Shels,superb season mate and ya deserve all the plaudits:) Im one of the managers with more than 5 over 85s in the squad but im workin on it daily,bringin players in and transferlistin ones who arent on transfer ban. Hard decisions have to be made and unfortunately Giovanni Dos Santos aint risin quick enuff for me so ive reluctantly decided to transferlist him and we'll take the highest bid recieved in the next few days. One wee idea i had about a improvement to the rules and solve this ratings crisis where ya find urself always jugglin ur squad would be to implement a transfer ban once the season kicks off bannin all transfers until the end of the season and if every club started the new season within the 5 player cap then it would be a level playin field. Sure all teams will get risers and droppers durin the season so its fair to all however once a team goes above the 5 player mark the problem arises. Do they omit a player from their thoughts and consign him to gardenin duties or instead,would it be possible to juggle ur surplus stars meanin ya cud possibly hav 6 or 7 in ur squad but must always only have maximum 5 in ur startin 11 and subs. Whatever changes if any are to be made it will be done by us the managers so have ur say if ya hav any ideas on the way forward for the best wee setup on sm
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