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  1. What do you guys think of Mikel Oyarzabal? Worth getting over the likes of Werner and Havertz??? Also, will he increase more?
  2. Will Niguez reduce or increases soon?
  3. I was offered Bruno so I could give Niguez and Klosterman, so I wanted to know if it’s worth it
  4. Please help, Niguez or Bruno Fernandes?
  5. Federico Valverde or Marcel Sabitzer??? which of them have better chances of success and rating increase?
  6. Lol, me too... wondering how Sancho didn’t get a +2 to 93 though 😑
  7. Would Timo Werner get an increase in rating?
  8. Any hope that Rodrigo Bentancur would increase??
  9. I don’t really know, I just saw 2 players from Levante increased, so maybe I thought they’ve started reviewing Span
  10. It may seem Spain is now being reviewed...
  11. Any hope Sancho, De Ligt and Anold Trent to increase??
  12. So after LaLiga review, what next? Have Busdesliga been reviewed?
  13. Will Ryan Sessegnon get an increase or 2???
  14. When will this rating reviews end??? And why haven't they increased some important players in LaLiga already?!!
  15. Please someone wants Isco from me, he wants to Give me Niguez, should I accept? Is it a good deal? Who will increase anytime soon between His Niguez and my Isco? I need Answers from experts plz Waiting!!! Plz everyone what's your take? answer plzzzz
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