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  1. Re: Contracts The point I was trying to make was that some clubs buy up 30-40 of the big players leaving 20 or so of these to just sit idle, this wouldn't happen in real life would it? These players would slap transfer requests in quick as you like and would also unsettle the rest of the team. For a simple idea would it be possible for say, when a players morale hits terrible by not being played and he has less than a year on his contract for other clubs to bid on him say his value+ half again (that would add a little compensation) and the club can't stop it, then it would be up to the chairm
  2. Re: Contracts Good idea, taking it a little further why not let the players morale play a part in his decision? For example if he is a 'star' player who has been sat on the bench all season and his morale is very poor or even terrible then the chances of him accepting a new contract with that club should be very low and only if he can't get work elsewhere, and even if he did sign he might want a lot more in wages to persuade him to stay. When it comes down to managing a football team I think one of hardest things is keeping players happy and the game would benefit from showing this instead of
  3. Re: Increase Stadium I am going to run the risk of major critism here, but why don't we keep it simple...your team does well and you get promoted, the 'chairman' tells you he is going to expand the stadium by XX amount, the manager has no say in it. The reverse if you do badly and get relegated. I know it flies in the face of realism but where do realism and gameplay cross? Also what about fixed gate prices for different leagues so if you play a big club away you get a share of their gate receipts at 'their' prices. Just an idea son't be too harsh on me
  4. Re: Private messaging Good idea in my opinion, just a button like 'select all' and this would save loads of time, especially if like me you have a lot of custom setups and you want to send everyone a message, how about a 'select all' on your messages when you want to delete them all, and on your club messages as well?
  5. Re: SM International Stadium How about the SM World Stage Arena
  6. Re: Raz - cheating on the wife? Funny thing is guys my mate's name is Steve Martin (honest) and he has grey hair and i'm about the same size as john candy and are you sure that is not from our weekend away at blackpool a few years back
  7. Re: Extra money at end of season? On the negative side why don't teams get fined for excessive foul play/conduct as in real life? That would discourage the hard/agressive tackling brigade from kicking lumps out of players week in week out
  8. Re: Wingers/ Attacking Mids ?? I use wingers in the RM/LM positions too, there are a couple of formations which are based on Wingers but not many, I would like to see which is the preferred foot or side for all players so all W's would become RW or LW or even R/LW the same for AM's, F's etc ...just an addition on the players profile to say which foot he plays with Right/Left/Both would be useful
  9. Re: SMFA have blocked the deal !!! I asked a geek friend of mine and he said that whole villages etc may have the same IP address, he said that maybe SM uses cookies (a small program sent to your computer) to identify each computer...he then went off into mumbo jumbo and i fell asleep sorry so can't add much after that yawn!
  10. Re: Steve Sidwell I wouldn't say pointless but when you have the whole of Europe to choose from I think it's a strange choice myself, Sidwell was highly rated in the Championship but he's not pulled up any trees in the prem
  11. Re: Any skins you want?, post them here Hi ruffridder any chance you could do a Notts County skin PLEASE (don't laugh) could you include DAVID PIPE, MIKE EDWARDS and STEVE THOMPSON the manager (if there's room)....would be great for me if you could, but thanks anyway if you are too busy
  12. Re: Steve Sidwell I've heard that Ballack may be on the move but nothing about the others, Sidwell is probably a bit of insurance as Lampard is still unhappy about his contract, he said in an interview after the cup final that he wanted to stay at chelsea for life! Where have I heard that before and then the player moves abroad I hope Frank stays in the premiership though, he will lose his England place to Gerrard if he goes to Spain!
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