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  1. I love the this game but the only thing that stops me from playing everytime is that a filled gw starts to empty out. This results in me finding the gw not interesting anymore therefore i quit most of the times. I really don't get why there are so many gameworlds, there should be 80% less gameworlds to get them all a little bit competive, this for me breaks the game actually. Maybe someone can explain me why so many gameworlds are opened, because i don't see any upsight. Maybe there is a perfectly fine reason for it and am i just missing it, if so please enlighten me!
  2. Just started with over 40% commitment already! Let's get this one filled up! plz all join that would be fun!
  3. Re: New Gold Championship??? 431 is started and is looking really good in terms of subscribers!
  4. really schweinsteiger is rated over robben 95 to 94... sorry to say but that is just ridicilous!
  5. Re: Can't buy players yes up to 400k more, the weird thing is also that my players that are on the transferlist get no bids at all... have gomez for sale for more than a month now.. tried putting him on and off... is listed for the min my chairman allows... there is something wrong for sure... cannot buy or sell players.. pretty annoying
  6. Re: Can't buy players No one ? I tried again a couple of times and all my tries are getting cancelled!
  7. In my Tranmere game, i want to get new players so i am switching players with external teams and offer some money extra.. How i usually do transfers (never a problem)... Now all of a sudden the last 4 i tried for some reason get cancelled and it doesn't say why. My balance is sufficient for the record! Anyone got an idea how this is possible ? I can't improve my team now! Does it have anything to do with my chairman ? I can't figure out why because i am trading for better players.. Hope someone can help me, it is really frustrating... Also i checked the gw rules and it is allowed to trad
  8. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread After being in charge for only 3 days, Daffers decided to completely change the squad as it needed a massive overhaul. Not less than 16 players are welcomed here in Eindhoven. With this players we should aim for a top position in the D4 Daffers stated. Normally this should be the squad for the next season although if we find someone special there is still money to make a move. But don't expect much, this is the team that will have to do it for this year! Players in: MARCHESÍN, Agustín KAMIŃSKI, Dawid TADMINE, Khalid ROSALES, Roberto YILDIR
  9. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread I picked up PSV in D4, a lot to be done here! But i like a challenge, i got pre-season to completely shake around the squad and try to aim for the top positions in the league!
  10. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread I just started, and i looked in the forum for the 2 most populair gameworlds because i want to play in an active gameworld. New to this game, doing the best i can, as for transfers i need to get rid of all my youth players, so i am selling them all ! The reason i joined the forum earlier is because i used the play this game before, lost the email adres, so made a new account. remembered my pass for the forum though. I am i getting ripped of for the talents ? just pm me if you think i do strange things.. but that might be because i am new at
  11. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread tnx guys, looking forward to managing my bristol side.. need to sell my 52 youth players first to get out of debt :S I notice that i get loads of offers for my first team players, i need to sort out the youth players first.. so untill the end of the season i will probably turn down offers on first team players
  12. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread Just started with Bristol Rovers, love the fact that 100% is human managers!! Will be a though, Bristol Rovers is dead last in D4 and with a debt. So i need to sell players first and get finances in order. I've got half a season for doing this, hope to be competitive next season. Seems like a nice challenge!
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