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  1. I love the this game but the only thing that stops me from playing everytime is that a filled gw starts to empty out. This results in me finding the gw not interesting anymore therefore i quit most of the times. I really don't get why there are so many gameworlds, there should be 80% less gameworlds to get them all a little bit competive, this for me breaks the game actually. Maybe someone can explain me why so many gameworlds are opened, because i don't see any upsight. Maybe there is a perfectly fine reason for it and am i just missing it, if so please enlighten me!
  2. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread Tranmere Rovers up for the challenge After a somewhat unexpected promotion out of D4 the Tranmere squad is getting ready for a hard season in D3. We need to play give it our all to have a chance of staying in D3. With no resources to really strenghten the squad we need to get the best out of the squad that we have right now! The bookies have placed us second to last with only Charlton having a worse team on paper. Altough it has to be said that the differences are not that big, but with a wopping 4 teams relegation rule it's gonna be a reall
  3. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread Tranmere Rovers promoted to the 3th Division! Needing a win to be sure to get promoted the Tranmere team rampaged the goal of York City, over 25 shots on goal against 5 still it turned out to be a dissapointing 1-1 which meaned that a win for Fleetwood would get them promoted thankfully for us they didn't. Although dissapointed that we couldn't finish it off in style against a weaker team with only unfit players we are thrilled to be promoted, next year will be a real struggle to stay in, but we are gonna try our best! to all teams in D4 tha
  4. Just started with over 40% commitment already! Let's get this one filled up! plz all join that would be fun!
  5. Re: New Gold Championship??? 431 is started and is looking really good in terms of subscribers!
  6. really schweinsteiger is rated over robben 95 to 94... sorry to say but that is just ridicilous!
  7. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread An unexpected win for Tranmere: David Danser steered Tranmere Rovers to victory against Manchester City. Tranmere Rovers beat Manchester City 3 - 2 in their English Championship Cup Round 2 fixture. Cartabia, Otigba and Djurdjević were amongst the goalscorers. Altough beaten in quality Tranmere was able to secure a shocking victory over Manchester City!
  8. Re: English Championship 28888 Another loss in the play off final for D1 as last year... This year Port Vale ended up being far too strong in the final.. altough the squads are similair we had a complete off day,.. Congrats to Port Vale for the promotion!! With doubts about switching to Norwich City i decided that walking away is the not a good option, so there is gonna be another season where i will try to get Bolton to the highest division.
  9. Re: Can't buy players yes up to 400k more, the weird thing is also that my players that are on the transferlist get no bids at all... have gomez for sale for more than a month now.. tried putting him on and off... is listed for the min my chairman allows... there is something wrong for sure... cannot buy or sell players.. pretty annoying
  10. Re: Can't buy players No one ? I tried again a couple of times and all my tries are getting cancelled!
  11. In my Tranmere game, i want to get new players so i am switching players with external teams and offer some money extra.. How i usually do transfers (never a problem)... Now all of a sudden the last 4 i tried for some reason get cancelled and it doesn't say why. My balance is sufficient for the record! Anyone got an idea how this is possible ? I can't improve my team now! Does it have anything to do with my chairman ? I can't figure out why because i am trading for better players.. Hope someone can help me, it is really frustrating... Also i checked the gw rules and it is allowed to trad
  12. Re: Stadium Attendance really ?? i refuse to believe that... that would make no sense at all! I sincerely hope that this isn't true!
  13. Re: English Championship 28888 First off congrats to Leeds, that was an impressive season! Bolton Wanderers - Barnsley 4-0 A must win game for Bolton and the squad delivered. Most of the competition for the play off spots did also win.. Still everything to play for in an exciting ending of the season. Next up 'Southampton' who seem to be on the rise in the table. We need our A game to grab the 3 points over there!
  14. Re: English Championship 28888 Bolton Wanderers - Port Vale 3-2 An important win for Bolton regarding the play off spots, still anything to play for and a lot of teams playing for this. Bolton moves up to 5th now with 8 games to go. With West Ham United steaming up in the rankings it is still anything to play for. Good luck to all!
  15. Re: English Championship 28888 After an awful start of the season Bolton is back in form as they move into a playoff spot after being undefeated for six matches.. a lot of playoff contenders.. The Charlton coach went to Stoke City, so that team might drop down if it stays unmanaged! Good luck to all play off contenders... Leeds and Huddersfield are going for the straight promotion!
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