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  1. Re: Gold Championship 113 Match Reports/Transfer Gossip thread; Jacks Make Big Moves As promised by Weaver upon his appointment, Swansea City has been making a splash during the transfer window. When asked about the team's strategy in choosing players Weaver had this to say. "We are looking to build our team around some youth we are bringing in. So far we added three more guys today, adding some much needed depth in our defense. I'm really excited to see the new look our club has match one in a few days." The transfer activity for the Jacks has made them the talk of the Championship Lea
  2. Re: Gold Championship 113 Match Reports/Transfer Gossip thread; Swansea City Appoints New Man After a search for a new head man the Jacks choose to promote Tyler Weaver. Weaver managed Swansea's youth team for the past few years, and the club feels he can help them push for a promotion to the premiership this year. When reporters caught up with the new manager he had this to say: "I'm excited for the opportunity the club has given me. There are some major changes about to take place. These changes include our team philosophy as well as some personnel changes." Weaver followed through on
  3. Re: Birmingham City FC ratings Good Job! I was just thinking about picking up McFadden in my league as I am Wolves. He has 8 starts and 2 goals, and I was kinda thinking he would rise to 87 as well. Just wanna see if ur pretty sure on that one?
  4. Re: Transfer Help! I accepted it. thanks you for the advice. Fletcher should get the rise, and if Ebanks Blake hadnt got injured early this season it might have been different. But ill take fletcher
  5. Re: Transfer Help! I would be getting Fletcher
  6. Re: Transfer Help! anyone got an opinion"?
  7. I'm debating on a trade with my Wolves squad. I Get: Steven Fletcher(22)-87 for Ebanks Blake(23)- 85 and Stefan Maierhofer(27)-86 and 2 million I know Blake is very good, but Fletcher has been doing well too. What do you guys think?
  8. Re: Johnny Russell. Well, the better for me as I'm going to pick him up for the future. Do you recommend him for a division 5 team in a GC?
  9. Is the 87 rated RB who plays for Guadalajara injured? He hasnt played in awhile from the research I have done? Any news?
  10. Re: 4 on 4 Fantasy Football (LOOKING FOR PARTICIPANT!) Count me in!
  11. Re: Gold Championship 56 Match Reports/Transfer News "Blas Strikes Twice, But Pachuca Lose" Pachuca faced off against Tecod de la UAG tonight in front of a full house 32,996 fans. After three minutes, the crowd erupted when Blas Perez received a beautiful corner kick from Stjepan Tomas and headed it past the motionless goalie. Fredy Bareiro notched the equalizer at the 8 minute mark with a horrible shot that fooled Miguel Calero, the Pachuca keeper. The Tomas to Perez combo struck again for Pachuca at the 15 minute mark putting them up 2-1. Once again, Fredy Bareiro struck the equalizer
  12. Re: Urgent Help!!! Thanks, any other opinionms?
  13. I'm Pachuca and wanted to make surre this deal is good. Pachuca: Christian Geminez(28)-89 for Racing Santander: Gonzalo Colsa(29)-89 + Peter Luccin(29)-88 Both the players im getting are CM, and will really help strengthen my midfield. Is it a good deal?
  14. Re: Gold Championship 56 Match Reports/Transfer News "Pachuca Reveal Latest Signing" Late Wednesday night, Pachuca were working on sealing a deal with Racing Genke. The deal saw Ndabashinze Dugari come to Pachuca and Raul Ascension Martinez and Edwin Borboa go to Racing Genke. Dugari is a Burundian 20 year old winger. Manager Weaver adressed the fans during a press conference announcing the new signing and had this to say. "We have been after this kid(Dugari) for awhile. The staff at Racing Genke were reluctant to let him go, but we made them an offer they couldn't refuse. He will get s
  15. Re: Gold Championship 56 Match Reports/Transfer News Pachuca Gets New Signings! Late Sunday afternoon, Pachuca brought in their first transfer of the season. Anthony Seric, pictured above, was brought from Hajduk Split on a deal reported to be around 5 million. When we sat down to talk to Pachuca's new manager Tyler Weaver, he had this to say. "We are really excited to have Anthony come to Mexico, he has been a force in the back for Hajduk, and we needed an experienced man to come and play Left Back for us." Seric has been named the starting Left Back for Pachuca, and will start in thei
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