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  1. Re: has anyone regain his rating ever There has been quite a few for eample: Nani was 90 went to 89 then 90, 91 and is now 92 also i am sure Del Piero went from 94, 92, 94, 92 and is now down to 90
  2. Re: Ibrahimovic deal with Inter whats the name of the setup you are in??
  3. Re: Any suggestion on CF whose rate 85+ and rising soon Barrios 89 defo get 90 and maybe 91 at the end of the season oh and he is defo a CF
  4. Re: PLEASE HELP! Just cannot win, whatever I do!
  5. Re: Need a CF! Hi again Stay away from a 4-4-1-1 stick to the tacktics i gave you as the seem to be working. for your CF problem get rid of Ibria and try to get Milito, Torres, Drogba or Fabiano but depending on who you get make sue the deal is in you Favour as you will be letting a to player go. PM the manager who has Torres and see if he will give you a straight swap put it to him that its a good deal as Ibra will defo stay 96 but that due to liverpool including Torres playing bad that he might drop to a 95 (tho i am pretty sure he will stay. Also try and get Bastos for your team as he
  6. Re: Ibrahimovic deal with Inter You need a really good CF for your team so ask the inter manager to give you Milito + £10 mill for Ibra and if not just go for a straight swap.
  7. Re: Countering 5-3-2 Defensive Hi there I would play a 5-4-1 My favoured tacticts are 5-3-2 but when ever I have came up againest any one who also plays 5-3-2 I always switch to a 5-4-1 and it tends to always come good its very rare that i lose playing 5-4-1 against a 5-3-2. The reason for this is that you have the extra man in the middle so get more possession and more shots but at the same time you do need to have a decent team. so go for 5-4-1 Normal Normal Direct Through the middle Normal Own Half Counter Men behind ball Tight Play maker Target man Good luck
  8. Re: PLEASE HELP! Just cannot win, whatever I do! Hi again stick with the 5-3-2 it worked with you in the friendly and should work again. you have a formation that has worked for you yes it was only a friendly but you really need to stick with a formation for a few games befor you go changing it. and remember what i said to you before dont just try and fit players in your team at the wrong position just because they are high rated (Messi at LM??) it can and does back fire on you. good luck
  9. Re: CRUCIAL Match! Need QUICK help! How did you get on tonight? And what formation did you use?
  10. Re: Manager needed for a forum filled setup (The Intercourse) Hi there I am up for it. I can give it the attention it deserves and i am 100% sure i can do good for the team. I have been playing SM for a while not my rating is curently 147 Thanks
  11. Re: CRUCIAL Match! Need QUICK help! I would go 5-3-2 Give this a try it works great for me. It might not look great as you will be leaving top players on the bench but i am surethis will work for you. Valdes Puyol-Pique-Abidal Mascherano Alves-Khedira-Xavi-Maxwell Villa-Derdiyok Mascherano with arrow going back Alves & Maxwell with arrow forward Villa as playmaker & Derdiyok as target man Hard Normal Direct Mixed Slow Own Half Counter Tight Marking Play maker Offside Target man 3 changes at 60 mins Villa for Messi Khedira for Keita Alves for Iniesta
  12. Re: Russian and Ukraine Player Analysis 2010 Andriy SHEVCHENKO any 1 know what is rating will be after the changes RISE/STAY/DROP?? Thanks
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