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  1. Re: New view of the website Hi, please can we go back to the old layout. It's like people messing around with Match Of The Day. We don't care how it looks as long as we see lots of football and all the goals etc. Please, work on the match engine and revert to the old ratings system. Get rid of random ratings changes and go back to league-by-league structured systematic ratings changes - do the German league... then the Italian league... then the Spanish league... get some routine back into it. People judge risers and plan ahead using this. The randomness does not help. Leave the clubs on the home page - I don't want to have to click lots of buttons to get to my team pages. We appreciate the need for you to "keep the site up to date" and all the likes and that making changes like this are easy and relatively quick to do compared to match engine/other changes but these are not really what needs to be done. It's like you've removed every line from the website and tried to make it as blank as possible while keeping all the same information there. I know it's minor, but please, stop changing things.
  2. Re: directly to 90! Yes, they have talent, but they have to consistently prove it over a longer period of time than they have at the moment. Given time, yes, they will rise. Tello's career path could well follow Pedro's where his rating is just a little too high for his talent but given what he's won, it's given. Oscar's rating will depend on how he fits into Chelsea, given the number of midfielders/attacking midfielder Chelsea have, he may well be rotated to an extent until/if he proves himself indispensable. on a regular basis is an important bit :-)
  3. Re: Alba-get him for sandro and 3 mil?? If you got Alba then you did the right thing there. He'll be Spain and Barcelona's starting left back for years. If his career goes smoothly then he'll be 92/93 in no time.
  4. Re: Rossi or Cavani?? This is a very important point. The fact that Rossi is playing in the second division in his country could have a deciding impact on his rating. 92 in the Spanish 2nd division? SM might drop him. Cavani has hit 33 goals in each of his last two seasons - a third season at that level could see him hit 93. Pedro - Robinho - Gomez - Tevez are the other 93 rated strikers. Cavani would belong in that group in my opinion.
  5. Re: Ashley Young defo not 90! Frankly I think Young is hanging onto his 90. He's impressed in fits and starts for United but nothing consistent enough to get his 91 or 92 as you imply. He's doing it at a big club which is a good thing though. And with Nani seemingly falling out of favour a little bit (lots of rumours of him going) - then he's got more opportunities to impress - as Kagawa seems to be employed in the middle rather than out wide.
  6. Re: Player ratings The fact that Torres has gone down from 96 to 95 to 94 to 93 to 92 shows that he has potential to rise back up to higher ratings - it will depend on how much he figures for Chelsea and how they do in Europe. Whether he's a better prospect than Tevez is another matter. Recently went from 93 to 94 and then back to 93 so there's scope for it.
  7. Re: Quick Question: M. ABDELLAOUE Abdellaoue has six goals in five games so far this season. I reckon an 89 if he keeps up his form and a possible 90 if Hannover have a good season overall.
  8. Re: filip kiss Four games for Cardiff so far this season on loan for the season. Will be due a rise if he keeps this up.
  9. Re: Squad improvements How much do you follow Italian football? Buy Cavani. Especially if you can get him for £22m.
  10. Re: 87+ Strikers with potential to rise Not the greatest players around but keep an eye on Lacina Traore and Libor Kozak, getting game time for their respective clubs. Also Fabio Borini has started a couple for Roma on loan from Parma.
  11. Re: Bonucci AND Ranocchia Bonucci - one start and one sub appearance so far this season for Juve.
  12. Re: Time to cash in? If you offered me Busquets for £38m cash I would snap your hand off. I've turned down offers for more than double that. Have a look around at other 94 rated DM/CM (either position) and especially at his age.... biggest club in the world and young and Spanish. You should keep him.
  13. Re: N.chadli I'd keep him.
  14. Re: Will david luiz get a rise in next rating changes?? Luiz has been exposed upon occasion since joining Chelsea in his defensive capabilities. But saying that he is a regular full international and playing for a higher rated team than Dawson which gives him the edge ratings wise. Also, Dawson has had injury problems recently (as seems to affect quite a few Spurs defenders).
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