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  1. @Kev If you set up a new personalized world, activating the zeroing of the team, do the teams that remain without human possession, have the team ready or will they market anyway?
  2. Thank you so much for the reply
  3. Hi, I bought (and am therefore an owner) a personalized game world last February. We finished the first season. I would like to add extra funds to all the teams. With the championship matches over, I already had "the next season starting 9 July 2019". But going into the advanced settings, BEFORE this date, it didn't make me change anything, because the setting of the first season was already done. Today, July 9, 2019, season 2 started, I went into settings and set the money to 160Mil, but they didn't arrive at any club. I would like to understand if: it takes a few days for the changes to be valid and if the game allows each season to add extra funds. Thanks for any reply.
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