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  1. Hi all, Thanks v much for all the responses on Ferland Mendy or Lodi. Pretty unanimous, even though I've had Lodi from a lowly 82 and watched his rise. Was hoping to hold on and see if he goes higher...but ah well. Chance of a nice profit now. I've got a couple of interesting offers, for people's thoughts please, so for my Lodi: 1) Elvedi + £10m (Elvedi would be the same as my current RB Bellerin). So what does Elvedi vs Bellerin look like? 2) Mandragora (don't know much about him) + Tyler Adams + £23m! 3) Straight swap for Brandt - from what I've seen on the posts, h
  2. Ferland Mendy or Renan Lodi? I have both but am starting to get unhappiness from Lodi. Not much in the current rating, so could go with either. Currently starting Mendy. Who has the best chance of going highest? I'll probably keep that one...
  3. Hi all, Ive been offered Lukaku (92) for my Alcacer (90). Would you take that? Alcacer is a starter, and will be for a while. Lukaku will be as well. I'll be playing either of them as a main striker in a 2. Thanks!!
  4. What do we think the potential is for Kessie? I'm considering selling him, but wondered if we think he'll go past 90..
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