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  1. Re: Which Part To Improve From My Squad Thread HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can you take look at my squad. what tactic should i use?????????? which player shoul i buy or sell??????????? this is my squad http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=1031918&clubid=2630231&sid=5689
  2. Hi........ I have found 1 great talent from german. he is Thomas MULLER. he has great skills and fast.he has scored in UEFA cup against Sporting. he is ON DB NAME=Thomas MULLER AGE=19 RATING=80 Hope i helped:):)
  3. Re: Help with deal. hi:) i don't think that your chaiman will agree. i think thats is a good deal. benzema surely will rise i also have benzema at my squad and i have made offer to ronaldo. he accept it:D:D:D
  4. Re: KAKA TO 97: YES or NO? surely he is overrated:eek: messi is better than him. kaka as not good as ronaldo. surely he will drop.
  5. can anybobody help me in the new tactics?how to use an arrow this is my squad real madrid http://www.soccermanager.com/tactics.php
  6. Re: complete English Premier League Predictions that is my pridiction. however you did a good job:) :)
  7. 15 mill for this player is it a good offer:confused:
  8. Re: help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank for the reply:) :)
  9. Re: help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please answer me thanks to the reply:(
  10. HELLO mahmadou diarra = carrick is it a good deal :confused:
  11. hello can they rise? berbatov walcott kuyt fraizer campbell casillas silva dani alves robben benzema higuin i need the answer asap
  12. Re: I need a good Winger and Foward! i think you should buy: benzema 93 (21) nani 90 (22) rise (91/92) higuin 90 (21) rise soon that all i can help. :)
  13. Re: cabbytoodles List Of 90+ Rated Risers. great....... but i dont think arbeloa wil rise
  14. Re: cabbytoodles List Of 90+ Rated Risers. great... can i ask you something? will all this player rise? berbatov kalou fraizer campbell kuyt pepe marcelo benzema silva dani alves hleb robben please answer me asap.
  15. Re: Benzema will benzema rise? 6 mill for guti. good offer or not?????/
  16. Re: will Zlatan Ibrahimovic yeah. rooney is the best striker ever will simao, fraizer campbell,benzema and arjen robben rise??? anyone??????????? please
  17. Re: will Zlatan Ibrahimovic i agree with you benzema will rise or stay93?
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