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  1. Re: New Setup Coming Soon - Please Join. My Email : Phantom_Opera9090@yahoo.com Club : Atletico Madrid Or Man United Note : Can I be Man Utd if there is no one???
  2. Re: New Setup Coming Soon - Please Join. bednter or vela???
  3. Re: New Setup Coming Soon - Please Join. Anyone interest in simao ????????
  4. Re: New Setup Coming Soon - Please Join. Singh, wat is you team???
  5. Re: World Football Domination Official Transfer News/Club News Thread chelsea won the youth cup chelsea 2-1 ajax
  6. Re: New Setup Coming Soon - Please Join. Karim benzema, benzema= forlan + money??
  7. Re: the new improvements planned what happend to this setup????? anyone?? English Championship 4403
  8. Re: New Setup Coming Soon - Please Join. i changing from valencia to atletico madrid:)
  9. Re: New Custom league GOOD teams left!! Applied For Liverpool..
  10. Re: FIFA 10 Official Thread i can change player shirts number in FIFA 07 :eek:...i dont think 08 and 09 cant...lol
  11. Re: World Super League i will add you using my another account named AS_7
  12. Re: New Setup Coming Soon - Please Join. I dont think you can choose selagor........cuz it need at least 12 players... Atletico madrid for me...:)
  13. Re: New Setup Coming Soon - Please Join. is there any youth cup??
  14. Re: New Setup Coming Soon - Please Join. valencia for me???
  15. Re: New WC being made at 19:00 forumers join waht is the gameworld number??
  16. Re: New Setup Coming Soon - Please Join. wat team are left???
  17. Re: where is my money? I also had the same problem... Try to sign out and log in again....it work for me....
  18. Re: How will these players do in their next changes? red one is likely to rise..
  19. Re: "EuRo"--AcTiVitiES THreAd--- Thierry Henry returns to Arsenal Barca has sold their 95 rated striker to Arsenal for 18 Million + Bendtner and Vela.Barca's boss,Brad Pitt are ready to use that money to buy new striker to replaced Henry."I'm sorry for Henry.He is great striker but he must go because he is too old for us and I think he will get first elevan at his new club,Arsenal. Barcelona’s striker came up from Arsenal 2 years ago and managed a formidable adaptation to their style of play and proved to be another player , very altruist in the game. Barcelona also has sent their youngster,Bojan to Internazionale on loan. "This loan move is great for him.He might get some experienced at Intermilan.And i know he can be good combination with Etoo. Henry left Spain this morning. On loan at Intermilan
  20. Re: "EuRo"--AcTiVitiES THreAd--- Brad Pitt confirmed as the new manager at Barcelona for the new season He replaces Pep Guardiola, who leaves after 1 season and 3 titles and won the treble last season but he has been sacked by Joan Laporta after did not managed the money well. The Barcelona Chairman, Joan Laporta, has confirmed that Brad Pitt will replace Guardiola at the end of the season as the manager of the team. The news comes as no real surprise with considerable press speculation in Spain over recent days. The decision was taken today after a four hour long meeting of the board which has praised the ‘excellent work and behaviour’ of the outgoing Guardiola, who Laporta described as a technician who had made history at Barça. He has spent only a season at the club and win 3 cups. Laporta said the choice of Brad Pitt as his replacement guaranteed ‘the continuity of the foot-balling ideal which has taken us to success’. Brad Pitt is now 45 and only has the experience of training the Real Madrid Castilla team which is in the third division. He is well loved in the city after 2 times brings R.Madrid Castilla won the tittle in 4 season.
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