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  1. I chose Kane because: I have it, he has scored 11 goals in 6 games and I have not had Lewandowski, in short try Kane in 5 games and Lewandowski 5 games to see who scores the most goals, the one with the most goals will be the holder and the other substitute.
  2. Use the 4-2-3-1 B indicated on the first page Formation: 1 Becker 2 Fabinho 4 Piqué 5 Ramos 3 chiellini 6 Verratti 8 De Bruyne 7 Messi 10 Hazard 11 Mbappé 9 Kane Instructions for the players: Captain: 7 Messi Penalties : 7 Messi Free kicks: 7 Messi Corners: 7 Messi Midfielder: 10 Hazard Forward: 9 Kane. Hopefully it helps you there, let me know privately how you are doing ok. Thank you
  3. The goal difference is not necessary, because what is important is the crossing of you 1 vs 2 who has won more between you and then the goal difference. PS: If the difference in goals for and against is worth, then the total of goals is subtracted in favor against then. Name your squad please
  4. Thus the team: 1. Becker 2. Walker 4. Hummels 5. Gimenez 3. Robertson 6. Verratti 8. Kroos 7. Eriksen 10. niguez 11. Aubameyang 9. icardi
  5. Hello, how are you? If I have one, we will send it to you privately.
  6. Hello, first send photos of the game against Leicester and you need to sell players to improve the team.
  7. Hello, how are you? name your team. Thank you
  8. Hello how are you doing? Are you still playing? What is the world and the id of the game world. Thank you
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