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  1. 1) Brozovic + Pau Torres or Barella 2) Coman or Nkuku 3) I have Pavard, Mukiele, Di Lorenzo, Dumfries. Who to sell ? Di Lorenzo has been impressive for Napoli. Dumfries will go 90 in winter
  2. I sold my Moreno+10m for Insigne. Should be fine right 😂 I have Benzema and Lewa
  3. Llorente + Casemiro or Hakimi+Kante ? I have the first 2 😂
  4. I am looking to cut down on my :- CB Hummels, T Silva,Bonucci, De Vrij Rudiger, Sule, Pau Torres and Pavard RB Cuadrado, Sule, Pavard, Giovanni Lorenzo, Mukiele Anyone i should sell ? The excess i would look to trade out
  5. 1) M Maignan, E Mendy, De Gea or E Martinez for 2nd choice? Or maybe I should get none cause my first choice is Donnaruma 😅 2) Lozano, Politano, Saelemakers, Leao or Rebic ? Who will rise ? 3) Coman + Reus for Sane + Fabian Ruiz ?
  6. I would like to know about player concerns My Coman and Reus are at lvl 3 concern 1) I know their concern will reduce if i play them more often, but how often ? 2) When should i start playing them, next game onwards or start of new season ( when does the count start) 3) When will the next concern be ? Every 2 months or every season ? 4) Does concern affect their performance ?
  7. I have Osimhen, Schick, Malen and Ings. Anyone i should sell to get Greenwood ? None of them play in my team
  8. Been offered Greenwood for max price (32m). He won't be in my bench until he is atleast 90 rated. Should i buy him ? My strikers are Lewa, Benzema and Moreno
  9. Coman + Brozovic or Sane ? Coman + Bonucci or Sane ?
  10. Should I sell R Guerreiro ? Doesnt look like he'll get 92 with Dortmund. I have Theo Hernandez and Luke Shaw Saul ? Will he drop again in Winter ? G Moreno any chance of getting 93 ? Andre Silva and Dzeko 92 ?
  11. I have at option to buy wirtz at 19m. He won't even be in bench for my team. Should i get him ? His base is 10m
  12. Badly need a first choice Rb. Any rb who will get +1 to 91 or 92 ?
  13. Also been offered Rashford + Lewandowski for DCL+Kounde+Mount+Chiesa
  14. Im planning to get Lewandowski. I also have Sancho and Benzema. So let me know if any of the deal is worth it since none of them are in my main XI Chiesa + Kounde = Lewandowski Coman + Chiesa = Lewandowski Mount + Kounde = Lewandowski Mount + Chiesa = Lewandowski Coman + Kounde = Lewandowski
  15. Whom to sell (RB) anyone with potention to rise ? N Mukiele J Corona Di Lorenzo Dumfries Jeremiah Juste (Mainz)
  16. Who is likely to reach 92 soon/winter And whom should I sell ? R De Paul F Kessie Mount Chiesa PS: Thanks for your opinions on Nuno. I wanted to keep Nuno just that Leverkusen are also on form (Bakker) 😂
  17. Nuno Mendes or M bakker +8m ? None of them will even be my subs. Just keeping them as potential. I have Nuno
  18. Which player should I sell ? Coman, Rashford, Sancho or Chiesa Also Any 90/91 rated rb to rise soon(winter) ? thanks in advance
  19. So any Italy players rising since they won the Euro? Especially Donnaruma and Chiesa Shaw and Trippier deserves 92 but not solely based on Euros. Thoughts ?
  20. Who is likely to rise soon or in winter E Martinez E Mendy M Maignan Y Sommer
  21. Best player on the pitch. Should be in a top top club tbh
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