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  1. Re: Should i accept or not? please help Anybody? Please help, remember I have Ederson.
  2. FC Schalke 04 have made an offer to Trabzonspor for Honorato EDERSON of £0 plus Marcelo BORDON and Ivan RAKITIC I've got EDERSON.
  3. Accept/Reject? Vidic = Maicon & Busquets. I've got Vidic.
  4. accept or reject? roma have offered MEXES for ANELKA. IVE GOT ANELKA. my current strikers - fabiano/ruud/agbonlahor my current defenders - vidic/ramos/carvalho/a.cole in the up and coming season out of mexes and anelka, wud rise/drop etC? plz help asap
  5. hi ive got torres. and man utd offered straight swap for ronaldo, do i accept? it might sound like a stupid question but torres is quality and so is ronaldo..
  6. Barcelona have made an offer to Liverpool for José FERNANDO TORRES of £0 plus Martín CACERES and Samuel ETO'O. I've got Torres. Should I ask for money or a better player instead of Caceres?
  7. Re: Little bit of help pleaseeeeee.. =] okayyyyy some good 1s theres, what about the 22 yr old 90s on the game, any future potentials, that u lot can recommend, and give me opinions oin whaty there season cyud b like, if they gna play etc.
  8. Hi as many people have done I have done a division 4 challenge with huddersfield. i am currently top of div 3, & promoted 2 div 2. But, I have already.. RUI PATRICIO Buss Henrique Kjaer Maldini - retiring Santon Rafael - on loan nani - on loan denilson banega tosic koller and b4 these i had all the argentinian risers which i sold, i nw have about 20million to spend.. i am really looking to buy a young 87-90ish striker or defender [riser] can u help me plz.
  9. Re: Mats Hummels anybody else? im still undecided on what 2 do, i thought he was meant to be a good player a definet riser, didnt realise he was injury prone etc.. i need mre help!:|
  10. Worth buying? I can get him for chairman value? Would it be worth it? Will he rise next time around etc???
  11. Accept/Reject? Udinese have made a new offer to Aston Villa for Simone PERROTTA of £0 plus Christian GENTNER and Santos RAMIRES.
  12. Basically in a setup im in, a team as just been come available, and has the following players who do u think wud b the best player to sign. ive got plenty of cash. BECK, Andreas MARICA, Ciprian GIVET, Gaël BASTURK, Yildiray SCHAFER, Raphael RADU, Sergiu FARNERUD, Alexander ELSON, Falcão FELGENHAUER SOLIS, Alvaro PINO, Eric PERCHTOLD, Peter FISCHER, Manuel RAHN, Johannes SCHIPPLOCK, Sven PISCHORN, Marco Please help me, I'm not sure on what these players will do in the future with rising etc.
  13. Hi I'm Huddersfield Town in a setup, and have made a great team so far. With all the risers hitting the 80's, but I was wondering which players I could buy next, Can you tell me the players around 85+ that will rise in the future?
  14. I need help, I'm real madrid and ive got in defence Zambrotta,pepe,ramos,cannavora and for back up - Drenthe,Marcelo,Van der viel, which is poor Which young 90's can u recommend me. like the usual 22 - 90s. and will they rise etc?
  15. I've got BARRY! Barry = Albelda + Becks + 9m? If that wouldn't go through, what about with less money, would it still be a good deal?
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