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  1. I think he is growing into a great player and is worth 90 material.
  2. SwissAl


    Totti has been doing great this season in the Serie A. 2 Stupendos goals vs Milan and he is a clear playmaker for the team. His ability to shoot, pass, and create plays has undoubtably made Roma the team it is today. I think 96, and maybe 97 in the future.
  3. SwissAl


    He has been having a great season and a pretty good world cup. I think he deserves an increase.
  4. I have a funny goal. On my first game with a good team (they rocked while i sucked since i was 3 years younger). Well anyway.We were losing 6-0 and me and this guy do a series of passes to one another. The reason why is cause neither wanted the ball (These guys were aggressive). I take the ball and run towards goal and the goalie responds by running out. I go to kick the ball gets stuck on my foot instead of kicking it i lob it over the keeper by accident! I was like 9 but i always find that funny. We lost 8-1.
  5. Actually happens to me loads to. I play totti in midfield and he is great then as a f and his rating drops. :/ Dunno why tho
  6. He has his signature with the 2 Charlton brothers on a resturant wall.
  7. Well a friend of my dads actually was very close to going pro. He used to play as a goalie and would have made it to pro for a great team (cnt member name ) but the coach came to him and said your too short. Hehe pretty funny story. But great thing is he actually has his signature on a wall of a resturant with 2 English soccer heroes. Charlton and someone else (not good with names>.<). Just thought id share the story. He's like 40 now so:( but he was a great keeper. Just thought id share a small story cause im bored to hell waiting to see what the result for my game was.
  8. Yea im not sure if i agree cause that sorta confused me a bit . but sometimes it feels like the result is random. I have a great team great form vs a team which is horrible in everything. When i play i lose. i can understand this happening once or twice but it keeps happening >.
  9. But barca isnt unmanaged and they have an excellent team.
  10. Ive been thinking and testing different tactics to tryt o beat the common 4-4-2. Now would 4-1-3-2 be a good tactic. Help. Thx in advance for info. I will be playing barca and they have always played a 4-4-2 with their best players(7you know em). Im Milan.
  11. Long story but i managed to get my team back. :D:D:D
  12. Turns out nothing they can do. Im sad to lose a team ive worked so hard to improve. And im frustrated to know a guy stole the team. But lifes tough and i need a helmet. Suks how i was doing so well. I had kaka, gattuso, pirlo, xabi, totti, robinho etc. And was 1st. I think im gonna quit soccermanager, theres no real reason i jst llost my interest in it after i lost milan. Im sorry for causing trouble. thx for all ur help. Wish things could go better. *jumps out window* hehe jking.
  13. Well it was june and i was tired of playing hattrick (another soccermanager type game). I hated how you couldnt have realplayers. So i went to google and types soccer manager games. And out of the 3 i tried i liked this one the best
  14. Ahhh i got a msgsaying i had a msg from an admin and my pop up blocker blocked it what do i do????
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