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  1. I don't use to use arrows, but I guess that it has some impact. How did games go for you? Some of my tactics worked well but I failed super hard playing too agressive vs a weaker team and lost 2/1 against 4-4-2 unmanaged xD
  2. That squad is super strong. If you want to play down both flanks I recomend you to place Eriksen and Aubameyang on the sides and Son in the middle, both players can use both feet and that way your best players will be on the most relevant positions. At 45 if you want to change to mixed attacking and use a playmaker you can put back Eriksen in the middle and choose him. It may not make a big difference but it is important to assign your players in the way that fits better your tactic!
  3. Hi again! Assuming that the players of both teams had full stamina, the example fits perfectly what I said! Look at what Lille did. He saw that his team was super weaker than yours, so he decided to play a defensive formation (4231A), defensive playstyle, hard tackling to deny possession and fast tempo, so when he got the ball he took it away from his area as quick as possible to counter attack. He was smart and chose a good tactic! Also you did not play with all your best players, Godín, Cavani and Verratti were on the bench. If I were you I would have played an absolutly offensive
  4. Giovanni Tiepo +8! Your method rocks.
  5. Hi! You are right when you say that those posts are super old, but the guidelines they give still do work. To choose what to play you need to consider the advantages of your squad respect to the other, so it will always depend on your rival's strenghts and weakness. For example, it is no the same to play agains a team super strong in defense but that lacks good forwards than against a team with super strong forwards but whose defenders are wide worse than your attackers. Your team's rates are 91 gk 92 94 93 91 92 91 def 92 91 94 93 94 90 mids 92 90 91 94 95 93 in the order that you
  6. I dont speak french but google translator is my ally xD I think you mean that only 4-2-3-1 B works on this game, but its not true. I recomend you to read a post called "A guide for newcomers" where a guy explains how to build a good tactic. You can find that post in the "Tactical Help" section here on the forum. 4231B works well in a lot of situations because it is a balanced formation, but can be easily countered with a correct playstyle.
  7. Hi bud! This forum is a bit dead, not many ppl visit it for whatever that isnt player scouting. Guardiola's tiki taka 4-3-3 in soccer manager would be something like the 4 -3 -3 A or B (with wingers), passing style short, attacking mixed, mentality normal-attacking, tackling normal-hard, tempo slow, pressing all over with one of the right or left midfielders as playmaker (Xavi) and maybe your best forward as target man.
  8. Hi! Ousmane Dembelé is having several problems because of his attitude and Barcelona has a lot of forwards and wingers this year, so I wouldnt expect him to rise in the next year but I also think that he is not going to get demoted, he doesnt play bad. Asensio will be injured for 5 months or so, so his rating isn't going to change. After that It will depend of how well he performs. If I were you I would wait one or two months and if Dembele doesnt play regularly, sell him. Remember that its just my opinion! Im not a profesional.
  9. Hi! I'm new and I would like to ask something. I dont know if you have answered how does this system work, if it is like that and there is any post where it is explained just tell me and I´ll read it by myself. I´ve seen that most times you upload the increases like 2 weeks or one month after the predictions, but others like Croatia or Scottland had the predictions 3 or 4 months ago but the increases are not uploaded yet although some players got several increments on their ratings. Why is this happening? Do you know when is the game going to update the ratings or does it simply fit in ti
  10. Hi! I´ve been playing this game for a few weeks (even though my account is 10 years old) and I still have not found a website or guide inside or outside the game that explains the effect of each instruction or formation. There are some usefull posts here on the forum, but not a place where it is said exactly, for example, what does "Men behind ball" do, how does it affect your attack, defense, midfielders or forwards. All I can do to create my tactis is figure out based on my personal knowledge on football and a little of what I see in the match report how is it going to perform, but several t
  11. Hi! I would like to know if these advices do still work because the post is 11 years old, I´ve tried the possession tactic in a few games and it went terribly wrong. I also want to know if there is an updated version of this, thanks!
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