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  1. Re: World Championship 11111 Discussion thread Borussia Dortmund squad is basically complete now. Will try and trade out Mohammed Zidan for a decent young winger from externals if possible but that's about it
  2. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread The tough tackling Chilean midfielder is more than good enough to make an impact in Serie A so I'm expecting him to be a good long term signing for us. Kick off our debut in division 1 tonight against Schalke. Quite nervous
  3. Re: World Championship 11111 Discussion thread Three more additions to the Dortmund squad: Ezequiel Calvente - Very surprised that we had no competition for this player. A rising talent in Spanish footbal. Should have a long career with us at Dortmund. Philipp Wollscheid - This guy was the top target from our remaining bids. He was revelation in the second half of the season in the Bundesliga for Nurnberg. Unbeatable in the air and a good turn of pace, will be interesting to see how he develops over the next couple of years. Mohamed Diame - Done great for Wigan and is player I rate very highly. More than good enough to be playing for a bigger club. Will provide cover for Sven Bender in defensive midfield. We missed out on Kevin De Bruyne and haven't quite got enough left in the kitty to follow through with our accepted bid for Pablo Sarabia so we are still in the hunt for a new winger. Plenty of options still available so we should be able to secure someone decent soon enough.
  4. Re: World Championship 11111 Discussion thread I probably get on some peoples nerves as after negotiations are complete I often send a PM with the deal clearly outlined asking for confirmation that that is what has been agreed before I accept or make bids. Only with people I don't know though. Had a lot of problems with people changing things half way through a 2-3 part deal in the past. And I've also made the mistake of not reading through proposals accurately and getting wires crossed but always honoured the agreement if I was wrong. Judging from your PM it's very clear what you're asking for so Everton should accept their mistake and honour the deal. Hopefully you get it sorted
  5. Re: World Championship 11111 Discussion thread Finally got transfers organised with Dortmund after sending out bids all over the place. We've got a fantastic starting XI but the squad lacks depth, especially in defence and on the wings. Happy enough with how things have gone so far. New Signings Sébastien Corchia Bruno Ecuele Manga Roberto Canella Matthias Zimmermann Accepted Bids Mohamed Diame Ezequiel Calvente Kevin De Bruyne (Competition with Olympiacos) Pablo Sarabia (Competition with Standard Liège, VfB Stuttgart, Shakhtar) Philipp Wollscheid (Competition with Standard Liège, FC Porto) We have bids accepted on three wingers but only need two of them. Calvente will definately join. We haven't got the funds to cover all our accepted bids. If we get Wollscheid (very doubtful) then our Sarabia bid will collapse if it's the best. If things go perfectly we'll get De Bruyne and Wollscheid and be left with a little cash to sign another prospect. Odds of that happening don't look good though.
  6. Re: World Championship 11111 Discussion thread Yes you'll still get your refund. I requested a refund too but changed my mind after thinking about it. It's very frustrating with how things have gone but once it opens tonight and things settle I'm sure I'll get my money's worth out of Dortmund and WC11111. I'm sure you will too with your Palermo.
  7. Re: The Red Star Championship Very talented Blackburn Rovers center back who could have a breakthrough season with Phil Jones departure to Manchester United. Very pleased with this signing. Another hit for our short term rating though trading an 83 for an 80 but will definately be worth it in the long term. Can't trade anyone else out of the Piacenze squad so will have to sell what's left before we can bring any more prospects to the club. Was thinking about keeping our higher rated players but with Piacenza's relegation from Serie B it's only a matter of time before these players drop so might as well sell them while I have a chance.
  8. Re: World Championship 11111 Discussion thread Probably linked accounts. Very surprised this hasn't opened yet. Talk about greedy. Considering getting a refund on Dortmund and taking a division 4 club for nowt.
  9. Re: World Championship 11111 - Are you interested? To be honest I had to think twice before reserving a team but in the end I thought well the man Arfon is behind it so why not. I'm in this for the long term no matter what happens. I've burnt too much money on this game in the past so I will be looking to get the most out of my £2.99 in WC11111. Just hope this game world doesn't get filled with lemmings. Some people are going to quit, it happened in the early days of WC10000 but it wasn't full of lemmings. The quitters were ignored and the majority stuck with their clubs. See that game world has a strong nucleus of single minded people who can think for themselves. Fingers crossed we get the same dynamics here. I think this is going to be a rough ride but I'm looking forward to it As for my plans with Dortmund. I will be looking add more young talent to a squad already boasting a great deal of potential. Players such as Gotze, Hummels, Subotic, Bender, Schmelzer, Barrios, Kagawa etc are not for sale.
  10. Re: World Championship 11111 - Are you interested?
  11. Re: The Ultimate SM Championship Toulouse have got rid of their remaining 2 trash 70 players and replaced them with a couple of prospects which at least slightly improves the first team squad.
  12. Re: The Red Star Championship Another prospect added to the Dinamo Tbilisi squad and that almost certainly concludes our moves into the transfer market for a while
  13. Re: The Olive League I think Volpi may have retired so decided to trade him out while I had a chance. Ahmedov should be a very decent replacement for him. Can't see much else happening in the way of transfers for a while at Piacenza as we have no cash left and not much can be done in the way of trades. Reasonably happy with what we have brought into the squad with 18 players joining in total. Looking forward to the season kicking off now
  14. Re: IEFA European Masters Championship Discussion Thread SMFA Shield: FC København 1 Manchester United 1 Same old story. Decent enough performance but another poor result. Early season form has been terrible really and I can't explain it. Good thing is that Group A remains tight so still have a very good chance of getting through to the knockout stages. IEFA Cup: Ferencvárosi TC 0 Manchester United 4 The reserves have no problem taking apart the Hungarians with goals from Jones, Valencia x2 and Hernandez. That's the victory in our last 7 games. Hopefully we'll start getting a taste for it now and improve our form. We face VfB Stuttgart in round 2. Next up a tough away trip at Ajax and a reunion with Berbatov. He's been on fire for the Amsterdammers with 7 goals in 5 games. I've got my fingers crossed he doesn't punish us for selling him.
  15. Re: World Championship 11111 - Are you interested? Had to think about it but took Dortmund in the end
  16. Re: World Championship 11111 - Are you interested? 11111 has been up for 4 mins
  17. Re: The Olive League Job offer sent
  18. Re: The Red Star Championship Only bid on Oxlade when the game world opened but lost the lottery for him. Didn't get my other bids in until later in the evening and decided to keep away from players who already had bids on them. Mainly long term prospects but very happy that I got all my targets apart from Oxlade without competition. New additions to the Dinamo Tbilisi squad: Esteban Andrada Jake Bidwell Lorenzo Crisetig Gianluca Caprari Jody Lukoki Paco Alcacer Dan Burn Daniel Carvajal Miranda Roderick Marc Hornschuh Loureiro Allan Aparecido Wellington Conor Henderson Romain Alessandrini Cristian Tello Nicola Leali Marc-Andre Ter Stegen
  19. Re: The Olive League Granit Xhaka Olive is my favourite as well mate. Seems more of an impossible challenge long term whereas in Red Star I think a few of us will eventually get to division 1 and once there be able to compete reasonably well. Piacenza have completed their blitz on the transfer market New arrivals: Manuel Lanzini Marce-Andre Ter Stegen Marc Hornschuh Jordan Spence Aparecido Wellington Loureiro Allan Granat Xhaka John Flanagan Massadio Haidara Mathieu Peybernes Chris Mavinga Jerson Cabral Zakaria Labyad Karim Bellarabi Romain Alessandrini Jean-Christophe Bahebeck John Guidetti
  20. Re: IEFA European Masters Championship Discussion Thread Manchester United 2 Juventus 2 Another draw for United in yet another poor performance. Going by the stats we're probably lucky to come out of the game with a point. On the positive side Robben finally put in a strong performance after his big money move from Bayern. Really not happy with the way we have started the season so far. Good try with the 5-4-1 Ahmad
  21. Re: The Red Star Championship All the German teams in Red Star are former East German sides.
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