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  1. Re: IEFA European Masters Championship Discussion Thread Awesome mate Fire me a PM and we'll get it sorted.
  2. Re: IEFA European Masters Championship Discussion Thread As we have had a couple of new additions I'm just going to reiterate the situation regarding transfers at the moment: No bidding for players at externel clubs just yet. Hopefully we can get a few more people in before 10PM GMT as that's when I'm hoping to allow the bidding wars to commence. I don't see any problem with negotiating deals with other managers though. Everyone at Man Utd is currently set to unavailable for the moment so that I can keep my focus on dealing with PM's from people interested in joining the game world. I have to go and do some work in 2/3 hours and won't be back until late afternoon/early evening, somewhere between 3pm-6pm GMT. So, anyone appying while I'm offline could you please list in your PM 5+ clubs that interest you in order of preference just to make things a little easier for me if I'm dealing with several applications at the same time.
  3. Re: IEFA European Masters Championship Match Reports/Transfer News Thread Eltringham Hired as New Manchester United Manager Manchester United have announced that they have appointed Ian Eltringham to replace club legend Sir Alex Ferguson. The appointment of the relative unknown is seen as a promotion from within the club under the recommendation and guidance of Sir Alex Ferguson who will stay on at the club for at least 12 months as an advisor and to aid the transition. The new manager has been given substantial funds to improve the squad. With the recent signings of David De Gea, Phil Jones and Ashley Young it is believed Eltringham will continue with Sir Alex Ferguson's orginal plans and look to sign at least one quality central midfielder before the season starts.
  4. Re: IEFA European Masters Championship Discussion Thread No chance
  5. Re: IEFA European Masters Championship Discussion Thread Withdrawn bids now :o:o:o:o Anyone waiting for replys to PM's I'll get back to you within 15 minutes.
  6. IEFA European Masters Championship Game World ID: 64931 The IEFA European Masters Championship features the top 100 most successful European football clubs with regards to domestic and international results based on statitstical records going back as far as 1871/1872. Each clubs starting division is determined by their historical success. I have used the club rankings provided by a fantastic website called www.clubworldrankings.com in order to structure the league. Game World Rules Economy Level: Normal Economy Player can develop concerns: YES SMFA monitoring transfers on: NO Buying from Unmanaged Clubs: NOT ALLOWED Buying from External Clubs: ALLOWED No buying over the age of: ANY AGE ALLOWED No buying players rated over: ANY RATING ALLOWED Cannot do cash transfers over: ANY LIMIT ALLOWED NO Transfer windows: Transfers can take place at anytime throughout the season. Can only buy players with the same nationality as your club: NO Manager sacked if they finish in bottom: NO MANGERS SACKED Manager must login to this Game World at least every SM DEFAULT DAYS How To Join First send me a PM on the forum stating your interest and which club you would like to manage and then add me as a friend in the game. Here is the link to MY SM PROFILE. This game world is not open to noobs or fools. Only established managers/forumers need apply. The only time I may be flexible on this rule is if an established manager/forumer can vouch for your character. I don't know everyone on here so I may call on the advice of forumers whom I already respect and trust before accepting an application. Please don't take offence if you get rejected. SMFA transfer monitoring is turned off so its important I don't let any dubious characters through the door. Related Threads Match Reports & Transfer News FC Barcelona Reports (Please do not post in that thread ) Current Participants: Division 1 Ajax - hog0101 Arsenal - Dom Latouche Atletico Madrid - shack Barcelona - tecalee Bayern Munchen - racky Benfica - husnain Celtic - Crvena Zvezda - dmomcilo Dynamo Kyiv - FC Porto - Nikidinho Internazionale - Yidguru Juventus - Ahmad Rivai Liverpool - Dermo Manchester United - Ian Eltringham Milan - Chazza PSV - Rangers - Real Madrid - Arfon RSC Anderlecht - Elton Valencia - Predator Division 2 Aston Villa - Athletic Club - Valentia fc rule Borussia Dortmund - Mike H Chelsea - Club Brugge SV - Everton - Nutz4Football Ferencvarosi TC - Feyenoord - FK Austria Wien - Hamburger SV - Marseille - Nathan101 Olympiacos - Roma - argala SK Rapid Wien - Sparta Praha - Spartak Moskva - Sporting CP - Steaua - Tottenham Hotspur - KopStar Ujpest - Division 3 1.FK Pribram - AS Monaco - AS Saint-Etienne - Borussia Monchengladbach - CSKA Sofia - Dinamo Zagreb - Jor Fiorentina - FK Partizan - Galatasaray - IFK Goteborg - Leeds United - markdoogle Levski - Lyon - Biffy Clark MTK Hungaria - Newcastle United - EugeniuC Nottingham Forest - Jozua Panathinaikos - Paris Saint-Germain - Elohim Slovan Bratislava - Werder Bremen - Division 4 1.FC Koln - Aberdeen - Bordeaux - CSKA Moskva - Jooles Dinamo Bucuresti - FC Schalke 04 - Toonfanforlife Grasshopper Club - Hajduk Split - Lazio - Linfield - TheDuffman Malmo FF - Chelseafanet Manchester City - Ashh Nantes - Parma - Sevilla - ThePlayMaker Shakhtar - StephenMUFC Slavia Praha - Standard Liege - Lenny59 Torino - Zaragoza - Division 5 AEK Athens - Besiktas JK - Bologna - Dinamo Tbilisi - Dynamo Dresden - Dynamo Moskva - Eintracht Frankfurt - FC Basel - Fenerbache SK - Dave Izod Gornik Zabrze - Honved - NapoliFan101 Legia Warszawa - Napoli - NariN Rosenborg BK - Sampdoria - Stade de Reims - Vasas SC - VfB Stuttgart - West Ham United - Wolverhampton Wanderers -
  7. Re: Mundus Champitus-Navis I just can't stand to be part of this community any longer after what happened tonight. I was trying to please everybody in the end and totally screwed up. I'm sorry for wasting everybody's time. It honestly wasn't my ambition. I was really looking forward to another good challenge and was trying to help by purchasing this and volunteering my time into it. I made mistake after mistake and don't blame anyone else for how things went down. Thanks to the guys who offered great advice and support in the aftermath and apologies to everyone especially to the people I respect the most such as Mike H, Ahmad Rivai, Arfon and RW. And Jr, I've always got on with you so it was quite a shock to me how things turned out. Honestly I feel very depressed about the whole fiasco so I know for sure my time here has come to an end. Afterall this is a game and football community, it should be fun but I kind of sabotaged that some how tonight. The final nails with what I do next but I'm unwilling to put any more time or effort into something which as Jr pointed out to me is already "tarnished". This sucks and I don't really know what else to say apart from sorry once again for the whole mess.
  8. Re: Mundus Champitus-Navis Anyone who thinks they were just caught in the crossfire just say. Havent't got a problem with you at all. I was getting messages all over the place, a constant blewdy barrage. Even the Liverpool manager wanted to change team. I was expecting people like him to quit but not the likes of Markdoogle and RW. Tired, frustrated and no doubt dealt with the situation in the wrong way.
  9. Re: Mundus Champitus-Navis A BIG thank you to The Guys That Quit The gameworld just got better for the rest of us To anyone who actually wants to be part if this gameworld regardless of who they land then by all means send a friend request as it's business as usual. Sorry if you think I'm evil, but I think it's a little evil when I'm prepared to spend my own cash and time on something we can all enjoy only to receive a barrage of whining and moaning when certain people don't get what they want. Big apologies to the people who actually want to be part of this gameworld, hopefully things will settle back down know
  10. Re: Mundus Champitus-Navis OK guys lets get this sorted. Gameworld will change to private application at 23:50 game time. Anyone who wants to quit their current clubs to try for something better then please go ahead. I've still got to try and make this as fair as I can so I won't be handing out teams on demand. If you get your application in first then you get the team, simple as that.
  11. Re: Mundus Champitus-Navis Lots of unhappy punters at the moment so looking to resolve this and make sure everybody ends up happy. Everyone who is in the gameworld now deserves preference so whats the solution? If it had filled straight away I'm sure most would have been happy with who they landed, good or bad but there are some awesome teams still free so I can understand. What about setting a time for private applications where people who are unhappy with their clubs have the option to quit and apply for a different club? If we do that it will be strictly first come first serve though. Don't like unhappy people, what can I do to fix it guys? Btw, can't respond to PM's in game as I've reached my daily limit.
  12. Re: Mundus Champitus-Navis Bid away Wow, ran out of friends and still 29 clubs to offer Malaga Fiorentina Internazionale Panathinaikos Borussia Dortmund Flamengo Sao Paolo Athletic Club Juventus Sevilla Bayern Munchen FC Twente Galatasaray Santos Rubin FC Porto Benfica Rennes Everton Palermo Bordeaux Udinese Atletico Madrid Celtic Aston Villa Hamburger SV Marseille Chelsea RSC Anderlecht
  13. Re: New World Championship Nope, they are being done one at a time. I want to have a bit of fun with it Will start the draw in a few minutes
  14. Re: New World Championship Not sure if it will go live tonight. Hope so... Took longer as I had to start again when the page timed out after I had added all the clubs in the relevant divisions, blewdy annoying. Now to get all these friend requests and interested managers organised before it opens.
  15. Re: New World Championship When you get your job offer Here's a copy of what I discussed with TheDuffman I could have done it simpler but I love Random.org
  16. Re: New World Championship I was drawn number 5 by TheDuffman and I have been very spoilt. Was hoping for a horrible team because now it looks like a fix
  17. Re: New World Championship Asked TheDuffman to sort my random number at Random.org. As soon as he does that for me I'll go ahead and create it
  18. Re: New World Championship Decisions have been made guys 1. 64 clubs 2. Random job offers (TheDuffman will choose his club - I will receive the first random job offer) 3. Will be created tonight I'll be using a combination Random.org to generate job offers. As everything will be done totally random it doesn't matter who gets handed out clubs first. Everyone who still wants to join search Ian Eltringham (125 SM Rep) in game and add me as a friend and I'll start sending out job offers as soon as the game world is created. Any ideas for what name we are giving this game world
  19. Re: New World Championship I let it go to -1 day remaining then had to renew Doing too well with Marseille (GC115), Udinese (GC63), Aston Villa (GC82), and Dortmund (81) to leave now. Just get annoyed with SMFA and think why bother sometimes but its too hard to leave clubs that you really enjoy. If anyone has a problem with me buying a custom for this then just say so now. I don't want to waste £10 for nothing. This is what I propose: 1. I'll purchase a custom instead of a standard Reason: We can protect unmanaged clubs from being raided and stop people like Hammer joing and wrecking clubs. 2. Set to invite only on creation 3. Change to private application at agreed announced time to give everyone a fair chance of getting a club that interests them. 4. Possibly: Tweak participating clubs from standard world championship by swapping weaker clubs for stronger ones. 5. Possibly: Organise divisions according to squad value. Please discuss and let me know either way. This is your game world too and I'm not trying to step on anyones toes here. It is just a suggestion and I'm happy to step back if asked.
  20. Re: New World Championship I don't know if this might complicate things but what about if I purchase a custom game world and call it something like "Forum World Championship" and obviously give you your choice of team as it's your idea. I think it might be pretty cool if we make it this way as we'll have more control on who joins the game world and can set things up exactly the way we want plus nobody will have to fork out cash to reserve clubs. Let me know what you think.
  21. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread Manchester United officially withdraw their interest in signing Javier Hernandez from PAOK. Negotiations were reasonable but the counter offer is slightly more than I'm willing to pay right now. I'm very happy with the balance of our squad at the moment so breaking that is't something that interests me even to sign a player like Hernandez.
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