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  1. Whats your opinion? Does it **** you off? Personally I think its absolutely hilarious, this week its had me in tears of laughter at the extreme reactions of some people. Talking specifically about Killzone, you just go into a room, when everyone first spawns, aim the launcher at the floor and BAAAAAAAAAAAM -15 points for the team! Hahaha, cue the swearing and chavvy idiots shouting at you. So funny, lemme guess, everyone on here hates people like me?
  2. Re: Great team, cant win Anyone? Lol
  3. GK-Valdes, Pint Def-Puyol, Marquez, Pique, Oddo, Millito, Abidal, Maxwell Midfield-Fabregas, Toure, Gerrard, Iniesta, Xavi, Neves, Bale, Varela Striker-Leidson, Messi, Torres, Berbatov Currently playing 3-5-2, with Toure in DM, rotating between gerrard, fabregas and xavi in CM, with Iniesta/Maxwell/Bale/Neves on the wings Upfront Messi and Torres with Berbatov and Leidson on the bench Tactics-Tackling style -normal, passing style- short, tempo- normal, mentality -normal, attacking style-through the middle, pressing-all over Use playmaker, men behind the ball I just cant seem to win, I've lost 3-5 games this season now to really **** teams, is this game just ridiculously random or is there something wrong with my tactics? Torres wont score despite me paying 45 million for him. Help me!
  4. Re: The Official Big Brother 10 Thread So are we to take it Brian Belo is payed to act like a ****** then?
  5. Re: The Official Big Brother 10 Thread At least theres no Lisa anymore....
  6. Re: The Official Big Brother 10 Thread Sophie won! Woooop, woudlnt have minded the Vash winning though, good final two though, =]. Lisa just reminded me of how I dislike her once again, smiling when they said she's a strong woman. You know your a vile bully, manipulative little spider.
  7. Re: The Official Big Brother 10 Thread Last night was appalling and showed exactly why the show has been cancelled. That evil manipulative little witch was finally kicked out of the house, and the interview with Davina was the worst they have ever had. NO mention of her bullying Freddie. NO mention of her manipulative conniving methods of staying in the house. NO mention of her absolute hypocrisy. Instead she got off so f****** lightly, all they did was ask her about smoking and David. Then on BBBM Sir John M was on there, and the whole audience before she came in was revved up to really stick the boot into her, I was excited. Then when she came on John really layed into her and Davina called him off and woudlnt let him tell her what she is! Then they went to a break and CLEARLY during the break the audience had been told not to ask anything harsh because they all, after professing their hate for her previously, asked namby questions such as, "Will you ever have children?". It was a joke, like 95% of BB fans have been angered by this particular incident. Freddie got a really harsh interview from Davina, why the **** has that evil little shrew got away with it? Questions that should have been asked to Lisa: 1. Why did you dislike Freddie from day 1 and find it neccessary to systematically isolate him from the rest of the housemates? Do you take pleasure in bullying people? 2. Do you know that your a hypocrite? Its always one rule for you and different for another. For instance, going by how you've acted, everyone is allowed to nominate including you and you can nominate others but UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES must they nominate you. 3. Did you bring anything to the house? Anything at all? Apart from sitting at the bus stop smoking and whinging, giving very little effort in tasks, and agressively ranting at anybody who dared to challenge your opinion, what was the point in you being there? 4. Do you feel resentment towards those people better off than you because your too lazy to get a job? Is that why you picked on Freddie? 5. Do you know that you have anger issues? 6. Do you know you got evicted with a MASSIVE 68% of the vote, in a 6 way vote? 7. Why do you think Davina pansyed around you in her interview? 8. Do you really expected anyone to believe that YOU turn straight women? 9. Are you pleased that your clever web of manipulation worked out so well that you got this far? 10. Why was it that we had three sudden changes in you? First you were agressive, then you kept your head down and shut up for a while after being told by Charlie that the public really dont like you, then when you thought nominations were completely finished you revealed your true self again? Dont you agree your a manipulative little spider?
  8. Re: The truth about ec106 I have no idea what this is, but I loved the Saw style little jibe at the end, "You think its over but the games have only just begun" . Are you going to be the new Saw because your so ****** off about this? Your going to take revenge on all of those who have "wronged" you in this league, put them in traps where they have to choose between their team...or their limbs, hahahaha. =] Go for it dude, send me a video!
  9. http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/21082009/58/world-cup-qual-brazil-recall-adriano.html Its brilliant, extremely positive news, maybe we can get a small part of the Adriano we used to know back.
  10. Re: Best LB: Abidal, Ashley Cole, or Evra? I'm a massive Barca fan and I honestly have to say that Eric Abidal is one of the worst footballers I've ever seen. He doesnt get forward, I dont care about that though, he cant defend. At all. His only strength, pace, is left completely wasted due to the fact that he does not know how to tackle, and has absolutely no physical strength, his pace allows him to get back and provide cover but ultimately he does nothing to enforce that cover, when faced with a winger of striker he looks so incredibly clownish its hard to believe what your watching. He shoudlnt be playing professional football imo, I'm not even exagerrating, I dont understand how he is playing professionally he is that bad, especially not for us. No way is Cole better than Evra, significantly better than Abidal, but everyone is. Evra or Lahm are the best LB'S in the world.
  11. Re: 24 hours and deal still hasnt gone through A custom setup...and i thought the deadline was exactly 24 hours?
  12. I accepted a bid for Henry at 12 o clock last night-wednesday/thursday, its now 12:05-thursday/friday and its still just there, it hasnt gone through yet. I thought the deadline was 24 hours, and if the chairman was cancelling, he'd do that in 24 hours aswelll.....am I missing something here?
  13. Re: Does The Match Engine Need a Revamp I'm pretty sure fast tempo and short passing are quite a normal thing in football........the post 2 above mine is exactly right (I forgot to quote) its random, its all to do with luck as to whether, "you picked the right formation" and if the game considers your formation better than the other teams. Theres no point in ratings tbh then is there? I'm not complaining because a team with a lower rating beat mine, I'm complaining because while I actually put in the effort to do my tactics, and sort out all of the substitutions and temp etc, the other team was unmanaged, didnt even have players in proper positions, had a rating of 91 compared to my 96......that doesnt make sense.
  14. Re: Once a deal is blocked can you not do anymore transfers between the two managers? Great....I mean I understand they would get millions if they let us, but if there are genuine mistakes we really should be able to contact them.
  15. Re: Once a deal is blocked can you not do anymore transfers between the two managers? http://forum.soccermanager.com/showgroups.php ...At the bottom of that theres a list of SM supervisors? Do you think they are available for contact? Or is that just the forum?
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