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  1. Re: Great team, cant win Anyone? Lol
  2. Re: The Official Big Brother 10 Thread So are we to take it Brian Belo is payed to act like a ****** then?
  3. Re: The Official Big Brother 10 Thread At least theres no Lisa anymore....
  4. Re: The Official Big Brother 10 Thread Sophie won! Woooop, woudlnt have minded the Vash winning though, good final two though, =]. Lisa just reminded me of how I dislike her once again, smiling when they said she's a strong woman. You know your a vile bully, manipulative little spider.
  5. Re: The Official Big Brother 10 Thread Last night was appalling and showed exactly why the show has been cancelled. That evil manipulative little witch was finally kicked out of the house, and the interview with Davina was the worst they have ever had. NO mention of her bullying Freddie. NO mention of her manipulative conniving methods of staying in the house. NO mention of her absolute hypocrisy. Instead she got off so f****** lightly, all they did was ask her about smoking and David. Then on BBBM Sir John M was on there, and the whole audience before she came in was revved up to really stic
  6. Re: The truth about ec106 I have no idea what this is, but I loved the Saw style little jibe at the end, "You think its over but the games have only just begun" . Are you going to be the new Saw because your so ****** off about this? Your going to take revenge on all of those who have "wronged" you in this league, put them in traps where they have to choose between their team...or their limbs, hahahaha. =] Go for it dude, send me a video!
  7. Re: Best LB: Abidal, Ashley Cole, or Evra? I'm a massive Barca fan and I honestly have to say that Eric Abidal is one of the worst footballers I've ever seen. He doesnt get forward, I dont care about that though, he cant defend. At all. His only strength, pace, is left completely wasted due to the fact that he does not know how to tackle, and has absolutely no physical strength, his pace allows him to get back and provide cover but ultimately he does nothing to enforce that cover, when faced with a winger of striker he looks so incredibly clownish its hard to believe what your watching. He sh
  8. Re: 24 hours and deal still hasnt gone through A custom setup...and i thought the deadline was exactly 24 hours?
  9. Re: Does The Match Engine Need a Revamp I'm pretty sure fast tempo and short passing are quite a normal thing in football........the post 2 above mine is exactly right (I forgot to quote) its random, its all to do with luck as to whether, "you picked the right formation" and if the game considers your formation better than the other teams. Theres no point in ratings tbh then is there? I'm not complaining because a team with a lower rating beat mine, I'm complaining because while I actually put in the effort to do my tactics, and sort out all of the substitutions and temp etc, the other team w
  10. Re: Once a deal is blocked can you not do anymore transfers between the two managers? Great....I mean I understand they would get millions if they let us, but if there are genuine mistakes we really should be able to contact them.
  11. Re: Once a deal is blocked can you not do anymore transfers between the two managers? http://forum.soccermanager.com/showgroups.php ...At the bottom of that theres a list of SM supervisors? Do you think they are available for contact? Or is that just the forum?
  12. Re: Once a deal is blocked can you not do anymore transfers between the two managers? Lol we havent even done anything wrong though, as you can see ^^^^, if they did block them and ban us from making deals do you think I could contact someone about it? I dont like the idea of being considered a cheat tbh....
  13. Re: Once a deal is blocked can you not do anymore transfers between the two managers? Cheers....I'll probably try that then. I mean I did consider that maybe I was answering the deals too quickly because we sort them out in our forum online, but tbh that shoudlnt really be an issue....any idea why they blocked it? Especially the Kanoute one, I even met the asking price of the chairman
  14. Re: Does The Match Engine Need a Revamp Thankyou, it is ridiculous. Whats the point in having ratings if they pretty much dont mean anything?
  15. Re: URGENT help needed! I mean just in general, your meant to stick with a formation arent you? Rather than change it according to the team your playing?
  16. Re: Does The Match Engine Need a Revamp That was the first match of the season.....and its hardly suprising I'm annoyed at it, it doesnt make much sense....
  17. Re: Does The Match Engine Need a Revamp Here is the proof that the match engine in unrealistic My 96 rated Barca team just lost 20 to a Porto side with a 91 rated team, who's tactics wernt even sorted out because they were unmanaged, thats ridiculous, 4-3-1-2 Valdes Puyol Marquez Millito Abidal Iniesta Xavi Fabregas Messi Torres Ibrahimovic LOST 2-0 to a porto rated 91 thats stupid, and unrealistic, you cannot put that much emphasis on tactics.....
  18. Re: Ibrahimovic + 5 million for Gerrard =] Cheers More opinions people? What do you all think?
  19. Re: When you first join the game I think I will then, I just wanted to check before I did though because I didnt want to seem like an idiot who's missed something incredibly simple....is there a way to do it without taking control of a ****** club?
  20. Re: Does The Match Engine Need a Revamp Yes, I totally agree with that, but as Toonfan said, its too unpredictable on that front, and its not really realistic when a first 11 of average 92, playing lets say 4-4-2, beats an team with an average of 96-playing 4-3-3, JUST because of formation. Why should other formations be considered better than others? The ability of the team should count for more value than it does....your team's winning ability can change just like that, as I said with when I drew like 7 matches, thats stupid and unrealistic, if I'd lost maybe 2 or 3 then yeh fine, but I w
  21. Re: Does The Match Engine Need a Revamp Well this is exactly our point, it shoudlnt rely so heavily on tactics at all, I've got a world class team but I'm pretty much certain I wont win the league despite it being the best in the league because tactics and luck play such a major part in the game. I just think it needs to change tbh. This game could be amazing if they improved the match engine.
  22. Re: Does The Match Engine Need a Revamp I think so. When you say unrealistic I think you mean unpredictable, as important as tactics are the game relies TOO much on them, for instance a world class team can be beaten by a crappy team just because the game considers 4-3-3 to be beaten by a 4-4-2 or something (just as an example), and the same with form. Its barely ever the team with the big players who wins, an example of it is when I was on a 15 match winning streak in the league, put out a reserve team for a cup match and lost, and then DREW the next 7 games.....it doesnt make sense. I think
  23. Re: New season-Barcelona I could potentially get 20 million + Anderson for Daniel Alves, I'm negotiating with the Man Utd manager now. That would give me another backup CM, and then I was going to offer the 20 million for Diego Millito, gives me another backup striker up front. Then I'll stretch my backline, play Puyol at RB and Marquez and Gabriel Millito at CB (Millito did well, he's just been injured so much) and Abidal (in real life worst football player on the planet) at lb, with maxwell for cover at lb, and henrique and pique for cover at rb and cb. Then I've got yaya and anderson for
  24. Re: New season-Barcelona As highly as I rate him, I was thinking of maybe selling Alves, I could get a big amount for him, and then going to a different formation with 3 at the back. I could get two midfielders and a striker with that money.......I've got alot of cover at the back. What do you think? And nobody would pay that much for Abidal, in my opinion the worst left back in the world, and I say that seriously as a Barca fan.
  25. Re: New season-Barcelona =] Cheers. Lets have lots of opinions please guys, really needing help here. I was actually thinking of selling Ibra to make money...for money + a striker and a midfielder, then I could buy another striker and midfielder with that money, even if they are crappier, my whole budget is gone on torres and cesc.
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