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  1. Calvin Stengs 77 83 Myron Boadu 76 80 Jonathan David 82 85 I kind of like these intermittent reviews - seems like they're becoming a norm on young promising players
  2. safir6

    The Random Thread

    "Thus, from a value perspective, the moral domain in Turiel’s analysis includes universalism and benevolence values; the conventional domain includes conformity, tradition, and security values; and the personal domain includes the other half of the value circle: power, achievement, self-direction, stimulation, and hedonism. "
  3. Randlejovic 70 82 Haven't seen a +12 in a while
  4. Hakon Evjen 73 80 surprisingly generous rises for the Sweden/Norway block
  5. I have some of the risers, would need someone else to do a comprehensive review (droppers etc)
  6. Up from 1.6m and 80 to 85 and 7.0m since august
  7. Nuno Tavares another one of these soccerwiki updates 73 78 Sweden next
  8. I think 8 games is full minutes for this season Malen has risen from 80-83-85 in this time Ansu Fati got his 76
  9. the rest held true but Lozano only got 76. minutes galore but no bump
  10. Dan James 83 85 Joao Felix 88 90
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