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  1. Talles magno and gustavo assuncao now in the database at 76 and 73
  2. Reviewed players: Fabio silva 68 ; 73
  3. Reviewed players Joao lourenco 76 ; 78
  4. Updated the template post to reflect this
  5. Boubacar Kamara Abdou Diallo + names mentioned before by others
  6. Wind 76 82 Denmark Wonder what the logic of this review was. Dropping from UCL to EL warrants a review 😛
  7. Well ratings stay alive. Momentum dictates most trends but of course in case of injuries updates will be made. There's several big teams like Liverpool etc also completely missing still But as you know as a experienced Soccerwiki man, risers are always needed. Done. Appreciate the kind words and thanks for the word of confidence.
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