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  1. This is a great topic actually I've wondered about this a lot Post more about this topic if you can
  2. Any idea what is coming after Turkey?
  3. Nice, how do you see what goes through swiki?
  4. @Soccahappycan you add Tanguy KOUASSI to your spreadsheets
  5. Calvin Stengs 77 83 Myron Boadu 76 80 Jonathan David 82 85 I kind of like these intermittent reviews - seems like they're becoming a norm on young promising players
  6. safir6

    The Random Thread

    "Thus, from a value perspective, the moral domain in Turiel’s analysis includes universalism and benevolence values; the conventional domain includes conformity, tradition, and security values; and the personal domain includes the other half of the value circle: power, achievement, self-direction, stimulation, and hedonism. "
  7. Randlejovic 70 82 Haven't seen a +12 in a while
  8. Hakon Evjen 73 80 surprisingly generous rises for the Sweden/Norway block
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