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  1. Re: Need GK who will rise Thankyou. I've put a bid in for Fiorillo, 50k only
  2. I'm struggling to find a decent keeper who will rise for my Leeds team. They'll be 2nd choice behind Abbiati, so anywhere from 70-85 and no more than 7mil. Any ideas?
  3. Re: English Championship 2943 - Leeds United Well I went for a different approach to you. I thought I'd spend the big money on players who will surely rise rather than on cheap old players to get me in the prem. - SCHAFFER, José LB 23 paid £175k - rose by 10 a few days ago to 84, now worth 3.8M - LEWANDOWSKI, Robert 20 74 paid £375k. Will surely rise by 10 soon. - ROMERO, Sergio Gk 21 85 paid £6.1M, but am hoping will rise to 88 soon. - IBISEVIC, Vedad CF 24 85 paid £1.6M & Jermaine BECKFORD & Jonathan HOWSON. The way he's playing he should rise to atleast 88, shame abou
  4. Re: English Championship 2943 - Leeds United Top job mate. I've just signed up for Leeds so will be subscribing to this thread and watching how you perform
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